Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Down to 9 - American Idol Results 3/26/08

Paula is blue and bridesmaidy instead of glittery tonight. That's a relief. I was afraid she was morphing into a robot.

After another plug for the Write a Cheesy Song contest, the group sing went into a rendition of "Back to Where We Started From," beginning with Jason running on stage like a puppet cut loose of his strings suddenly. There were some strange flying chest bumps that passed for dancing. Both Brooke and Kristy have returned to their wavy ways, and I much prefer it. The whole group sing could have just as well have been a rousing version of "We Go Together."

Following that, there was a little "How the songs get on iTunes" section, and that made me happy, actually. I was pleased to learn that the iTunes downloadables are full length songs. That makes me actually want to download a couple (mostly David Cook. . .)

The Sofa of Safety and the Stools of Doom have returned. Chikezie Ezie Listening is up first, and he is in the bottom 3. Not surprised. Brooke is up next in her very turquoise pants. She is again given the chance to be wishy washy about the criticism given her last night, before she is sent to the sofa. Carly is up next, and addresses the tabloid story that she is pregnant (she's not), and then she is safe.

The Ford Commercial is a pretty neat one. Singing "I Want You to Want Me," the hopefuls appear on various items, like cds, concert posters, and t-shirts. Clever.

David A. is up next, and with no ceremony, Ryan dispatches him to the Safety Sofa. Oh well. David Cook is given compliments on last night's performance from Chris Cornell himself, via Ryan, and is blessedly safe. Syesha is in the Bottom 3, joining the lonely Chikezie Ezie Listening. Michael Johns is also safe.

And it's time for Viewer Call Ins, again. Why? Why? Why? Starting out with an awkward proposition for Chikezie Ezie Listening (who is back on the sofa for the segment, but don't get comfy), this section continues to add absolutely nothing of value to the show. Nothing.

I like the trend they've got going on with previous finalists singing on the Results show. It kind of goes to show, even if you don't win, you could be successful in the music business. I like Kimberly Locke, she looks fantastic, and I have her first album, it's nice. I don't listen to it a ton, but I do enjoy it when I listen to it. I think, oddly enough, that some of my favorite songs of hers are from the American Idol Christmas CD. She has a fantastic voice for Christmas songs. I'm not sure I was digging the ball gown she had on tonight, she could have gone with something much more hip and trendy, but she sounded very good. Like Carly wished she sounded. She could have opened her eyes a bit more, she sang half the song with them closed.

Ramiele is up next and she is safe! That's a surprise. Jason and Kristy Lee Cook are up next. America was obviously patriotic, and Jason rounds out the bottom 3. Pretty much not shocking. Jason needs to kick it up a notch, that's the sure thing, but he is also removed from the bottom as soon as he was put there.

So, it's down to Syesha the Unmemorable and Chikezie Ezie Listening. Deservedly after last night's performance, Syesha is safe and Chikezie is celebrated home. Go sing bluegrass, Chikezie.

Apparently next week is Dolly Parton. That ought to be interesting. I am not a big fan of country, but Dolly is fun.

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