Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Runway - Finale 08, Part 1

Human HAIR? HUMAN hair? Wow, Chris Marsh really went all out with that one, huh? I think that Tim Gunn's observation that he may have been living in the Monkey House too long and didn't smell it anymore was funny. Yipes. Looking forward to seeing how that goes over on the Runway.

Did anyone else feel kind of badly for Christian? He lives and works in a closet, and he was the only one who didn't (on camera at least) have a meal and a meet and greet for family and friends with Tim . . . At least he won the Fan fave thing last week, maybe he can come out of the closet. Ummm. You know what I mean.

At first glance, I can absolutely see why Christian and Jillian made it through to Fashion Week. When Tim visited them, their looks were so much more put together and cohesive.

The Walk Off:

Rami's coat was neat, I liked the color. The draped dress was, as expected, perfect. The third dress didn't look like it fit well in the bodice, and it looked like it was missing a hook and eye in the back maybe. I do agree with Nina Garcia that the coat looked a bit like he was looking to show all of the construction he knows how to do, since they had accused him of being a one-trick pony with the draping before.

Chris' hair clothes certainly look good on the runway. It's shiny hair. The top of the second look was fantastic. The last dress was very dramatic and gorgeous. I have to say, I like his collection better. Hair and all. I am stunned. The skirt was made of safety pins? Wow. I was laughing when Michael Kors called the last dress a condom... a slit might have been nice, or a kick pleat.

I am very disappointed that Chris didn't make it. He showed such creativity and I wanted to see the rest of his collection. Rami is good, but I didn't feel that his collection was as interesting. *sigh*

I guess I want either Jillian or Christian to win anyhow. I never thought that I would be rooting for Christian, but he is, after all, fierce. How can you hate the fierceness? In the end, I cannot. He is eight different kinds of obnoxious, but it's a fierce variety of obnoxious.

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