Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol: 4.21.10

 Idol Gives Back, and while it's a great cause, I am so not blogging the whole thing.  All I want is some results.

Preparing to fast forward...

Final 12 group sing, and Crystal is looking like she's in a nightie.  I would be really happy if this wasn't lip synching, but it so is.  I can't bring myself to watch this.  Fast forwarding...

Victoria Beckham is on... and fast forwarding. 

How about some results?  Everyone's in white, and it's not the best look for everyone.  Michael is feeling good, Tim is happy to be there.  Seacrest wonders how Lee preps for a performance.  He gets emotional.  But - no results for us.  Fast forwarding.    (Fergie looks like some sort of superhero.  What is it with female singers wearing leotards recently?  NOT a good fashion choice.  And her boots are thigh high.  She's like a snakey Wonder Woman.  And... returning to fast forwarding)

Stupid bit about George Lopez winning the prom date with Katie for the most votes.  Fast forwarding.

Ford Video?  Nothing more hilarious than people falling flat on their backs in white paint and getting sprayed by a fire hydrant while fruit litters the street... I remember when the Ford Videos were clever.  Good times...

Crystal and Casey join Seacrest in the center of the stage first.  Crystal is safe, and Casey takes a seat on the Somber Stools.  Aaron and Lee are up next.  Aaron is joining Casey on the Silver Stools.  Lee is safe.  That's right. 

Fast forwarding some more... Joss Stone looked and sounded lovely.  I really enjoy her voice.  Morgan Freeman wants you to give to Idol Gives Back, and who are you to argue with God himself?

Siobahn, Michael, and Tim are up in the center of the stage next.  Siobahn is safe.  Good.  Now, step it up next week, girl!!  Michael is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3. 

Yup, that's about right.

David Cook!  Wow, Captain Combover looks like his hair got caught in the hairdryer.  I'm glad to see him... but.... fast forwarding...

Randy is playing backup to Mary J. Blige on Stairway to Heaven.  Ok, that's pretty cool. 

Then, my DVR cut off.  Because Idol was going over.  Wow.  Bloated much?
I switched back at 10:15. and there will be no more fast forwarding for me, because it's live.  Crap.  Well, at least Elton John is good.  Did any of you see his duet with Lady Gaga at the Grammy's?  It was astounding. 

Next week's theme?  Shania Twain.  It could be ok.  Or it could suck.  That seems to be the general theme lately.

Aaron is safe.  Oh, grrrrr.

So, it's down to Tim or Casey... and it's .... Tim!

I may have just cheered out loud.  Don't judge.  I never thought he deserved to be on this show.  I only liked maybe one or two of his performances.  I'm so happy that he is out.  Just the right results, in my opinion.

And what do you think?  Did you enjoy Idol Gives Back?

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