Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol: The Top 8 Women - 80's Night!

Is this going to be a night of fabulous song choices, or horrendous errors? Let's get to it, shall we? (Wouldn't you just love to see someone sing a Paula Abdul song??)

Asia'h Epperson (I Want to Dance With Somebody: Whitney Houston) - She is definitely rocking the ugly high-waisted pants. This song is actually pretty good for her voice. I like it a whole lot better than last week. She has an odd head bob going on, though, and she is always very throaty sounding. I really thought that she gave it her all this week, she was on key, she had energy, and she worked the stage pretty convincingly. I wish she would change, though. Her outfit is really distracting. Asia'h is all heart. Didn't she prove it with her earrings? And her necklace? All heart, I'm telling you.

Kady Malloy (Who Wants to Live Forever : Queen) - I had hope in the beginning, the first notes were quite nice, but then I thought she hit some really bum notes. Almost painfully bad notes. Definitely painful notes when she went onto the notes that were supposed to be the power notes. Suddenly, I miss Alaina. Kady has a good tone, but she just can't hit the right notes most of the time. The end was kind of nice, but that's the best I can really say. It was an interesting arrangement, and I didn't like it at all. Am I deaf? Randy thought that she hit the big notes well, and I thought that she was really awful on them. Paula basically said that the softer notes were better, and I agree. Definitely better than last week, but still, she should go home. There can be only one, Kady, and it isn't you.

Amanda Overmeyer (I Hate Myself for Loving You: Joan Jett) - I got the artist right, at least. She was definitely better this week, and the hair and makeup seemed toned down a little, too. I could actually like this version, but she is still very limited in her range, and her sound is always exactly the same. That said, a HUGE improvement from last week. I don't know if she needs to be in the competition for much longer, but I don't think she's bought her ticket home with this one. She really has a nice personality, she makes me wish I liked her more. At least I don't hate her this week. That's a bonus, right?

Carly Smithson (I Drove all Night: Celine Dion) - Very nice. Her hair was also really pretty. She is a little weak on the lower notes, but to me she makes up for it with the high notes. I really like her. She is very charismatic, and I think she has the chance to make it far. I think that she could have chosen a better song, to showcase herself better. I actually agree with Simon. There are so many songs she could have chosen. I do like her, though. Very appealing. Carly's mom is really pretty, too.

Kristy Lee Cook (Faithfully: Journey) - Randy's going to drop some names with this one! I really love Kristy's shirt. Her voice was in really good form tonight. She was a little shaky on a few notes, but overall, I think it was one of her best weeks. She really countrified it, and it did work. Her dog story was cute, too. Did I mention I like her shirt?

Ramiele Malubay (Against All Odds: Phil Collins) - Her interview segment was really cute. I think her singing was ok, but it was forgettable. I think I forgot what she sang before she was done singing. Not her best. Randy called her Ramaly, too. I wonder if her confidence is boosted when her hair is parted on the other side? She was so much better last week with her hair parted on the other side. Paula got so distracted by her own dog pound analogy, I think she probably forgot what Ramiele sang, too, just remembered that she decided that she liked her. Yeah, this was a weak song for her, in my opinion.

Brooke White (Love is a Battlefield: Pat Benatar) - So I thought that Carly was going to sing this song, and Brooke sang it instead. What a nice, pared down version of this song! I kind of think I loved it. It was definitely not karaoke. Her voice has a great tone to it, and I loved it on this song. She made it her own. Dawg. Best of the night, I think. Then Randy said that she brought nothing new to it? Ummm. No. Thank you, Simon, for absolutely backing up my opinion. I think if she had done a full length song, adding more instrumentals in would have been good, but I prefer it the way it is.

Syesha Mercado (Saving All My Love For You: Whitney Houston) - I do not understand why people persist on singing Whitney Houston songs when the theme is so wide open. Syesha sounded like she was shouting half of the song. I didn't like it much. She hit some nice notes, but I can't help but think of host of other songs that she could have sung. I like her, but I don't love her. They must have been running out of time, with the two word critiques from the judges. I would have rathered something peppier.

Daresay, I'm voting for Amanda tonight. Mostly Brooke, but also Amanda, Kristy, and Carly. I wouldn't have thought I would be voting for Amanda after last week's atrocity.

I hope that Kady goes home. Other than that, not sure. Maybe Syesha? She's just kind of boring to me.

What did everyone else think?

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