Thursday, April 8, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.8.10

Post-Rob Boot, Russell and Parvati are feeling pretty happy about their awesomeness.  Coach thinks that Russell is a bully, and Jerri is feeling guilty about going along with it.  Coach says that they won't win any more challenges, and they are just going to have to pray for the merge.  Good attitude, there, Coach.  Wonder what he does when a key player gets injured on his team?  Well, might as well just throw in the towel, no use in trying... 

Over at Hero Central, JT disappeared to go look for the Immunity Idol, and Amanda (in her cool glasses) caught him.  He had to tell her that he had it.  Then, he told Candace.  Then, he decided to tell everyone else.  Hmmm.  That negates the "hidden."  He says they can use it for the first person who needs it after the merge.  Candace told Amanda that it was a good thing she walked up to JT as he found it, because who knows if he would have said anything otherwise.  Candace doesn't trust JT at all, and thinks that he's a threat because he's got ins with everybody, and he's the Golden Boy.

Back at Villain's Camp, they get Tree Mail for Reward Challenge, and it promises food.  They are hoping that it's a merge, and decided to bring all of their stuff to the challenge with them.  Not a bad strategy, but... I don't think it's the merge.

Reward Challenge

There's a load of pizza and brownies and good stuff waiting.  The Heroes are shocked that Rob is gone, and assume it's an All-Girl Alliance.  JT leaned over and mouthed to Russell to "hang in there," meaning that he would rescue him from the girls.

Probst told them to drop their.... cheers all around... expectations.  No merge. 

Survivor Bowling.  Everyone gets 2 rolls, and the first to 3 points wins.  Villains sit out Sandra and Courtney.

Parvati vs. Rupert first, and Parvati gets a gutter ball.  Rupert knocked over 3.  On the second roll, Parvati gutter balls it again.  One point for Heroes.  Next is Danielle vs. JT.  JT got 6, Danielle got gutter ball.  JT got gutter ball on his second roll, and then Danielle got another gutter ball.  Heroes have 2 points.  Russell vs. Colby next, and Russell gets a gutter ball first.  Colby also gets nothing.  Russell gets some down in the next roll, but Colby only gets one, so there's a point for the Villains.  Coach got 5 down next, vs. Amanda who also gets 5 down.  Coach got one more in his roll, and Amanda got 2... winning it for the Heroes.  The Villains are going back to camp, no pizza, to re-make their shelter, etc.

Back at camp, Jerri is pissed that they have to put the camp back together, and thinks that the decision to sit out Courtney and Sandra (made by Coach) was stupid, because now they have to play in the Immunity Challenge.  Jerri wishes that Sandra and Courtney had some get up and go.  Sandra thinks that she should be with the Heroes tribe, and that the Villains are the worst tribe ever made, and she hates them all.  Sandra told Courtney that the way to get rid of Coach would be to tell Russell that Coach is gunning for him.  Good plan, actually.

She went for it, and Russell ate it up.  He went to tell Parvati that Coach is after him.  Russell also said that if there is only him left, the other tribe will absolutely think it's all girls against guys in Villain-land, and bring Russell right on in with them.  True enough.

Immunity Challenge

They will be belted together in pairs, going over and under obstacles through mud to retrieve flags.

One match up will be one on one.  Villains sit out Jerri and Danielle.

First is Amanda and Candace vs. Sandra and Russell.  Heroes got their flag first, and Sandra was having a really hard time.  My brother will be thrilled to see Amanda mud wrestling.  Sandra is completely stuck.

Coach vs. Rupert next.  Coach got his flag seconds before Rupert, but Rupert made up a lot of time on the obstacles.  Coach managed to get it first.

Finally, it's Parvati and Courtney vs. JT and Colby.  Parvati and Courtney are slow slow slow.  JT and Colby win without any problem, and the Heroes win it.

And, Courtney, apt to break, hurt her ankle.

Danielle is gunning for Courtney.  Back at camp, they all clean up, and Coach said that the mud was like going to the spa.  He did some Dragonslayer Chi, and says everyone is down, but he's coming into his own.  He thinks that they are all going to vote for Courtney.  Russell wants to get rid of Coach, because of the seed that Sandra planted, but Danielle told him that they should get rid of Courtney, and Russell refuses to even listen to her. 

After thinking about it, he told Parvati that Danielle is right, and maybe they should get rid of Courtney... Parvati thinks it's stupid, and they should stick to the plan.  Who knows what's happening.

Tribal Council

Probst asked them if they regretted getting rid of Tyson and Rob before weakling Courtney, and then added "no disrespect, Courtney."  Bwah ha ha.

Coach says that he wants Courtney to stick up for herself and go for it, and he says that he is not the one who is demoralizing the tribe. 

Probst tells them that they are working under the assumption that there is going to be a merge.  Courtney says that she is the poster child for weak survivor, but she's a skinny little bitch who will fight.  Russell says that it's about keeping the tribe strong and keeping trust in place.

When Courtney voted for Coach, she called him a freaking lunatic.  Nice.  She hasn't had enough sound bites this season.

Votes go for Coach, Coach, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Coach, and the person voted out was Coach.  He's in the jury.  He looked shocked.  As much as I think that Coach is, in fact, a lunatic, Courtney should have left tonight.

Probst says the problem with trust is, you don't know that it's gone until it's too late.

In the preview for next week, JT was telling everyone that he might give the hidden idol to Russell.  I just cackled a little.  I'm sure Russell would be right there with me cackling like a mad man.

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Buh-bye Coach. You will not be missed.