Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol - The Top 10 Men (Boys?)

I wonder if the order they sing in is strategic or randomly assigned? It would be interesting to find out. I see that Paula has gotten rid of the helmet she was sporting last week, her hair is much nicer. And Simon has brought out the black v-neck sweater, way different than the V-neck t-shirt.

Oh MAN - The 70's? This theme week could be totally awful.

Michael Johns - Is it just me, or is the band too loud? I could barely hear Michael. It all seemed a bit off. And he went way off key in the chorus. I was not impressed. I want to like him, but tonight I am finding it really difficult. I think I really blame the overly aggressive volume of the band (excuse me, Ricky Minor and The Band), but they cannot be blamed for Michael shouting the whole chorus. Not his best week, but I bet he's safe because the accent is nice. The judges just refuse to say anything about him. At least Simon offered SOME real criticism. I thought it was really sub-par (especially for him). So take that, Paula. That's this woman's perspective. This woman who has ears.

Jason Castro - His "what you don't know about me" segment was amusing. He's just this side of adorable. He pulled out the guitar again. The band seems a little dialed back, which is good. I just don't like most of the music from the 70's. He did what he could with it, but the song was bland. I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon. He got a little rough around the middle, but recovered pretty well. Eh. I liked him much better last week. The song was sooooo.... nothing. Totally forgettable. I think Paula is not listening with her ears. She keeps talking about how attractive people are. I hope that last week did enough for Jason to keep him safe this week.

Luke Menard - I love this song, but it is HARD to do Queen justice. I think his voice is just too thin and feminine for my liking. Did he forget lyrics in there? Not sure. He is pretty (and yes, I mean pretty, not handsome), but his voice is almost painfully disconnected with his look. I want him to be manly, not all falsetto. I am over him. Go back to touring with your a capella group, sir. Better than last week (marginally). I agree with Randy that the song was really difficult, but that doesn't give the boy gonads in his singing. I wonder if he is growing the scruff out to show that he has testosterone running through his body? His voice sure doesn't prove the point. Simon is totally right - almost no one can sing Queen except for Freddy Mercury. I think it's a poor facsimile. I also agree with Simon that it was verging on whiny. It was funny when Ryan called him Dawson's Creek... I think Ryan is jealous of the scruff.

Robbie Carrico - "I Be Me." At least he questioned the validity of that grammar. Good song. I think this is the best he has sounded for a while to me. He's rocking the Bo Bice style with the Mic stand in the beginning. 70's rock is not embarrassing music like most of the rest of the music of the decade. I was glad to see him lose the bandanna. He's no Daughtry (at least not yet), but I think he did a great job rocking this one to me. I still don't think he is really a rocker, but he did a decent impression of one this week. (Methinks the lad doth protest too much when people accuse him of not being an "authentic rocker.") In the end, I liked this one best of the night so far.

Danny Noriega - I think that the mics seem off tonight. Is it just me? Danny has a nice lower register. He got a bit shaky on longer notes, like he was trying to create a vibrato that didn't happen naturally. He seemed a bit off tempo in the chorus. I think the arrangement was a mess, the song choice was pretty poor. It was just ok.... I thought that Luke was much much worse. I guess it would have been ok if I liked that song. Maybe. I'm glad that Randy called him out about the vibrato, and I think he was totally right that Danny just needs to let it flow. I'm not sure how long I can like him and his skinny jeans.. but for now I think he is ok(-ish). He is not lacking in personality, that's for sure.

David Hernandez - Will there be the battle of the David's for spots in the Top 6 men? There can be only one, Highlander style? He keeps the gymnastics to his eyebrows nowadays, which I find vaguely creepy. Great song choice. I think tonight's vocals tonight were triumphant after last week. He really let go and sang that song. Fantastic vocals. Just lay low on the eyebrow, dude, and I could like you. He's young, but maybe this is a case where some pre-emptive botox might do him some good. Freeze those suckers. I agree that so far, he had the best vocal. Hands down. I am more than surprised. I wanted him gone after last week, and now I am glad he didn't go.

Jason Yeager - Mr. Moonriver is kicking the tempo up a few notches. I like him, I like his voice, but I don't know that it is really radio friendly. He looks like he is having fun, he was on key, but the tone of his voice is more musical theatre than pop to me. I would not be surprised if Simon called him cabaret or cruise ship ready. I think he had a little seizure at the end there. He should have sung something by Cat Stevens maybe. I don't know. I think it was a weird song to choose. Not so good. Not terrible, but certainly not good. His shirt is shiny. He looks a little like Val Kilmer. That's Val Kilmer over there, not Jason. I couldn't find a good picture of Jason to illustrate my point. Just believe me.

Chikezie Ezie Listening - I think his dayglo shirt came from 1983, not the 1970's, and certainly not today. I think he did a better job with the vocals this week, and it was funny how he worked his name into the song. He showed why he is in the Top 10 men tonight, though I am still not a huge fan. I shall continue calling him Chickezie Ezie Listening, but more because I like the sound of it than it's what he was tonight. I could hear that song on the radio. Minus the shirt. Please. Did that thing have an alligator on it? He looked like he was heading out to play golf. I think he's in the top vocally this week. I was also happy to hear that his parents don't hate him, the origins of his name are Nigerian. That's much better. I'm still not voting for him, because I don't like his musical style, but I think he is safe this week, and deservedly so.

David Cook
- Rocking out on the guitar, with that wicked comb-over. Definitely much better tonight than last week! I actually really enjoyed his song. And his guitar was well played. I say that like I know how to play guitar. I can't get past the third song on the easy level of Guitar Hero III. I liked that performance quite a lot. I think overall, it was my favorite tonight. So far. Now, if only the stylists would get a hold of him and bring him to terms with the receding hairline. The judges kind of dissed Robbie by calling David C. the "real rocker." I agree with them, though. I also like a guy who has a good vocabulary, it's a good thing for someone who is going to maybe write some of his own songs. Simon seemed really annoyed at him, and I think it is poor policy to talk back to Simon in most cases.

David Archuleta - Dang, that boy had an impressive voice at 11. He has the voice and the stage presence to pull off Imagine without it sounding karaoke. And there, Luke, that's how you do falsetto. Here and there, clear and clean, not rampantly like you've been neutered. He was utterly impressive tonight. I'm going to utter the over cliched phrase that American Idol loves so much - He made that his own. It was amazing. He just pulled ahead of the pack. He gets my vote. No question. I'm terrified that Paula wants to dangle him from her rearview mirror. He is not an air freshener, Paula.

I don't go crazy voting for hours on end, but I throw in a few votes here and there. Tonight the majority of my votes are going to David A, but I will also dial a few times for David C (unfortunate hair and all), David H (unfortunate facial expressions and all), and Robbie. Overall, I think tonight belonged to the Davids. There can be only one!!

As far as who I think is going home this week for the men? I am desperately hoping for Luke and I think Jason Yeager will be joining him.

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