Thursday, February 21, 2008

Results Show - And then there were 20: 2/21/08

Let's start out with AI's Obligatory Daughtry Plug. (Or, "Let's pretend he won") I love me some Daughtry, but this whole montage is way cheesy. It looks like they are getting ready to be on The Real World. Just odd. Guess they used up all of their quota of Daughtry's "Home" last season. Wonder what this year's overplayed Exit Song will be....

And a group sing in the Top 24? Also unheard of. The guys sound ok together - it's such a huge group, it's almost hard to judge. No duds, vocally, though David Hernandez is seriously creepy in the eyes. The girls must have made better friends with the wardrobe, hair and makeup people. They got a lot more fun going on. Something about Asia'h's (that's going to get old, the double apostrophes) tone bugs me. David Cook got a nice power note there at the end. Did anyone else see Kristy Lee Cook pulling checking to make sure her ass wasn't sticking out as they hit the cheesy final pose? That was mildly amusing.

Upon recap, I like David Hernandez less. I guess he has a good voice, but he is just so creepy somehow. And Luke was still living in Nasal City, which was being visited by Garrett. Danny Noriega is oh-so... colorful, Jason is charming, and Michael Johns was just rocking...

Wow, straight to the point, huh, Ryan? No drawn out drama for young Garrett... nope, he's got the dubious distinction of being the first one out of this year's American Idol. And I won't miss him. Not one bit. Why must we listen to people that obviously sucked again? At this point especially - they were voted out for a reason. He's got such a wimpy voice, nope, won't miss him at all. It was kind of awkward to see his mom(?) and brother(?) up on the Coca Cola balcony...

Recap of the gals - Since it was just last night I have little more to say. Amy had better be going, she was just hideous. I like Carly marginally more in the recap than I did last night, but I think they picked the best snippet of the song...

The build up with Kristy Lee Cook coming up and sending her back, then out of the blue cutting Amy (thank goodness) - just weird. Fishing for suspense. What did Paula say? "Paint that door on that knob"? What? Oooooh, Amy is even worse when she is sad. It's terrible, and I will miss seeing her pretty face, but my bleeding ears will not miss her one bit.

(So far, the right, happy happy choices for first cuts have been made)

Was it just me, or did Paula looked shocked to the top of her helmet hair that she was going to be dancing/showing the video?

Randy, ever the name dropper, is now dropping his own name. Guess you just have to use your fame when you have it. Can I just say that using the machine-altered singing thing seems so much like cheating? Well, Paula is still a good dancer. I admit to being a fan back in the day. She forgot to put some clothes on over her teddy in that one outfit, though, and I feel a little embarrassed for her. I am kind of digging the song, though, and the video (though lacking in animated kitty goodness) was pretty neat.

After that musical interlude...and after the break....please let it be JoAnne going home... Yay! I am pleased. I liked JoAnne, but I think that she messed up last night. (ha ha at Simon with the blatant Coca-cola product placement). JoAnne got a little confused as to what day it was yesterday. That song just started way too low for her. Nope, I won't miss her either. Sorry, JoAnne, America did not say that they love you, too..

Now for the final man cut - Chickezie vs. Colton. Hope for Chickezie and his lack of last name to go. Colton looks much better with his bangs out of his face, doesn't he? I still think he needs some good glasses to frame his face. Gahhhhhhhhh... I think America got it wrong this time, Colton is voted out instead of Lounge King Chickezie Ezie Listening... Booooooo. Shame on America. Shame. I have to try to spell his name for at least another week. And, that was really harsh of Simon to tell Colton to not try to sing anymore. I disagree. Garrett, yes, I agree... he should not sing anymore. But Colton has something special I think. Nice kid and I will miss him. I wonder if his lack of screen time hurt him. Chickezie Eze Listening got so much more screen time... Thank you, Colton, I enjoyed you. And your stupid hair style.

I think that these boot-offs were 3/4 absolutely correct. Amy and JoAnne? Buh-bye. Garrett? Hope to not see you (or hear you) again. But Colton, I was looking forward to hearing more from.

Next week, let's hope for a)less flu and b)less sucky theme and c)less sucky song choices

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