Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Shows I love but will (probably) not blog about

I created this blog primarily to express my thoughts on my favorite Reality Shows. I am, admittedly, a shameless TV addict, and I do watch a whole lot more than reality shows. Here are some of my other favorites.

LOST - Excellent show, love it, am slightly obsessed with it, but I need to pay too much attention to it to write about it while watching. It's a show that leaves me saying "Who-wha?????????" most of the time, and in my opinion, that's a good quality. There are so many other blogs and spoiler sites about LOST out there, I don't feel like I could contribute much new.

Heroes - Ditto to LOST. Just have to watch it too closely to write about it! Excellent show, though. Can't wait to get it back. Save the cheerleader and all that jazz.

Kyle XY - My husband and I watch this, on ABC Family. It's a super cute show, with very appealing actors, a neat premise, and some story lines that make you go all mushy, in a good way. That said, I don't know if the fan base is out there to appreciate my thoughts on Kyle. But I adore it. Really do.

Psych - Well, this one is over until summer, but I think that so much if it is in the moment jokes and witty wordplay, it would be odd to blog about it. (It's on USA)

General Hospital - We are usually a few days behind on GH, and I hate spoilers, so it wouldn't be worth blogging about.

Terminator: Sara Conner Chronicles - Despite the fact that I have a hard time saying the full name of the show (try it, it's a tongue twister!), it seems to be going in a good direction. The acting is good (I enjoy Summer Glau), the effects are cool.. let's see where it goes. But, I don't feel like I am knowledgeable enough in the world of Terminator Lore to be a good blogger about it.

Moonlight - Please let this show get picked up, please let this show get picked up, please let this show get picked up. That is all.

Pushing Daisies CastPushing Daisies - I love everything about this show - the acting, the cinematography, the writing... Absolutely everything. I hope that it returns soon and enjoys a long long run. I find the actors who play Ned and Chuck so appealing and Kristin Chenowith and Chi McBride should win awards for their supporting work.

Doctor Who - I absolutely love this show, it's new season is coming to BBC America in April. Again, lots of back story (from the old series) I don't know.. I might occasionally blog about it, but it won't be a play by play. Let it be said that I miss Rose very much, think I will miss Martha, and am not at all sure about the idea of the Runaway Bride as his new companion... although the Christmas episode of this year had Kyle Minogue and her name was Astrid. Just sayin', that's awesome. Haven't seen it yet...

Torchwood - This is a spin off of Doctor Who, and it is very good, though not as good as Doctor Who. I might also occasionally blog about it, but not obsessively. I *think* new episodes of this are also coming in April... Hope that there is less copious Owen-having-sex. The funniest looking person on the show gets all the girls. It's a mystery. One that I don't need to see any more of.

How I Met Your Mother - Witty, wonderful sitcom. But, who needs to read a blog about a sitcom? Might occasionally blog about it, but it doesn't warrant being a regular topic. It'll be back I think this spring, not sure (Thanks, Writer's Strike!) I do think that Neil Patrick Harris is a comedic genius, and I am glad that he is finally getting some good post-Doogie recognition.

I think that is all. I mean, I watch more shows than these, but these are the ones worth mention. At this point.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Pushing Daisies too. No one else seems to watch it. I cannot wait for it to come back!!!

Lori said...

Glad to see DH and I aren't the only ones who watch this much TV! We watch about half of the shows you listed (and a whole lot more). I LOVE GH...but yah, it would be hard to blog about!