Thursday, February 21, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Episode 2

From 2/14/08

LOL at Ozzy catching a fish with his bare hands on the way home from Tribal. That is classic. I love Ozzy.

Over at Airai, they don't look nearly as together... which is to be expected. They are totally discombobulated. They need to organize. Kind of pathetic at not getting fire WITH flint. Seriously. I don't understand why everyone was standing around while people were working on fire. Why couldn't they delegate? Jason was kind of an a-hole about making the cave his own. Work like a team, guys, or it won't last long. I admit, Kathy's a kook and kind of insane, but she's still on your tribe. Humph. Not a good start for Airai.

Ozzy is a grand master. Love the pseudo porn music in the background. Very funny. The hook ups are something else. Will we have another Rob n' Amber this season? Or two?

Kathy, Chet, and Tracy's shelter looks good. (And Kathy's "Hey you're gay, what's that like, and hey, can I feel your obviously fake boobs" icebreaker seems to be the strangest alliance forming ice-breaker I can think of...) I hope that they manage to come together as a cohesive tribe. Glad that they finally got fire. Those clams are ginormous.

Awww, how cute, Mikey B is picking bugs out of Mary's hair. How simian.

Who died and made Tatoo Boy god? He looks a bit like The Hulk....


Survivor Hook Ups Take it to the next level.. Amanda and Ozzy were going at it. Cirie was funny "Amanda and her little Ozzlets."

If Cirie is on the alliance with Jonathan, Yau, Eliza and Amy, it might be the end for one of the couples sooner rather than later... we'll see.

Reward/Immunity Challenge: (Gee, who could possibly be a swimmer for the favorites, could it be Ozzy?)

Jason held his own next to Ozzy, though he fell on his way out.

Amanda went DOWN, but so did Chet... though Chet not finding the key is potentially devastating. And then he just sat there for a while, that was really really stupid. He might be the first gone if they lose this.

(As a note, why even have the tribes have names if Probst isn't going to use the tribe names?)

Oooooooh - two people looking for the HII on Exile? That's intense. Not surprised that Malakal sent Kathy. The twist could end up with some consequences come the merge.

Ha ha that the clues for the HII sent them on a Scavenger Hunt. I like that. Ha ha ha. Love it. Total wild goose chase. I like that way more than just randomly digging digging digging around the island. So much for a "relaxing" time at Exile Island.

(Erik looks like Leif Garrett a little. The hair, man, the hair)

And I think Mikey B needs to think a little ... less. Or at least a little less aloud. I don't know that Mikey is as smart as I thought he was. He thinks he's a ringleader, and that could be dangerous.

Joel thinking of getting rid of Mary... not sure about that. I think they should totally get rid of Chet first, because he is so weak.

And Kathy is SO annoying. she could be one of those people that spills all of her tribe's secrets to the other tribe with absolutely no idea what she is doing.

I feel badly for Mary if she goes home, she barely got a chance!

Aha, they can't dump Kathy because she has the original II. Ahhhh. I didn't think they could use that if they didn't use it last week, but I guess it was for "your tribe's first trip to Tribal Council. It all becomes clear now.

If Chet WASN'T exhausted, why did he not LEAVE the water immediately? He sucked MAJORLY at the challenge, and he should own up to it.

Natalie's weird looking. She looks like she's had a nose job or something. Alexandra is pretty. Mary just looked confused with the votes for her. And Mikey B looked devastated. Joel looked smug. He could annoy me.

I think next week looks cool. I hope to see Cirie going with the Couples Alliance, because I love Ozzy and James and Amanda... we'll see. I feel badly for Mary, we hardly knew ye..

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