Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol: 4.28.10

Guest stars all over the place tonight!

Rascall Flats are up first.  I don't particularly care for them, but the hubby does, so I'll leave them on without fast forwarding.  Personally, I thought the song and the performance sucked.  But, I'm not a fan.  Not at all.  The backup singer/guitar dude has a strangely Blake Lewis-esque hair style, which seems odd for a country group.  Wow.  I really did not enjoy that song.  And the drums seemed overwrought.

Behind the Scenes of the Ford Music Video, and everyone gets to be a vampire.  They actually all looked really cool as vampires.  I really liked Siobahn and Crystal as vampires.  Aaron looked kind of ridiculous.  And they attacked Michael.  He scared them away with a garlic pizza.  Ok, that part was dorky, but the rest of the video was the most fun they've been this season.  So, vampires are trendy.  I still like them.

(And no, I haven't even READ Twilight.  I liked them way before Twilight.)

And the Idols got to meet the director of Shrek, and Siobahn did a Yoda voice, while Michael did a Arnold Schwartzenager voice, but then they settled in and did some mock voice overs which were kind of cool. And then, they got to watch a screening.  And then Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas joined Seacrest on the Idol stage.  Wow.  Antonio Banderas has gotten old.  And Cameron Diaz looks really nice.  Then they sucked up to Seacrest before getting some lights dimmed to get down to business.

Three groups of two are on the stage.  Siobahn goes to the far side of the stage.  And it just struck me that I wish she had sung "That Don't Impress Me Much."  Oh, well.  Aaron heads to center stage.  Michael goes to the opposite side of the stage as Siobahn.  Lee joins Siobahn.  Casey joins  Michael.  Crystal joins Aaron.

Who's in the bottom 3?  Well... Siobahn is brought over to stand next to Michael and Casey... and that's the bottom 3!

Noooo!!!  It was Casey's best night yet. Siobahn looks to be getting back to her stride.  I hope that Michael is going home.

Next week - Harry Connik, Jr. will be mentoring songs of Frank Sinatra.  Awesome.

And Carrie Underwood is back to introduce Sons of Sylvia.  Fast forwarding though a guy who can't sing into a microphone properly..

And now, Lady Antebellum.  I like them. I read that the lead female singer auditioned for AI years back and was rejected.  Goes to show. I think the microphone levels sound off tonight.  It's like everyone's muffled.  But, they sound very nice.

For heaven's sake - ANOTHER performance?  Shakira with Rascall Flats.  She's playing the harmonica.  That's kind of cool.  And I kind of like the song.  Shakira has such a unique voice.  I'm glad to see her pulling out some belly dancing moves.  I love belly dancing, even slow seductive belly dancing.  Fun song.  Questionable lyrics "I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me." Hmmm.  Well, it works for her. 

There is definitely something weird going on with the mic's tonight.  Come on, AI. Get it right.

Back to the results.  Michael is safe.  It's down to Casey vs. Siobahn.  Casey had his best night ever last night, and Siobahn has been lackluster for a long time... I am saddened either way.  I really really like Siobahn.  She's going home, and I think that's about right after last night.  She started with such potential and I think the judges killed some of her spirit when they told her to not do her thing, and she never really got back to herself.

As her encore, she's singing Think.  Awesome.  This is when she was herself.  I don't know what happened between then and now, but it makes me sad.  Can we blame bad themes for her?  I hope that she does well post-Idol.

So much for it being a woman's season!  Go, Crystal!!!!

I think everyone who is left, except for Aaron, is a guitar player.  Am I right?

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