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American Idol Results 3/19/08: And then there were 10

(Sorry about the delay in posting, my internet was down last night)

First and foremost, Shamelessly Self Promoting Guest Mentors this season are revealed:

  • Dolly Parton (presumably for a Country week)
  • Mariah Carey (presumably for high pitched squealing night)
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber (I'm guessing Broadway tunes. We all know how much Simon loves Broadway)
  • Neil Diamond (Because American Idol isn't cheesy enough, let's throw some Sweet Caroline on it)

Also announced was the return of the song writing competition. If you think you are talented, please submit something. Anything has to be better than This is My Now. For heaven's sake.

And it's time for a group sing, because these kids haven't had enough chances to slaughter Beatles songs. David A. starts it off with My Guitar Gently Weeps, and I wish that someone had sung it last night. The other men join in. Brooke again proves that she shouldn't move, and I think Ramiele's microphone was off, but she was looking very happy about singing with Brooke. I am not familiar with the song the girls were singing, but whatever it was, something about Kristy Lee Cook made the camera man nearly topple over. Amanda was conspicuously missing from the rest of the girls' song, because it sounded sweet and nice. The whole group got together for another one, and then Amanda had a little solo, which was of course garbled and screechy. The hopefuls again avoided doing any real dancing, instead posing in near-unison. Better than last weeks' slightly frightening freezes.

The recap of last night again showed Brooke dancing (and I use the term loosely) like she was on Ecstasy (though we know she doesn't do anything like that, she's pure as the new fallen snow). Among other things. Not much good.

Now onto the time for eliminations! The new stage lends to a more dramatic whittling down process. Brooke is first, behind her on a giant screen, a silent video reminder of how much she sucked last night, with a couch on one side for those who can relax right into the Top 10, and three torturous looking stools for the Bottom 3. Brooke heads on over to the couch, and Carly is quickly dispatched to the stools! How surprising! David A. is going to bring his brand of bland goodness into the Top 10, he's on the couch. Michael Johns is also on the Couch of Happiness. Carly and her frightening stilettoed boots are left to chill on the Stools of Doom over a break.

After the break, Carly has to site by herself for a while longer, while we are treated to Behind the Scenes of the Ford commercial. It was actually kind of fun. Everyone was made to dress like they are in the 1940's. Except for Jason Castro. White boys in the 40's didn't generally have dreadlocks, so they don't even try. David Cook was pretty funny (though almost non-existant in the actual commercial). Ramiele's glasses are cute, and Brooke, Kristy Lee, and Michael looked great in that era of dress.

Back to business, David Cook is deservedly in the Top 10. Kristy Lee Cook (in another shimmery, mylar-like top, they really must have gotten some great deals on those) ends up again in the Bottom 3, and joins Carly on the Stools of Destiny. Jason Castro's French was apparently good enough to make it over onto the Couch. Ramiele skates into the Top 10, after Ryan tortures her a bit. And another break.

Instead of finding out who's going to round out the Bottom 3, we are treated to another round of Awkward Questions Asked Awkwardly. Seriously? Why do I, as a viewer, care how Simon spends his money? The Kiss Scene question was funny, and Simon was amusing, but it was soooo unnecessary. Blessedly, we were not subjected to any more. At least not tonight.

Anyone else notice that Ryan mentioned Kellie Pickler's boob job (“Here's a contestant from Season 5 who has. . . grown in so many ways since being on the show.” Subtle, Seacrest). At least Kellie doesn't have the matronly curled hair that she had when she was on last season. Kellie is so nasal, it's distracting. So is the way that she claps with the microphone in her hand. I know that the country world likes her. I don't live in that world. She's funny, she's cute, and she is a pretty good performer, but I just really dislike her music.

After another break, there's a plug for this year's Idol Gives Back, showing what some of the money raised last year went to do. I have to say, I am happy to see American Idol doing some concrete good in the world. I could have seen it without hearing Fantasia. I'm not a fan of hers, either. Elliot Yamin and his new teeth got a baby named after him, and he is understandably touched.

Returning to the business at hand, Syesha enters the Top 10 on the Comfy Couches, and is soon joined by Chikezie. Amanda takes the third place in the bottom 3, though she does not have to sit on the Stools.

Narrowing the Bottom 3 to the Bottom 2, Carly is sent to the Safety Sofa. I hope that being in the Bottom 3 makes her kick it up a little, because I think she was a lock. Amanda is sent home, and Kristy Lee Cook rounds out the Top 10.

Amanda is now Celebrated Home by Ruben Studdard (and I learned that it is a cover of a Kenny Loggins song. How does that make it even worse? It was a bad song once, and they re-did it! Insane). I will not miss her. Now at least we don't have to see her garble her way through any more songs. Goodbye, Elvira/Cruella/strangely Delta Burke. Jason was singing along with her, looking mellow as ever. Amanda Overmyer, out. Like Seacrest.

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