Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Idol: The Top 8 Men - 80's Night!

In light of recent revelations, I wonder if David Hernandez should sing Private Dancer.Don't think it will happen, but it would be amusing.. (I think that this news goes a long way to explain his creepy eyebrow thing. That could go over well in the gay strip club scene. Just saying.)

On to the night's performances!

Luke Menard: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham) -He seems off in the beginning. His voice is just so thin. George Michael's voice has much more oomph behind it. His tempo seemed off. I don't know... his voice is so superficial. I guess he was putting his own spin on the song, but I wish that he would just Go Go and not bother waking me up. I will not do the jitterbug to you, Luke, not even a little. Soooo cheesy. Go go. I think that Paula likes him because he's pretty. Simon and Randy were right on with their judging, Paula has a crush on Luke.

David Archuleta: Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins) - Before the break, Ryan claimed that David Archuleta would take on Phil Collins. Now, wouldn't that be an interesting Celebrity Death Match? I bet young David is scrappier than you'd expect. . . I'm glad to see him playing the keyboard in the beginning. I love this song. He did a really understated, moving version of it. He licks his lips in strange moments while he's singing, which is a little off putting, but not enough to make me not like him. It's no Carrie Underwood Strut, that's for sure. I thought it was a FANTASTIC job. I could see that being a hit on the radio today. He is so good. I think, dear Randy, that it is not necessary to have a song hit all the possible notes a singer can sing to show they are good. Sometimes that's just over the top showcasing. I agree with Simon, I think it would have been better to see him stay at the piano, there was a bit of a disconnect when he stood up. David A. is a cutie, he's not going anywhere.

What's with Ryan and the fighting words tonight? Next, he has Danny and David H. battling it out. Geez, the violence...

Danny Noriega: Tainted Love (Soft Cell)- He's really looking like Jessica Alba tonight. I think this is the best he's sounded. The arrangement was kicky and modern, and he sounded great. Very girly looking, though. Very. He must have been really chilly to wear that scarf, though. I do agree with Randy, that the beginning was somewhat tentative. I'm glad that Paula called him on the purple streaks. Simon just really dislikes Danny. At least Danny didn't talk back to him. He was thinking it, but he didn't say it.

David Hernandez: It's All Coming Back to Me Now (Meatloaf, apparently, though Celine Dion also did it, in a more famous version) - So, a booger in your nose is more embarrassing than being a male stripper at a gay club? Interesting. Ballsy to sing a Celine song. His eyebrow was in full swing, but his vocals were really on! A couple pitch troubles, but nothing awful. His enunciation bothered me some in parts. (Did anyone hear Simon saying something about the stripper thing when the song ended? I caught something but couldn't hear it really) I thought that he did a decent job, it really showed his range and his power, but I enjoyed his performance more last week on a more upbeat number. I hate when Simon guarantees that people have locked their spot in the next week. It's called voting, Simon, sorry.

Michael Johns: Don't You Forget About Me (Simple Minds) - MUCH better than last week. I like the arrangement, it's new and fun. Michael has awesome stage presence. I think this is my favorite of the night so far. Again, I think that would make it on the radio today. I do love some Simple Minds. It was funny when Michael said he'd been the victim of an older sister and therefore seen The Breakfast Club. I love that movie. Totally iconic. I thought that Michael did the song proud.

David Cook: Hello (Lionel Richie) - The beginning was way a little off key. Interesting to hear Lionel Richie set to a rock beat and an electric guitar. I liked it. If only David C. didn't have that embarrassing comb over, I would like him a lot more. (Talk about most embarrassing moments - "I went on a hugely popular reality tv show, and refused to acknowledge my hair loss and had a crazy hair do to try to hide it.) The men are so totally bringing it tonight. This song was just this side of genius, I thought. Loved it.

Jason Castro: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Ewwwwww. . . of course his most embarrassing moment has to do with his dreads. One fell off???? I was unaware that such a thing could happen. I am totally skeeved out about that right now. Hope his performance helps me get over it. Is it wrong that I only know this song from Shrek? It was beautiful. He was very emotive and at home with his voice. It was a perfect choice for his style. The end was a little weak, when he got quieter, and he looked like he knew it, but it was lovely. I thought it was an excellent decision to let the guy in the band play the guitar this time. Just so wonderful. I agree with Simon that it was Jason's best performance to date.

Chikezie Ezie Listening: All the (Wo)man I Need (Whitney Houston) - Whitney Houston? Really? He did not disappoint me tonight, he picked another lounge lizard style song. I really wanted him to sing Sexual Healing, so that's a bit disappointing. I guess he's just so predictable. He's got a good voice, he hits all the notes, but I cannot stand his style. He even included the superfluous falsetto. Ick. He can go.

I cannot decide who I like best this week! The bar's been set pretty high. Luke did the limbo under that bar. Cheesy Chikezie Ezie Listening is just so . . . eh. Everyone else rocked it tonight. It's possible that Danny could be in trouble, and perhaps America will be upset by the stripper thing, and David H. could be gone. I don't think he deserves to go based on his vocals, though.

I will be voting most for David A, David Cook, and Jason Castro, with some thrown in for Michael Johns, and David Hernandez.

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