Thursday, February 21, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Episode 1

From 2/7/08:

I'm looking forward to Ozzy's hair growing out a little, he looks better with longer hair. Wink

I am, at the outset, rooting for the fans, though if one of the Survivor's has to win, I hope for Ozzy or Yau..... just at the outset.

It was hilarious to see the reactions of the fans to Yau. That was really cute.

(When was this taped, did the fans even get to see the end of China before they went out? Hmmm) I think it is so funny because Probst hates Johnny Fairplay. Heck, everyone hates Fairplay. I hope he goes SOOOOOON. And I hope that someone gets the chance to kick them him in the shins. That sounds like a good idea. lol.

Terrible weather! Probst said that there is awful awful weather this season.

Cool about the Special Hidden Immunity Idol (or HII). Rough right from the beginning, starting with a challenge!!

Ha ha ha ha ha at Yau tackling Fairplay for the HII. And Kathy getting the HII was totally random. Fairplay is so bitter at Yau. How can you be bitter at Yau Man? He's so cute!

Ha ha about Kathy asking Chet about being gay. That was awkward. She doesn't seem too bright, but she might grow on me. LOL. And then Tracy's boobs? Oh no! Ok, she's a total goof. A total goof. Shut up, lady, shut up!

And the Faves not knowing much about Amanda and James, that was pretty cool. James stepped it up and really did a lot of work. And then Pavarti flirting with James from the get go, that was funny. He was smitten. That might bite him in the butt. Wow, they got into it quickly!

I can totally see Amanda and Ozzy getting along well.

Oh, Airai, not the best shelter, dudes. Need walls. Need some sort of ... ummmm.. shelter?

And Kathy got the prize for being the first one to cry for the editors. Good luck with that.

Amy, Yau, Eliza, Jonathan... Not a bad group.
I think Amanda, Ozzy, Parvarti and James probably stand a better chance... And having Fairplay as a swing vote? Not really so reliable...

So who's going to get Cirie? Wasn't she an outsider during her season?

Yau - very smart to use a drop of water to magnify the sun. Yau is fantastic.

I think I like Mikey B. Even though his name is Mikey. We'll see.

IC: Seriously rough first challenge!! Crazy! I love it.

Fans get the wheels first! Yay! Take out those cocky cocky Faves!

James was an efficient work horse.

D'oh about ramming into a tree - but they got to the turnstile first. Can they pull it out? (please, please)

Go Airai!!!! Knock those Cocky Malakal down a few notches. Jonathan looked peaved...

So who's going? Will they get rid of Eliza? Will they get rid of Parvarti? Will they come out of left field and get rid of Cirie or Fairplay? (Please Fairplay! Unfortunately, I don't see it happening.... But it would be nice, I'm sick of him already)

Ok, is Fairplay putting on the tears? I think that if he is playing with his unborn baby as this season's dead grandmother? yeah, that would be lower than low.

Tribal Council:
Their torches are awesome this season. I saw a special, and they had them specially made my locals. coolness.

Wow, I'd forgotten how weird looking Eliza is. I love Probst. He really can't stand Fairplay.

(As an aside - I hope that Amanda doesn't fizzle this time like she did last time. She coulda been a contenda)

Oooooooh, I am so happy that Fairplay is gone. I was not looking forward to his scheming and conniving. Will being a dad really change him? Don't know...... time will tell. Him hugging Probst - did Probst look really uncomfortable, or was that just me?

Oh Mannnnn - the previews of Ozzy and Amanda getting it on? Wow. That's insane. I can even see them as a nice couple - what is this, though? Survivor Dating game??? Insane.

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