Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Idol: 4.13.10

Because of the save of Michael last week, two people are going to be eliminated this week.  As long as their names are Aaron, Tim, or Katie, I am fine with that.

It's Elvis Night, with Adam Lambert mentoring.  The Top 9 went to Cirque de Soleil Elvis Show, which looked fun.  Adam has super tall hair tonight.  He says that he tried to be honest and constructive with the hopefuls, but wants them to wake up a little on stage, suggesting coffee.  I would agree with that. 

Seacrest made a crack about his song not being as talented as Adam's, and Adam's look at the camera was priceless.

The number to call is 1-800-866-IDOLS-##

01) Crystal Bowersox (Saved) She is rocking the electric guitar tonight.  And fake eyelashes, I think.  I dig her pants.  And her voice.  She sounded amazing.  I wouldn't mind seeing her move around some sometime.  So Yo, Man, Randy thinks Crystal has energy and blues vibe and he loved it.  Ellen feels like a broken record saying how great Crystal is.  Kara's hair looks like she just woke up and ran some grease through her hair.  She thought Crystal was fun.  Simon loved her song choice, thought she sounded original and didn't fall into the karaoke trap.  Wow, her guitar is sparkly.  I like. 

02) Andrew Garcia (Hound Dog)  Adam was bored by him in rehearsals, and wanted him to change it up and have fun with it.  He changed it up... into a weird jazzy rendition of it.  I'm not sure I am a fan.  It was different, but I was still bored.  And her went onto the lip behind the judges.  I hate that lip of stage.  It needs to go.  Yo yo yo, Randy thought it was not good karaoke.  Ellen thought he pulled it off.  Kara and her day after club hair and makeup thought he was using the microphone as a crutch and didn't own the stage. Simon thought it was lazy, and the part of the musical that no one needs to see or hear.  He thought that all of Andrew's coolness has been sucked out of him.  He didn't get it. Neither did I.

Seacrest's Mom.  That's interesting filler.

03) Tim Urban (I Can't Help Falling in Love)  Ok, I liked the guitar work in the rehearsal, but I predict that Tim will not connect at all with the song.  Let's see if I'm right.  Ughhhhhh, he's on the lip.  And Seacrest called him Turban.  He needs to go.  It was sleepy, and though I loved the guitar work, he sounded so blah and boring and just sounded like he was talking half the time.  I suppose it was better than sneaking into the bedroom, but .... I was still bored. Adam suggested to him that he should do the end in his falsetto, and he did not.  I really didn't like it.  Yo, check it out, Randy actually liked it.  Ellen compared him to a shot of tequila that she's gotten used to after a bunch of unsure shots.  Kara might be wearing a camo dress, and she thought it was her favorite Tim performance to date.  Simon thought he went from zero to hero, and thought the clean arrangement was good.

04) Lee DeWyze (A Little Less Conversation)  Adam wanted Lee to find his playful side and perform on stage.  Good advice.  He sounds really good and I also like his guitar work, it's very good, and sounded like something I could hear on the radio today.  He changed it up just a little.  He did a little better connecting, but he could have done better still.  He's very good, though.  Yo yo, check it out, Randy is loving how in the zone Lee is.  Ellen thought he made it very current and showed more confidence.  Kara may be trying to be a rocker trick, and thought that Lee had some great intensity, but wanted a little more playfulness.  Simon wanted to know if she wanted kittens, or if she wanted him to skip around the stage.  He said that Lee nailed the song, and it was on the money, full stop. 

05) Aaron Kelly (Blue Suede Shoes) Oh, the poor child is trying to be sexy.  I do appreciate him actually moving around the stage, and I kind of liked this style of performance for him much more than the sleepy Archie Wannabe performances he's been giving.  I hated the back-up singers at the end.  It took away from him.   Not bad, but it felt like something you might see in a musical.  In a high school.  Randy thought it started out weird, but it ended up well.  Kind of half and half for him.  Ellen thought it was a big song to take on, and thought he did a really good job, even if he didn't get all the way there.  Kara liked him out of his comfort zone, and she thought it made him younger (really?) and more current.  Simon thought it did the opposite and made him old fashioned.  Aha - he thought it was like someone at a high school giving a concert, and it was frustrating because it was very karaoke, and felt like he was playing dress-up.

06) Siobahn Magnus (Suspicious Minds) She started out the performance facing the back of the stage, and I'm not sure what I feel about that... And her outfit looks like something straight out of the 80's,  White leather?  She killed the vocals, I have to say.  And she brought some of her screaming back, and she really changed the song up.  I really hated her outfit, though.  The back was cut out and looked like she had a giant leather thong showing... Randy liked the big vocals at the end, and liked it better.  Ellen loved her outfit.  Really?  She loved the performance.  Kara may in fact be wearing a trashbag, and she was confused by the dichotimy in Siobahn's voice.  Simon thought she seemed old, and hated the first part of the song, and thought it was erratic.  He worries that she's lost her way.  Siobahn defends the fact that she always sounds different, because she can't even label herself, so why is it necessary to be labeled?  I like her spunk.

07) Michael Lynche (In the Ghetto) Will he show that he deserved that save?  He got right down to it with a guitar and story telling.  See, Tim?  This is how you feel the meaning behind lyrics.  It was beautiful and it gave me chills.  I've never really like this song before.  Now, I do.  That was really really good.  Yo, Randy thought it was a little sleepy, but the vocals were hot.  Ellen was glad that they saved him.  Kara thought it was a beautiful song and he sang it well.  Simon thought it was one of the best performances of his yet, and thought it was a million billion times better than last week.  That's a lot better...

08) Katie Stevens (Baby, What do you Want Me to Do?) Adam wanted her to feel the frustration, and she needs to sell the song a little more.  Is she wearing lace leggings?  Oh, no, Katie, No.  I hated her shirt, but she was singing really well. She hit a couple bum notes in there, and seemed to lose steam near the end of the performance.  It seemed kind of theatrical.  I wish that Siobahn had sung this song.  Randy thought it was entertaining, and Ellen called it a very horny song (what with the brass section), and Kara thinks that she showed the judges.  Simon found it very loud, a bit annoying, and didn't like the song very much.  Kara talked back at him.  That was annoying.

09) Casey James (Laudy Miss Claudie) He found a really bluesy song, and Adam wanted him to build a musical arc with it.  I've never heard this song before, but I really like Casey on it.  I do not like the high pony tail, but and yes, he is still bleating in his vocals, but it works for this song, and dang, the boy is good on guitar.  I liked it.  A'ight, so listen, Randy thought it was a solid performance from him.  Ellen didn't think it was as exciting as it could have been, but he did well.  Kara looks like she needs a morning after cocktail, and said that he didn't get to the brilliance that he is capable of.  Simon thought it was a wasted opportunity for Elvis night.

Favorites of the night?  Crystal, Lee, and Michael.

In the middle?  Katie, Siobahn, and (I can't believe I'm saying this) Tim.  Because I really liked his guitar work.

Andrew was really not good, and Aaron was forgettable and amateurish.  I think Casey might also be in the bottom there. 

What did you think?

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kootnygirl said...

I kind of lost your blog for a while, but I'm glad I found it again. I'm getting sucked back into idol again this year, if only for Crystal & Lee.