Thursday, February 28, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 4

Cirie was so mad at Ami for writing her name down. Um. I never understand why people get so up in arms when they get one vote. One vote. I think Cirie is going to get under my skin. She has such a sense of entitlement now. If she doesn't get over the gloating about breaking up Jonathan's alliance by the end of this episode, it's going to get seriously old.

Airai caught an eel! Pretty neat. Mmmmm, eel hot dogs. How appetizing. Natalie was totally right about Chet just lounging around. Not going to go over well.

Over at Malakal, Eliza is not doing well. James is all about keeping strong players, and Eliza is obviously not strong. It was amusing for James to say that Eliza was going to die, she still had the energy to fight back a little. And, oh, Eliza, who made you Dr. Eliza that you know whatever you have is not contagious? You don't know that!

Onto the Reward Challenge. I predict that Ozzie is going to dominate this challenge. It's in the water, isn't it? Chickens are always a nice reward, they bring out the finger wagging. Oh, good times, good times...

Is Ozzie going after more than one coconut? I think he is. Very clever. He staged the coconuts for the others to grab. I don't think that Airai every really had a chance of winning that stage of the Challenge. That's why I like Ozzie. He is quick, he is strong, and he is strategic. James seemed as stunned as anyone else when he figured out the word. And then he got some loving from Parvarti.

It was smart of Malakal to send Ozzie, because he is so smart. I wouldn't be surprised to see him find the thing. Sending Kathy again - do they want her to find the HII? Or just not give anyone else clues?

Kathy was just oozing over Ozzie. She had a point, it is fun for her to get to hang out with the favorites. I was disappointed (but not surprised) that Kathy didn't try to find the idol. Ozzie found the HII, and I am not even a little surprised. Convenient of him to have a nice big hat on, and Kathy is not bright enough notice the not so slight of hand. It was very amusing when Kathy meandered over and asked him if he was still looking for food and he held up a starfish. It would have been funnier if he had casually reached down and grabbed some huge fish with his bare hands.... We'll see if the fake HII works.

Jonathan is really good/obnoxious at sneaking up on people when they are talking about him. In challenges, Eliza is so much weaker than Jonathan it isn't even funny, so she can try all she wants, but I don't know it will do Skelator much good.

Immunity Challenge - This type of challenge is always cool to watch. People literally shackled to each other, forced to work together. Malakal made short work of the locks in that hub. They also barely seemed challenged by maneuvering that beast of a contraption. I wonder if Eliza got squished on purpose... she can be such a whiner. Though Malakal got out of the locks and around the coarse with no difficulty, it came down to how quickly Eliza and Cirie could get the puzzle done (if they had messed it up, it would have been disastrous), and the answer is pretty freaking quickly. That wasn't even close. Not by a long shot.

I predict Chet will be out, unless he can do some incredible, legendary weaseling. Kathy might also be in trouble. Mikey B. talks too much. I think Tracy hit the nail on the head by trying to convince Joel that Mikey is calling the shots. She knew exactly what button to press with him, and calling their group a voting block was quite clever. I don't know if it will work, but it was clever. Chet might just be lucky to have her pulling for him.

Tribal Council - Can I just make the observation that men with long hair look particularly scruffy when they are unwashed? Girls tend to be able to tame their manes more. Some of the men looked like cavemen. And Joel acts kind of like one.

I would love for one of the less vocal people to take some charge later in the game. Joel and Mikey are both so loud, it would be nice to talk to some of the other people. It was funny when Probst tried to call them to vote and Jason felt it was imperitive to make his little speech. I kind of like Jason a little. If Mikey and Joel would stop talking, maybe we could hear more from him. And I guess Mikey will stop talking, because he is out. Now, I can only hope for someone other than Joel to make some sort of power play. Jason? Tracy? Will we finally hear from Alexis? It will be seen.

From the preview for next week, this is all going to be totally up in the air because it's a tribal shake up - wonder if the hook-ups are going to be separated?? And Jonathan facing "losing his leg" according to Eliza??? Hope it isn't as serious as that! Looks like a good episode coming up..

Here's how the votes went down.

Jason - Chet
Alexis - Chet
Chet - Mikey
Joel - Mikey
Mikey - Chet
Tracy - Mikey
Natalie - Mikey
Kathy - Mikey
Erik - Mikey

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