Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.15.10

Will the Villains continue to self-destruct?

Post-Tribal, Sandra is tickled that her plan worked.  Jerri is scared that she is next with Coach gone.  Danielle told her that she is not.  The camera men are showing rats all over the place.  Russell told Jerri that he had an inkling about what was going to happen, but he didn't write Coach's name down.  And he didn't.  Smart move, bucko.

Tree Mail - it's the stand between two planks challenge from Tocantins, and they have to rank themselves for strength, and they will be put against the other tribe's rankings.  The Villains decide that the girls with smaller feet will probably do better.  Over at the Hero Camp, Rupert wants to go first, because he thinks he is stronger than anyone.

Reward Challenge

The Heroes are absolutely convinced it's a woman's alliance on the Villain Tribe, and they are not shy about saying it.   Bwah ha ha.  First tribe to three points (won by winning a head to head match) wins a HUGE feast by Outback Steakhouse.  Way to get the sponsors in.  Russell sits out.  Smart, because then he's there for the Immunity Challenge.

Danielle vs. Candace, Courtney vs. Amanda, Parvarti vs. JT, Jerri vs. Colby, and Sandra vs. Rupert.

Interesting pairings.  First round, 10 minutes.  Head is fine for leaning, no hips, no butt. 

It's the 100th Day that Amanda has played 100 days.  She's the first person to reach that milestone.

I'm sure my brother is very happy.  Let's say, he's an Amanda fan.

Everyone's still in it when they move to the next level, smaller footholds.  Sandra talks about how much she loves Outback Steakhouse.

Love it - on the bench, Russell made pleading motions to JT, planting the "Russell Seed."

Third and final foothold, and it's a tiny one.  They stay there for as long as they can.  That foothold is 1/4" wide.  Yikes.  Colby is the first out, with the first point scored for the Villains.  Rupert and his broken toe are fine.  Jerri told Sandra that she can do it, because she's popped out some babies.  Sandra said "Two of em, and didn't even get an aspirin."  Rupert is down, and Sandra brought the second point.  Amanda fell on her 100th day, and the Villains won the reward.

As they gave the "Good Game" shakes, JT muttered to Russell to "Hang in there, buddy."  Bwah ha ha.

Outback Feast.  Great.  Advertising works.  Now I really wish I had some Outback right now.  Sandra sucked down some drinks super quickly.  First they get some salad, with napkins, and.... Parvati found the clue for the hidden idol in her napkin and shoved it in her underwear before anyone saw it.    Wonder if she will share with Russell?

They all giggle about how the other tribe thinks it's an All Girl Alliance.

Mmmmm, Loaded Baked potatoes.  Wonder if they are given lines to say to get the advertising in.  Parvarti snuck away to pee, and Danielle went too... and Parvati showed her the clue.  She did this as a way of getting Danielle feeling closer to her than to Russell.  They don't plan on telling him, unless it's a need to know basis.

Over at Hero Central, JT said "I don't care about steaks," and told them about his plan... his plan to give Russell the hidden idol at the next immunity challenge, to secure him with them, to get rid of Parvati.  Amanda thought it was really crazy, because they don't know for sure what's going on over there.  Candace thinks it might be a good idea.

Danielle and Parvati went out in search of the idol.  Quietly, without telling Russell.  With shovels.  They found it, and Parvati doesn't plan on telling Russell right off.  That might burn her if Russell finds out that she has it.  She said that Russell is not the King of Survivor, she's the Queen.  "And usually, the King does what the Queen says, anyway."

JT drafted his letter to Russell, detailing what he should do with the idol.  Rupert told him if it works, it could be a great plan.  This ought to be interesting. 

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes will start on platforms in the water, and one person at a time will get bags of puzzle pieces to bring to the mat through an obstacle course.  They have to build totem poles to win Immunity.

Jerri and Rupert are out first.  Rupert got to the mat first.  JT and Danielle are out next, and JT is back before Danielle barely has time to start.  Amanda was out next, and got it in.  When Colby and Russell are the last ones left on the platforms, Colby told Russell to go see JT after the challenge, after getting  the assurance that Russell thinks he's going home...

Without much difficulty, Heroes won it, and JT passed the idol to Russell.  How Russell stopped from giggling, I have no idea.

Russell said "See now, I don't even have to find the idol.  People are giving them to me.  You don't give the idol to the enemy, especially when his name is Russell Hantz."

JT is happy about this whole plan.

And over at Villain Central, Russell showed the thing to Parvati, and they giggled together about the whole idol debacle.  JT's note really was pretty humorous.  Parvati said "Why would you give a villain your heart?  JT just gave Russell his heart, and Russell's going to stab it, and then he's going to hand it to me, and I'm going to eat it."

Sandra and Courtney went out for a sad chat, and Sandra said that her without Courtney is like rice without beans.

Parvati talked with Courtney and said that she would try to save her if she could, because she thinks Courtney would be more loyal post merge.  Parvati tried to subtly push the vote towards Sandra.  She's good.  She's very good.

Tribal Council

It's down to Courtney vs. Sandra, and Danielle said that Sandra wasn't in her alliance, and Sandra was called Rob's Sidekick.  Parvati says if you ask the Heroes, she's the boss, because she's obviously running a crazy women's alliance.  She said it's Boston Rob's Girls vs. Russell's Girls.  Courtney says that Jerri flipped in time to save her butt, so "Awesome for you."  I hope that Courtney stays just for her one-liners.  And, it's always fun to see if she's going to snap in half like a twig if she happens to be forced to compete in a challenge.

Votes go Jerri, and then all Courtney.  Oh, well.   Sandra is safe for another day.  And the day after Tribal is Parvati's 100th Survivor Day.  Nice.

Next week, JT sees Parvati enter the camp for the merge.  And Sandra looked to be flipping, talking frankly to Rupert.

This could be epic.

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Ed said...

As Jeff said, "Bold move on JT's part." Too bad it was the last person on that tribe that should have gotten it. Looks like Sandra's flipping, so the hero's might still be alright. They just have to get Russell to burn the idol now, or keep him in check until they can blindside him.