Thursday, March 20, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 6

(Also known as, the episode many people will miss, because it's on Wednesday instead of Thursday due to stupid Basketball)

At Malakal (or Ozzie's Tribe, as Jeff calls them in the recap) Ozzie's hair is starting to get longer and cute. He was really annoyed at Tracy for breeding insecurities in the tribe and wanting to kill chickens. Because, after all, they've got “massive crabs.” Don't take that quote out of context. Tracy (rightly) notes that Ozzie is set to walk home with the game if someone doesn't do something about it.

Airai women spend some time complaining, and James is annoyed by their squeamishness about being dirty and smelly. “We are playing Survivor,” he said. I smell a Reward Challenge coming on that involves soap and other niceties, the way the editors are playing it out.

Super Ozzie scales trees like a monkey at Malakal, and Erik (according to Cirie) spews stardust when talking about Ozzie. (When Erik learns how to climb the coconut trees, Ozzie has another zinger of a quote, “We've got good nuts now.”) Cirie is scared of rowing out into the ocean when Ozzie wants to fish in the reef, and seeths when the others enjoy the water. She's annoying me.

Reward Challenge:
Another multipart, multistage challenge. I was totally right about the reward being a bunch of toiletries (sponsored by Herbal Essences). Cause that wasn't predictable. Airai chooses Eliza to be a caller to the blindfolded remainder, and Malakal chooses Cirie. Good decisions, since both are loudmouths. Malakal did a better job of the first part, and the puzzle was not much trouble for them. Malakal wins the reward, and the women of Airai are going to have to learn to stay stinky. Jason is heading to exile with Tracy, who has to miss out on the Reward. That sucks.

Malakal is treated with massive amounts of baked goods and fruit along with their Herbal Essences. Ozzie and Amanda jump in the shower together, and Amanda soon gets half naked, along with Ami. Ozzie is pleased, Cirie is amazed at the brazenness, and Erik had to wipe the drool off his chin. Nice.

The rain comes and Airai is miserable. Kathy spent a good amount of time complaining bitterly that it is harder than it looks on television. She ended up whining for a while, then crying. She asked to go home. She's cracking up. The boat came and brought Jeff (who hates quitters), and took Kathy away. I think this is the first time someone has quit, not at a Tribal Council, for non-medical reasons. If it had to be someone, I am not at all surprised it was Tracy.

Malakal is looking all shiny and clean, Amanda's hair is positively bouncy. Cirie and Amanda are scheming together, and Amanda admits to seeing the arrogant side of Ozzie. Ruh-roh, Ozzlets in danger?

Immunity Challenge

Another great multi-part challenge. Ozzie takes two turns with the swimming, then calls for Erik, who reveals himself to be not as balanced as Ozzie. After he had a bit of trouble, Ozzie took the next one again, and the last one, too. See, there's a reason that he is arrogant. It's because he's good. Really good. Superstar good.

The puzzle is like a giant tetris game, trying to make a square with the pieces. Cirie and Amanda squander the lead that Ozzie gave them, and Eliza and Jason solve the puzzle first. Airai wins the Immunity again.

Ami goes to Tracy to do some scheming. They want to get rid of Ozzie. Ami doesn't know that Ozzie has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Amanda, I think, is the only one on the current Malakal who knows about it. It's a tough decision, I think mostly for Amanda, because Ozzie is so strong with her. If they decide to vote for Ozzie, will Erik tell his hero?

No need to worry about it, it's all for Tracy.

Nothing shocking revealed at Tribal Council.. I am really happy to see Tracy gone.

The votes went down like this.

Amanda - Tracy

Ozzie - Tracy
Erik - Tracy
Cirie -Tracy
Tracy -Ozzie
Ami -Tracy

Another injury next week, it looks like Erik takes a rib shot. Yipes!

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