Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol: 4.27.10

Shania Twain Night!  Wonder how this will turn out...

Kara looks like she's wearing a giant geode around her neck.

Call 1-866-IDOLS-##

01 & 07) Lee Dewyze (You're Still the One) I thought he was way off key when he started, but it turns out he just changed up the melody somewhat.  Not my favorite style for him.  It seemed strained and tight, vocally.  And flat.  I appreciate the changes he made, but I didn't like them, and he sounded like he was yelling.  Randy, yo, loves this song, you know listen, thought it started out pitchy, but yo, made it his own later on.  Ellen thought it was really good.  Oh, Ellen, I disagree with you on that.  A lot.  She then said "All aboard the Shania Twain."  That's funny.  Kara thinks his voice makes anything current, but wasn't sure he was feeling the song.  Simon thought it was the perfect song for him, but thought he was pulling some weird faces.

02 & 08) Michael Lynche (It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing) I'm kind of sick of Michael singing sappy songs.  I wish that he'd done something upbeat.  He's got an undeniably good voice, but I find myself bored.  Randy thinks he is definitely the R&B balladeer, and I guess he's good at it... but it's boring.  Ellen thought it sounded like Luther Vandross.  Kara appreciates that he relates to his songs, and thinks he did a great job.  Simon agrees with the comparison with Luther Vandross, but thought the performance was a little wet, like he was in a musical acting out the words.  He then said it was a little girly for him.

03 & 09) Casey James (Don't) Ok, he is giving me chills.  He sounds really nice in his lower register, and though I hate his seat on the stupid Behind-the-Judges ledge, I'm really enjoying this performance.  That was really truly good.  Randy said it was one of the best Casey James performances ever, and wants Casey to keep this kind of thing in his wheelhouse.  Ellen thought he sang it like it was the kind of music he should be singing.  She thought it was his best to date.  Kara loved that he showed the good, the bad, the ugly, and thought he was vulnerable and raw.  Simon thought that it was probably his best performance so far, and thought it felt like he was singing the song, and suggested that he go give Shania a kiss on the lips.  Casey obliged.  And Shania didn't seem to mind.

04 & 08) Crystal Bowersox (No One Needs to Know) She turned this into kind of a bluegrass song, and I like it.  I just love every bit of her song.  She did a quick octave change a couple times, and it sounded effortless and lovely.  Yo yo, Randy loved the Nickel Creek style, but it wasn't his favorite from her.  Ellen thinks there is nothing she can't do, and though it wasn't her favorite performance, that's like saying "that's not my favorite color of the rainbow."  Kara thought it was believable, and said also that it wasn't her favorite.  Crystal said that it wasn't as big as previously, but bigger isn't always better.  Simon says the shocker is, they didn't like Crystal this week, and thought it was like a bad coffee shop performance, and thought she lacked conviction.  Crystal pointed to her conviction (her boyfriend) in the audience.

05 & 09) Aaron Kelly (You've Got a Way) I love this song, but Aaron is shaky and weak.  He seemed off key and more nasal than normal.  His last note was nice. Yo, Randy called it his wheelhouse and thought he did a really good job.  Ellen can't get over how young he is, and when he corrected her when she said "I can't believe you're only 16" and told her he was 17 now, she said "Oh, well, I'm not as impressed now."  Kara liked it, and thought he had conviction.  Simon thought he did really well tonight.

06 & 10) Siobahn Magnus (Any Man of Mine) What the hell is she wearing?  Siobahn, what has happened to you?  She started off ok, but then just started sounding fractic.  And then, in the end, she did her patented scream, and ended very well.  But what the heck was going on in the middle.  Yo, Randy loved the punk country.  Ellen thought she pulled the Shania Twain into the station and called it fantastic.  Kara declared that Siobahn is back.  Simon really liked the song, and thought the final note sounded like she was giving birth. 

I think I liked Casey the best!  And then Crystal.  Well, maybe Crystal first.  I can't decide.  And I enjoyed the end of Siobahn's song.

I really thought that Lee blew it, and I hated Aaron's performance.  Who else sang?  Oh, right.  Michael.  Again, I'd forgotten him.

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I loved Lee's performance. casey was good too.