Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts on Celebrity Apprentice

Or: Why I miss the Non-Celebrity Apprentice

I miss real people really wanting to work for Trump. At least this week's challenge was not dependent on who the celebrities had in their speed dials. That was nice.

With The Celebrity Apprentice, it's all about annoying and semi-annoying celebrities pimping themselves. I want to punch Piers most of the time. I hate how they keep using Lennox Lewis as the best selling point of their team. I have honestly never heard about Lennox Lewis before watching this show, I couldn't care less. The other team is much more balanced. I am enjoying Trace Atkins, he's mellow and effective. Plus, their Cowboy Club sounds much yummier than the Semi-new Champ Sandwich that the other team put together. How original, taking the most popular sandwich Quiznos has and throwing a different cheese on it. Wow. I am stunned. Unfortunately, the less imaginative sandwich won. Boo on that one.

I do like seeing Ivanka on the show, she's a smart cookie. That's something at least. But I would like to see her interacting with authentic job candidates.

The Donald is so full of fake drama, it's nice to have him balanced out by "real" people.

Really, I just wanted to vent about the downfall of a once decent show. I will not say anything about the Tent debacle that was last season. That was more than embarrassing.

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