Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol: Top 12 - Lennon/McCartney Night

Ok, everyone, only one more night until the new Ruben Studdard song!! Yay!!!



The new set is pretty cool. I like the band up above the contestants. The lights are a bit much. I give it 5 minutes before they start abusing those...

Simon in a white shirt. That's different. And Ryan, the Difficult Levity of the songs? I don't think that's what he meant. Onward to the singing.

Syesha Mercado (Got to Get You Into My Life) - She started out behind the music and off key. It's a bit too jazzed up for my liking. She seemed a little weak on the lower notes. The whole thing seemed to be geared to let her hit the high notes, but she mumbled along on the low notes. It definitely ended better than it began, but it was not my style at all. I would never ever buy that. She's boring to me.

Chikezie Ezie Listening (She's a Woman) - Apparently, he has dressed for an office job in 1986. And he is wearing some strange wrist band/watch. Is he going to be doing argylerobics? I think this is the most I have ever like Chikezie's singing. He stepped up the tempo and got in with the band. I'm kind of digging the banjo. Ok, I'm taking back the Ezie Listening for tonight. He earns a one night pass from me. That was one super cool bluegrass vibe. Totally cool, fun, and absolutely different. Thank you, Chikezie for proving that you deserve to be in the top 12. I think I might have to even vote for him. I might buy that from iTunes. I adored it. Not the argyle, it didn't fit the performance... Ryan lost it just a little. Does he have a man crush on poor Chikezie? He seemed very confused when Ryan rubbed his head. Just odd.

Ramiele Malubay (In My Life) - This song is totally for Danny Noriega. She was a total mess when he was voted out last week, A terrible dress, absolutely awful, and someone turned on the waves in the audience. She hit a few bad notes in there, but nothing unforgivable. I like little Ramiele. She's pretty good at emoting. She really needs to do something peppy, though. I think that she deserves to stay, because she's got a really great voice and a lot of talent in that little body. I hope it's a good week for her.

Jason Castro (If I Fell) - Jason needs to work on his enunciation a bit, because if I'm to believe him, he gave his heart to Hugh. I hope that the Heff understands. Jason's brought his guitar out again. I really wanted him to sing something upbeat, but he did very nicely. He has a very pleasing falsetto, and I think he did a lovely job. The judges are sometimes so hard to please - they want these kids to make it their own, and then when they change it up, they piss on it. Boo. I did prefer last week, but I think he nice. The nit picking between Simon and Ryan needs to stop, it's getting old. I think Jason deserves to stay in, but not my favorite.

Carly Smithson (Come Together) - I'm a little annoyed that she is singing a song that she sings all the time for us tonight. I think that this song deserves a voice that is sharper around the edges than Carly's. The vibrato was totally uncalled for, and I didn't like it at all. Why do the judges love her so much? I don't think that she is nearly as good as the judges always tell her she is. Not at ALL as good as Kelly. Kelly blew me away, week after week. Carly disappoints me occasionally. I like her, but I don't love her. I want to love her, I love her accent, but I am not blinded like the judges. Try something different already, Carly. She sang that like she is used to getting praised for it, not like she believed the song.

David Cook (Eleanor Rigby) - Captain Comb Over keeps impressing me. He always has a little smirk that's a little off putting, but I liked him again tonight. And the light people lasted until now to abuse them. They really like to go overboard on the rockers. There was dissent in my household about this song, but I think it was a great performance.

Brooke White (Let it Be) -I fear that Brooke is going to become a one-trick pony. A nice one trick pony, but a one-trick pony all the same. I really love the tone of her voice, and I appreciate that she is playing the piano, I like to see complete musicians. I just wish wish wish that she had sung something more upbeat. It was a tad boring, though it was nice. I just want her to step it up. Her dress is cute. I could have an emotional connection with a faster song. Please. It's cute that she took her shoes off.

David Hernandez (I Saw Her Standing There) - Pizza Bistro, David, huh? Right. Vocally, nice, but his energy seemed to go all into the prancing and not so much into singing. The outfit was straight out of 1989. His eyebrow creepiness kind of took center stage and he went very frantic. I also don't like when people close their eyes when they are singing, either. I did not like that. And singing a song that includes any lyrics about "dancing with another" was probably a bad choice. He ain't no Tiffany. That's for sure. She could have worn his outfit, easily. And pulled it off better.

Amanda Overmyer (You Can't Do That) - Her hair looks like a twisted Creemee (that's soft serve to all you non-Vermonters), and whoever decided that stripey pants would go just perfectly with her stripey hair should be fired. She just seems like she's having vocal seizures. I think that those genius hairstylists gave her stripey extensions. Interesting choice. She got much better near the end, and it turned out pretty well. Certainly more interesting than some others tonight. She made that song her own. Dawg. My goodness, I ended up liking her. The judges need to stop fighting with each other. It's just old.

Michael Johns (Across the Universe) - Well, Michael, I think you've done everything you can thing of to make ends meet, except what David Hernandez has done... sorry, I can't help going back to that. It's the elephant on the stage. I love love love this song. I wish he wouldn't close his eyes while singing. He sounds the best I think he's sounded in weeks. He brought so much feeling to that song. What did Randy want? A rock out in the middle? Seriously? It was an incredible performance. And Simon took the opportunity to kiss Carly's butt some more, even if he couldn't remember her name. I thought it was lovely. I liked him a lot.

Kristy Lee Cook (Eight Days a Week) - I thought this song would work countrified. Then she started singing, at a frenetic tempo. If it was slower, that might have worked, but she seemed like she was chasing the steel guitar the whole time. She kind of meandered across the stage, she certainly doesn't have the Carrie Underwood Strut/Robot Walk, that's for sure, though she was trying to go for the robot thing with her silvery shirt. It was awful and rushed and just just painful.
Go Country, don't go Terrible, Kristy.

I am so done with Ryan and Simon fighting. If they think it is funny, they need to get a reality check. It's like they are having a lover's spat. Enough already.
David Archuleta (We Can Work It Out) - Cardinal Sin of American Idol, David A!!! Forgetting lyrics, man! Life is very short, and he did not work it out. At all. This is awful. Oh my god. I have no words for the wretchedness of this performance. He took Chikezie's Easy Listening and brought it to a whole new level. That was sucky beyond sucky. Like sucking like a black hole sucks. Sucking like a Dyson, for heaven's sake. Stevie Wonder sang that song? I bet it was awful then, too. But I bet Stevie remembered his lyrics. He'll probably skate by this week, but it was so cringeworthy.

Never thought I'd say this, but I liked Chikezie and Michael best. I will throw in a couple votes for Ramiele, Jason, David Cook, Brooke, dang it, even a couple for Amanda.

Bottom 3: David Archuleta, Kristy Lee Cook, and Syesha. I bet Kristy Lee Cook is gone. I would not be surprised if David Hernandez is in the bottom, too.

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