Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol: Results Show 3/6/08

I am really hoping for a Safety Dance/Straight Up/Wang Chung medley group sing. Anyone else?

First, though, it's Blake Lewis!

I loved Blake last season. Loved him. His song was pretty neat, the beat boxing was cool as ever. His sound would have fit right in during the 80's, so he is appropriate as a guest this week. And neat that Chris Sligh was in the band. Overall, the song was catchy, but nothing spectacular. It never seemed to get a real hook. I've heard some other songs from his album and liked them more. But, I guess this must be his latest single! I kind of want his album... I'll have to look into that.

But wait, does this mean no group sing? He does seem to be filling that time slot. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to sing Safety Dance in my head. Yeah, that's nice.

Upon seeing the recap of the men, I realize just how much I want Luke gone. Please, oh please, oh please.

Not at all surprised to see David Cook and his comb over (though it's morphing into a comb forward. Maybe he can just call it bangs), David Archuleta, and Jason Castro as the first three in the top 12. They certainly belong there in my book.

Brooke totally deserved to be the first woman in the top 12. Syesha I could leave or take, but she is not dreadful.

Justice is served with Kady going home first. They totally stole the kick off song from So You Think You Can Dance from a couple seasons ago (KT Tunstall's Suddenly I See). I guess Ruben's masterpiece wasn't ready to be revealed just yet. We are forced to listen to her butcher the Highlander theme again. If possible, she was even less capable of hitting even one good note tonight. She was dreadful and I will not miss her. Plus, she looked like she was wearing a child's art project. My ears thank America for getting this vote off right.

The revelation that they are going to open up the phone lines for discussion of the Results show next week is certainly interesting. We'll see how that goes.

David Hernandez is the next to take a place in the Top 12, and deservedly so. Ditto Michael Johns. So far, I am pleased.

And then Luke was sent packing, and I did a little happy dance. The Safety Dance, to be precise. I put my computer down, paused my beloved dvr, and danced around the living room. Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine. Good bye Luke. And good riddance. His shirt was mighty girly, don't you think? He just (jitter)bugged me.

Paula' jaunty little hat is distracting me. What the heck was Ryan's comment about a catheter?
Sometimes the in-jokes are a bit much.

I was honestly a bit surprised when Ramiele made the top 12. though not upset. She had an off night last night but has a good voice and she's cute as a button. Carly also absolutely deserved her spot, though whoever told her that shirt was a good idea should be shot. The color = good. The shape = near tragic. Next, Amanda, made it through, and I'm sure there is going to be uproar about that one. She was really quite good last night, but does that make her top 12 material? I don't know. Hopefully she improves dramatically, and doesn't Sanjaya her way past better contestants. (She might actually be able to rock the faux hawk)

Asia'h and Kristy have to wait in their satiny maternity shirts to see their fate. It's a split decision with the judges between the two of them, with Paula balancing precariously in the middle, blathering on and saying nothing of importance. I am actually happy with Asia'h going home. Now I can retire my apostrophe except for its relegated use in the English language. My grammar sensors are relieved. I might miss her endless supply of over-sized earrings. Time will tell.

I am looking forward to seeing what Kristy can do. I like the style of her voice more than Asia'h's. Oops, there went that apostrophe again.

I am a little sad to see Danny going home and Cheesy Chikezie Ezie Listening make it through... but then again, maybe I will have a chance of finally seeing him sing Sexual Healing. A girl can hope. That will be lounge-lizard cringe worthy. Possibly even TMTH.

Paula's jaunty little hat gave her dance fever. Or maybe she's just trying to Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.

So, the Top 12 - I am very happy, overall. Hopefully Amanda and Chikezie Ezie Listening are among the first to depart that illustrious group. I heard that next week is Beatles Week. I'll have to do some thinking on a wish list for that. Who's going to sing Sweet Beatles, and who's going to sing Tripped Out Beatles? Time will tell.

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