Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway: Finale 08!

Who will be the winner? Tonight will decide.

I thought that Jillian's sweatery top was ridiculous. We'll see how that turns out. Rami's lace top was genius. Christian doing his supermodel walk was hilarious.

Seeing the clothes on the models is always so neat. When the model was complaining about one of Christian's dresses being a little tight, you could tell he just wanted to say "Suck it up, beotch." Same with the shoes.

Jillian's model woes were (to quote Rami) a bit annoying. I know that model selection is part of the whole process, but I want to see the other parts of it. Her sweater top looks like a latch hook rug puked up the sleeves. Icky.

Poor Christian and his late models!! How unprofessional of the models! I'm glad that they showed in time.

Cool to have Victora Beckham as a guest judge!

The Collections:

Jillian - I think I liked the 3rd (riding style) outfit best. The weird chenille looped sleeves didn't work on the runway for me either. Some of the hats were a little bike-helmety. The blue dress was beautiful, and the dress with the red was also nice.

Rami - His first model was terrible and looked odd. The second was much nicer. The fourth model looked bored. The fifth dress looked like a sack. It was all a bit odd for me. I liked the green/olive drapet thing, and the woven top on the next one was great. Of course the draped grecian style fress was genius, and the lace dress was fantastic. I thought that the long black dress looked really hard to walk in. I wonder if Rami instructed half of his models to look bored and unhappy? If so, not the best choice. Eh.

Christian - The juxtaposition between the ruffled and fitted on so many of the pieces was cool. I think he went a little over the ti on the ruffles half the time, and the neck piece looked like it was really uncomfortable, like it was hard for the model to breath. The red/maroon jacket outfit looked like a scarecrow. I loved the two tone brown dress with all the ruffles, and the feather thing was - dare I say it - fierce. Nothing better than molting models.

I can't decide. I think Christian's seemed like the most cohesive collection, but some of it was hideous. I also liked the others a lot.

The Judges Say:

It's always intruiging to hear Victoria Beckham speak (and emote a little), since I am mostly used to seeing her in pictures. I can't believe that the judges seemed to like Jillian's Loop Rug idiocy.

I do wish that Christian had used some more color, it would have been nice.

I'm glad that they brought up Rami's weaving, it was really cool. I am also glad that they brought up the 80's style colors that he used! They made me surprised he didn't design some legwarmers to go with.

And the winner is:

I was happy to see Jillian out first, he collection just didn't seem cohesive. And Yay, I am actually really pleased to see Christian win! I would never have expected to end up liking him this much, I really couldn't stand him in the beginning. I still think he is an obnoxious little man a good portion of the time, but I think he is just oozing talent.

And the icing on the cake? Victoria Beckham wants to wear his designs! I bet he just about peed when she said that.

The Fierce One Worked It Out.

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