Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol: 4.14.10

Tonight, Kara looks ready to go out clubbing instead of like she just woke up from a bender.

I am full of rage at the lip synching.  Rage.  These kids can sing.  Let them.  I'm not sure that American Idol wants to be proud of teaching them to lip sync.  And drunk cameraman struck again, with a few seconds of a shot of the stage and the stage alone.  That was funny.

Ford commercial is somewhat clever tonight.  But still, they used to be more fun.

Casey James is up first, standing along with Aaron and Andrew. They are brought into the center of the stage.

And without any pretense, Andrew is swiftly eliminated.

Aaron and Casey are safe.

Elliot and Kara went to Africa.  Idol Gives Back.  Give if you Can.  Fast forwarding.

Also fast forwarding through Ex-Mr. Miley and Brooke White.  Sorry, guys.

Joining Seacrest next on the center of the stage is the entire bottom row.  Lee, Siobahn, Katie, Michael, Crystal, and Tim.  Crystal is safe, as is Siobahn.  Yay. So is Lee (though Seacrest messed with him).  Tim, Michael, or Katie is going home.  After Adam.

Next week is Inspirational songs.  With Alicia Keyes as mentor.  Hope it doesn't suck.

Time for Adam Lambert!  He's starting his performance in a Star Trek transport device.  It's pretty slick and I know a few people who's panties are exploding right now.  Not mine, but just saying.  He's performing in a green fog laser show.  His IFB (that's his ear bud) is highly bedazzled.  Love it.  I have a feeling that Adam puts on one heck of a show.

Back to the results.  Safe is Tim.  It's Michael or Katie going home, and one of them is not even in the bottom 3.  Leaving with Andrew is Katie.  That's good, then, because it would totally have sucked to use the save on Michael and then have him sent home the next week.  Plus, he was really good last night.

Katie is good, but she's so young, and I think that's her biggest hurdle. 

I'd say that's a good results show!

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