Thursday, February 21, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 3

Mikey B didn't waste any time confronting Joel about the voting off of Mary, and the questionable plan of voting off Mary. Though I would tend to agree that Chet is one of the girls, I think that a problem with the Fans tribe is that everyone has seen the show so many times, they have formed such strong opinions on how the game should be played before they even get there, it's hard to keep malleable in the moment. We'll see how that continues. And did Joel kind of scare anyone else when he was talking about the baseball bat swinging around to Mikey B's head? Still seeing Hulk there... kind of creepy.

How interesting, the Lovers Alliance tried to pull over Eliza. That's not the chink in the armor of the Non-Love Alliance. I still kind of hope for the Lovers to pull Cirie over because I like more of them (but Yau! I love Yau!)

Reward Challenge: Getting all painted up for Challenges can be fun. Yau's face paint looks a little like a Fu Man Chu mustache. Don't know if that was intentional or not.. The white face paint is a little scary. James' face paint was super cool, I liked the black. Eliza looked as stunned as Mikey B did when she saw that Mary was gone. She also didn't see that coming. I like Airai's choice of using lots of white on their faces (and bodies). Their paint is obviously at least partly water soluble, though, so the rain messed up their pretty work. Awww... At least they were already getting wet and the rain didn't matter much. And Jonathan became the first person to be fuzzed out this season. Eliza being dragged by Leif-Garret alike's pants was funny. Kathy proved to be completely inept at trying to tackle Amanda. The battle was a good one, tough to the end. I was really hoping for Airai to win this one... oh well. I'm also kind of glad to see Ami going to Exile, because I liked her in her season and she has had little screen time thus far this season...

Cirie has a point that people should be sucking up to her a little. You can tell that she enjoys being the swing vote.

Nice chat on the raft, ladies. Very very interesting... I like that possible alliance. Parvarti is totally right that against either Ozzy or James, they would lose INSTANTLY. I think that could be a good move for them all. If they can keep it quiet. And Amanda, if that is "flirting," you and I have very different definitions of the word.

Over on Exile, Kathy proved to be more savvy than I would have expected, not giving up the answers to the clues right away... And Ami is still lacking in screen time. Boo.

What a terrible storm. The Malakal tribe's cave looks a whole lot cozier than Airai's. Could be all the cuddling, but I think it is probably a deeper cave. Poor Airai's fingers are all pruney, just from the night. That's rough. I feel really badly for them, all water logged and chilled. Definitely not the best way to enter into an Immunity Challenge. Poor things. Goes to show that Survivor is no cake walk.
Immunity Challenge: Neat challenge. Once they got the hang of the throwing, it seemed to go much better. Jonathan was being, well, Jonathan. James was amazing, looking like he could stay there all day. The others, not so much. This was a close challenge. I was surprised to see Airai win. I wonder who's going home now... will it be the might Yau because everyone knows he is so unbeatable in a vote? Or will one of the Lover's Alliance (or is it really an Alliance???) be sent packing?

The Not-So subtle breaking up of the little Lover's Meeting and Cirie was so awkward. Ami just looked so over the whole begging for votes thing. And then Amanda strolling by, with no one trying to hide anything. It is so ... uncomfortable. I feel for Cirie - the toughest decision is who to align yourself with. And then Ozzy and Jonathan talking, and Jonathan saying that he would get rid of Yau if needed (after just talking to Yau and telling him that they were tight), that's the Jonathan I know. Ami seemed to be kind of a chamelion, no one seemed to see her. The way that Cirie is acting, I almost wouldn't be surprised if she gets voted out! This is such crazy scheming. All of these people know the game so well, it's almost a detriment. I have honestly no idea who is going to be voted out pre-Tribal. The whole thing makes my head hurt. It's like Tug of War for votes.

Tribal Council: Why does Probst keep calling Jonathan by his last name? Not like there are any other Jonathan's there... Cirie and Jonathan are acting like they are in couples counseling! It's so confrontational. Jonathan is upset because Cirie is making decisions for herself, and not decisions he is trying to make for her. My goodness, just so he doesn't get his way, I am hoping that the votes go for Yau (my sweet Yau).

Let's see how is goes down... Did Yau Man look about ready to cry? Poor thing. Aha... a vote for Cirie, I am actually not surprised! But, my poor sweet Yau Man, you are just too good to be left in the game, I will miss you terribly. But, I am actually happy to see the way it played out..

The votes came down like this.

James - Yau Man
Eliza - Yau Man (that is surprising, though not shocking)
Ozzy - Yau Man
Cirie - Yau
Pavarti - Yau
Amanda - Yau
Yau - Parvarti
Ami - Cirie (aha, that makes sense, she looked so done with the scheming)
Jonathan - Parvarti

Next week looks like more explosiveness between Cirie and Jonathan. And someone finds SOMETHING on Exile... it'll be good.

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