Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A few thoughts on The Biggest Loser: Couples

I won't go in depth with a review on this week's show, but I had a few thoughts.

  • Am I the only one who thought it would have been hilarious if the Blue Team asked the tattoo artist to give them "Pride" related tattoos and someone ended up with a rainbow? Just saying, that would have been amusing.
  • I find Mark so obnoxious. He was annoying in Vegas, and I almost snickered when he only lost 1 pound. He was so flabbergasted that it made me really happy for the Black Team
  • I love Bernie. He is funny and has a good attitude and I was really happy that he lost the most on his team this week. I was sad that he didn't get to win the trip to Puerto Rico, since he has family there. That challenge seemed almost set up for the Blue team to win it.
  • Brittany is a machine in challenges. I was glad to see her pull good numbers this week, because I like her a lot. She is so fast, I think she has a lot of athleticism naturally, it is great to see her building it.
  • Mark crying was a bit out of the blue. Some people can cry without looking like blubbering idiots, some cannot.
  • I wish we could get Renaldo from the American Idol Auditions to come sing - "You are my brother, my best friend, forever!" A nice, touching rendition. With slow-mo recaps.

  • This week was blessedly free of "This Biggest Loser episode was brought to you in part by..." moments. Yay! That gets really old really quickly.
  • Who knew that being "brought into manhood" consisted of going to Vegas and getting a tattoo? At least if you had to have a witness to your manhood rites, those are somewhat better than other things I can think of.

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