Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol, Top 12 Guys

60's Night? Since when did they start doing themes at this point? Ought to be interesting...

David Hernandez -
I'm seriously done with sob stories. And the song: Annoying breathing. I don't like his style, but he's got a good voice.

Chickezie - Dropped the Ezie, huh? he's terrible! Is he from the 70's? This style is absolutely terrible. Completely unmemorable. Ugh. And Uck.

David Cook - He needs THERAPY to come to terms with the fact that he is balding. Deal with it, stop with the hair. He's off key and trying to hard, and face is animated, but his arms looks bored. Oh my god, his shirt has tails. That's just unnecessary. He tried too hard. He ended much better than he started.

Jason Yaeger - He's got a really nice voice, throwback without being "crooner." I like him. And he hit the high notes nicely. What a surprise. Very full sound. Quite lovely! He knows how to use his voice, and he has a really rounded tone. And Awwww, he sang it for his grandma.

Robbie Carrico - He's got a fantastic voice, but it is NOT a rock voice for me. He is a good performer, I really really love his voice. He did some nice falsetto, it was a bit boring as a song. And I didn't get the tassles on his elblows. What was their purpose. I think Paula has decided that he is ... authentic. And I think that the light guys like him, because they hit the strobes. I agree with Simon - Robbie wants to be a rocker, but he does NOT have a rock voice. *sigh*

David Archiletta - He looks about to sneeze half the time. ;) He's got a little trouble on the lower notes, but other than that, it's very nice. He looks at home on the stage, he sounded fantastic. Total standout. He's wonderful. Hard to believe he's so young. And then he's about to hyperventilate after the song.

Danny Noriega - He kind of looks like Jessica Alba. With a semi-mullet. I'm surprised that he managed to do really well on Elvis. Skinny jeans, no thanks.... he's fantastic! And he enunciated really well. I think that the song showed his versatility. Totally wonderful. Another standout. And yeah, Paula. He's a freakin' rainbow. I don't get why Simon hated him. I loved it.

Jessica Alba

Luke Menard - A few really rough notes in there, and I don't like the tone of his voice, plus he is way nasal. His outfit looks like they just picked him up from the mall and say "hey, dude, want to sing?" Really boring, made me squint because it was so off key.

Colton Berry - He DOES look like Ellen, that's funny. He should wear glasses. Dark framed glasses. That might help to make his eyes blend into his hair less. Good voice. He looks really comfortable on stage. I really like the tone of his voice. I enjoyed him. His hair needs some help.

Garrett Haley - Leif Garrett meets a skeleton. He's too skinny. Off key, boring, why are people clapping for him? It was soooooo ..... blahhhhhh. He can go. Now. Totally agreed with Simon - "verging on Haunted." And he was also whiny. I agree with that. He look like a girl. His voice is totally in his head, with no depth at all.

Jason Castro - I think he is a very attractive guy, but I cannot CANNOT stand the dreads. I think he looks kind of feminine. Not sure who. Neat that he's playing the guitar. I like his voice. He's got a radio friendly voice. The end was shaky. And he did a good job on the guitar. Gorgeous eyes.

Michael Johns - Hands down my favorite guy coming into it. He's a wonderful performer and he has an incredible voice. I love him love him love him. Not so sure with the scarf. (The producers like him, too, gave him a topical background, with the fire and all)

So, I think it is a pretty good group. A couple of them can just GO. All in all, I think it is going to be tough cutting it down after the first couple of weeks! I want to see Garrett Haley, Luke Menard, David Hernandez, Chikezie, and David Cook go. Overall a good night.

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Love it! I can't wait to read more!
Nita (Ari&Elimom from BBC)