Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol, Top 12 Girls

More 60's night "fun" - this time with a side of flu!

Kristy Lee Cook - The real test - can she sing anything memorable except for Amazing Grace? She sure is pretty... I like her much better with wavy hair. She's got some crazy false eyelashes on tonight. She's got pretty good stage presence, though I think that she had a couple moves she picked up from the horses... she was kicking like a horse. She did a great rendition of the song.. I think some of the endings of her phrases were a bit weak, and she countrified it, which is not my style, but she did it well. It makes sense that she's sick.. I was surprised the judges were so harsh on her. I thought she was pretty good!

JoAnne Borgella - Rough in the beginning.. whoa, she'd better be sick, too, because her voice is a mess. A total mess. The low notes were not there, the rest was screachy. Yuck. I expected better from her.

Alaina Whitacker - Carrie Underwood-lite. She did pretty well. She sounded great, she gained confidence as she went on, and she is really appealing. (Even though I hate the countrification)... She looks a little like the actress who plays Lulu Spencer on General Hospital. It's funny.

Lulu: Lulu Spencer
Alaina:Alaina Whitaker

Amanda Overmyer - I wish that she should do something choppy with her hair, something... it's too heavy around her face. The slight bouffant she's got going on tonight works a little. A little. She's definitely got a good voice, but the fact that she sings like she is chewing on something is a bit distracting. AI has been BEGGING for a decent rock chick for years now, and has failed over and over. Is Amanda what they have been waiting for? I think that she rocked it out, but I wish she would sing more with her whole voice, you know? The scat was pretty cool. And I agree with Randy, her pants are really cool. She's definitely unique. And she was funny with Simon. I think she will stay here for a while. She's likable.

Amy Davis - ooooooh, really shaky in the beginning. She's "pitchy" like crazy, and that makes me sad, because she looks fantastic. I love her hair, but this is seriously one AWFUL performance. She's sliding all around the notes, I don't know if she is hitting any of them square on. It made me really sad. Wow, she's just BAD. Terrible. I think she's a better model than singer, and I liked her before tonight, too. Randy said it right - if you are going to slide to notes, hit them somewhere along the way. This was like musical slip n' slide. Too bad.

Brooke White - Ok, she has a seriously radio friendly voice. She is good good good. She looks good on stage. She did a good job with the dynamics of the song. I think she did the best job of the night so far. I want to see lots more of her. And I like her shirt. She's a cutie. "The blonde hair, the yellow, the happiness..." lol. Simon has a hard time with the happiness. He wants her to be a little meaner. Maybe she'll kill him with kindness.

Alexandrea Lushington - I love her voice! It's fantastic. She has wonderful control, and it's hard to believe that she's 17. I like her peace sign earrings for 60's night. cute. She's not nearly as good at the high notes. She's got a rich voice in the more alto range. But a very good performance, I thought. And I agree with Paula - shocking - she was oozing confidence. She was funny correcting Ryan on her voice. (Didn't she have an H at the end of her name before this? Dropped that, got an accent. She don't need no stinking letters. Go fancy with an accent.)

Kady Malloy - Katie o' the orange tan and uber white teeth... Her Brittney impersonation is dead on. And ... she's got a Groovy kind of love. Nice job with that. She gets a little throaty on some notes, but it's pretty good. Not a good song, imo, though... she seemed to slip off the beat a little. I could be wrong, though. And near the end, she missed some notes. I thought she was better when sitting. She went off key badly near the end. So - not terrible, could have been much better. She needed to show more personality. Just showing that she has her own voice is not being boring. Her eyes are a bit crossed, it's a little distracting.

Asia'h Epperson - I love her shirt. She's still a bit throaty, but it kind of works for her. She had fun (even though she was telling me to take another little piece of her art. I don't know what kind of art she does, but I don't want to break it!). Her earrings were the size of Nebraska. But she did a wonderful performance. I was pleasantly surprised.

Ramiele Malubay - She's such a cutie. She was a bit shaky on some notes, but she did a good job on most of the song. She knows how to control her voice, and that is impressive. She got a weird accent in parts, which was odd. Problem with this song - I have seen other Idol contestants knock it out of the park (can't remember who now), and I don't think that she did, in comparison... but decent.

Syesha Mercado - I thought it was cute that she was kneeling on the couch. She's so gorgeous. She's got a thing for scarves, though. She keeps copping for the camera, that was a bit awkward. And now the song. Now SHE has superior control of her voice. Great range, and knows how to use it (a couple pitch issues, but not too bad). She looks at home on stage, and of course, the camera loves her. She knocked it out of the park for me tonight. Yo. Dawg. (Did you notice how they cut to Syesha's "friend" real quick, then cut back, like it was kind of awkward to just show a friend?)

Carly Smithson - I thought that the beginning of the song was a little rough. I wonder if she was one of the ones with the flu... her voice sounds rougher than it has in the past. She was off key in a lot of places. And that made me sad, because she was so good before. Oh, now I'm sad. Between the cheesy instrumental arrangement and her pitch being off in places, that did not make me smile. Ok, so she IS sick. That makes some sense. I think that the judges just want her to get through because I don't think that she was as good as they say she is. I do know that she has a great voice, so I think that she deserves to go through, but... I thought that the song was bad, I thought that it was not performed that well... I am right there with Simon!

So, my favorites of the night were Syesha, Brooke, Alaina, Asia'h (art and all), Alexandrea, and Amanda for being so unique. I think that Kristy Lee is safe, but not the best. Same for Carly, Ramiele.. I think that Amy is probably gone. JoAnne was bad too, as was Kady (though she might be safe for another week...)

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