Thursday, April 22, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.22.10

At Hero Camp, they can't wait for the Merge, and want to see Russell and four girls walk in.  Well, they will... just not the four girls they want to see.  Amanda and Rupert worry that they might be annoying people.  They get Tree Mail, and it's a giant box, saying "Don't open this Box until you have the key.  Make Room in your Camp, Company will be arriving soon."

At Villain Camp, they get a key and the map to Hero Central.  Russell can't wait to go over to their home turf and weed them off one by one.  Russell plans to tell them that he played the Idol, but Parvati played one too, and that's why Parvati is still around.  This would have been genius if Sandra hadn't been listening in and looking like a spy.  Gah.  They should have kept Courtney.

When the Villains arrive, and JT saw the make up of the tribe, he said "Russell played the idol, and Parvarti had to have played another one."  They open the box and there are new black buffs, a big ol' ham, vegetables, fruit, and they settled to figure out a new name.  Jerri wants to call themselves "All Villains" because they are all villains.  Colby couldn't get over her audacity.  Russell was chatting with Candace and Amanda, and Amanda was telling a story about a parasitic worm or something. 

And Parvati is pissed because no one is taking her seriously and they are underestimating her.  "They don't know it, but they are about to get picked off one by one."  Russell went to chat with JT, spinning the Immunity Idol Playing Tale, and said that he is comfortable in a way he hasn't been since Day 4.  I love to see Russell playing.  JT called him a "good ol' country boy," and admitted that it's possible that Russell is the leader of the girls, but he doesn't believe it, and he trusts him.  Russell, meanwhile, was gleeful about how they bought it, hook line and sinker.

Meanwhile Sandra went to rat on her former tribe and told Rupert the real deal.  She told him that she is the last person of her alliance.  Sandra told him to agree to whatever Russell says, but don't believe it, because Russell is the leader, and Parvati is his second in command.  Rupert said "This is where the game gets crazy."

After they had eaten, Parvati and Danielle made enemies by breaking the Banana etiquette when they went to have bananas after the meal was done.  Rupert went to tell the rest of the tribe that Russell was playing them, but JT and Amanda refused to believe it.  They still decided that would tell Russell they were voting for one person, to test his loyalty, and then vote someone else without telling him.  JT said that there is a reason that he's been doing Rupert's strategic play this whole time.  "Do you believe what Sandra told you, or do you believe the obvious truth?" 

Amanda and Parvati went for a walk, and Amanda told her that everyone wants her gone, and that she has no power.  She told Parvati that she is trying to get rid of Sandra.  Parvati put on her innocent trustworthy face and asked Amanda to tell her who they were voting for.  Then Parvati made a dumb ass decision of telling Amanda that she has an idol.  Amanda said "how did you get another one?" and Parvati said "I'm crafty."  Amanda said that she likes Parvati, but knows that if she gets to the end, she's going to win again.

Immunity Challenge

They decided on the name Yin Yang.  Cool.  Good and Evil.  Their challenge?  Hold onto a pole as long as possible.  Giant totem poles.  JT, Candace, and Parvati have all competed in this challenge before, and none of them won.  Colby is down nearly immediately, followed by Sandra.  Russell is out next.  Wow.  Rupert goes next.  It's JT and the girls.  Amanda is out next.  JT almost fell, but got back up, then fell right out.  Candace, Jerri, Danielle, and Parvati are left on their poles.  Parvati looked like she could stay there forever.  She was standing on it with one foot.  Jerri was out next, at 1 1/2 hours, claiming dehydration.  Candace was out next, and everyone looked at her like she was crazy.  Parvati asked Danielle if she wanted her to win, and Danielle said (hopefully quiet enough that the rest of the people down below couldn't hear) "I'll win, because you have the Idol."  Parvati stepped down.

Rupert shows some brains when he suspects Parvati of having the idol, or she wouldn't have stepped out.  True, dude.  So true.  They should have fought it out and Parvati should have pretended to fall.  That would have been a more clever move.

JT also found it suspicious how Parvati stepped out.  They plan on telling Russell they are voting Parvati, and they will vote for Sandra.  Or Jerri.  Russell plans to give the idol to Parvati, save her, and vote off JT.  She said "Oh, you!  You shouldn't have!"  She's now got two in the bag.  Literally.  Amanda told he to play her idol.  "Just in case."  Parvati knew she was lying when she said they are voting for her.  Because Amanda is a terrible liar. 

Tribal Council

Coach is wearing an open robe in the jury, and Courtney looks clean and shiny.  Rupert brought up Banana etiquette and Danielle thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and Russell wanted the banana wars to be over.  He said that tonight will dictate the rest of the game. 

JT lamented that no one wanted to talk to him, and Russell said that it's paranoia, and he talked to JT all day.  Sandra said that she hasn't talked strategy with anyone.  Parvati said that she felt like a leper and no one was talking to her, and Probst asked if it was just because she was used to getting attention in her whole life.  Colby said that maybe they weren't talking to her because they know she is going to be around for a few more days.  JT said he had no idea who had idols.  That is true, though he doesn't know it.  And Parvati made a slip (I think) when she said that the idol broke a solid alliance in the Villain's tribe and changed the game.  That means that it's out in the open that an alliance was broken, and that points out that there is no all-girl alliance.

Before the votes were read, Courtney said "If that little troll plays the idol..." Parvati said that it would be downright depressing to sit and watch green bananas turn yellow without her little villains, and proceeded to GIVE HER IDOLS AWAY to Jerri and Sandra.  They both played them.  Wow.  I did not see that coming.  Bye bye, JT...

And Rupert mumbled "I knew we shouldn't have trusted that..." And JT is gone.  That's what you get for trusting a villain.  And Russell ... not pleased about Parvati's having a second idol.  "Someone's got some explaining to do," he whispered to her, and she shrugged and whispered "Secret," back.  That may bite her.  He guns for people who lie to him. 

In previews for next week, Russell is pissed, and Sandra is gunning for Russell.

And JT felt like a total idiot, and said that you shouldn't trust villains or women.  Maybe he should have thought about that before. 

Good episode.  What did you think?

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Ed said...

All things considered, J.T. went out better than a lot of people in his situation would have. He stoop up, shook Russell's hand, and said, "good game" or "well plaid", something to that effect. I liked him more after that.