Thursday, March 6, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 4

Oh, Chet, Chet. This may be a very bad decision. Jason's confession that the tribe he's in is not the tribe he wants to be in is prophetic, if previews have anything to say about it.

Malakal offed that one chicken mighty readily! Bye Bye Charlie. It always seems a little odd to eat something you have named. Ozzie telling James, Amanda, and Parvarti that he found the idol... not sure that was a good move. It does make the Lover's Alliance a bit stronger . . . Just in time for the shake up.

Reward Challenge/Tribal Shakeup

At least Ozzy is on the Malakal tribe and is going back to where he hid the idol! And Amanda is still with him. The Ozzlets still have a chance. And over on Airai, Parvarti and James also get to stick together. I bet they are happy about that.

And now Jeff will finally start using the Tribal names. That makes me happy.

I think that Ozzy and Eric are going to be fantastic together. They are like two peas in a pod.

This little game of Capture the flag is intense. The injuries pile up. Joel should have had Chet hop on his back. He just dragged him like a sack of sand. Chet needs to go go go.

Back at camp...

Is it wrong that I'm really happy that the couples didn't get split up?

At least Chet knows something about chickens. That's slightly useful. He seems more into the psychology of the chickens instead of the more practical things...

The incoming favorites of Airai are right to be concerned about the state of the camp... Yipes.

Poor Jonathan! His knee was really painful looking. The Survivor medics showed their stuff. I'm impressed.

Eric's got some understandable hero worship of Ozzy. He's amazing. The negotiations between Joel and Ozzy were really interesting. I don't like Joel much, though.

It was great to see the Favorites take charge and help to build an actual camp for Airai. They all seemed to work together quite nicely.

Malakal caught a shark! Nice!!!! It really turned Ozzy on to have his woman wrestle a shark. She's his type, that's for sure. That meal made up for them losing the Barbecue reward!

Immunity Challenge

It was nice to have a less physical challenge to let these poor beat up people recuperate a little... I was laughing so hard when Jeff admonished Airai to stop bitching and start throwing. I am really bad at this type of challenge. Joel working against Chet did not help Malakal's cause, where Jonathan was working with Eliza quite nicely.

I think that Joel is absolutely correct about getting rid of Chet. Hope it works. The tribe cannot win with Chet. It looks like Tracy and Chet have pulled Cirie into their group. It's so stupid to get rid of Joel before Chet. Get rid of Chet first, because Joel hit the nail on the head about him being like a wet rag. Then take charge, Oh Wise Ozzy, and boot Joel! Take in Eric. He would be better for the long haul. And Tracy. Other than having the propensity to align herself with weak people, she is pretty good.

Tribal Council

Why does Tracy like Chet so much? I don't get it. She is always sticking up for him, and he's never sticking up for himself. It's annoying. Joel is a big lumbering idiot, but Chet is totally ridiculous.

I am really upset at this vote out, and Eric just looked flabbergasted. I am starting to really dislike Cirie. She gets this unbearable smug expression when her little turnarounds work. Again, Ami is getting next to no screen time. Makes me think the editors are saving her...

The votes went down like this:

Eric - Chet
Amanda - Joel
Joel - Chet
Chet - Joel
Tracy - Joel
Cirie - Joel
Ozzy - Joel
Ami - Joel

And previews:

Looks like Jonathan's days might be nearing an end (on the island). That leg looks bad in the previews. Yipes. :( Also looks like the Fake Idol might get some play from Jason next week. That will be funny. What would be even more humorous is if he makes ANOTHER fake idol to throw the scent off... I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

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