Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing Race - 2.22.09

After last week's fun start, I am really looking forward to seeing where this week takes the Race.

Margie and Luke are first to leave, and have to fly to Munich, Germany, and then drive themselves to the town of Rupholding. Tammy and Victor borrowed their driver's cell phone to call and make reservations for their flight. That is a good idea. Many other teams have the same idea and many plans are made en route to the airport. Steve admits that he didn't treat Linda very well last week, and then berated her for wearing her rain jacket in the cab. Yeah, he's a quick learner. For Linda's part, she's hoping for a beer challenge in good ol' Germany.

I actually think that Margie and Luke were the only team who did not obviously borrow cell phones. They still managed to get the 7:10 flight, along with Jamie and Cara, Kisha and Jen, Steve and Linda, Mel and Mike, Brad and Victoria, Amanda and Kris, and Tammy and Victor.

The other teams got on an 8:45 flight.

Once in Germany, the teams got the happy driving experience of the autobahn.

Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive in Rupholding, and then Amanda and Kris have to wait 15 minutes for the next cable car up the mountain.


Teams must choose an instructor, and one member must paraglide in tandem down the mountain. The other team member takes the cable car back down. If wind conditions are unsafe, they can wait for them to improve, or just take a 60 minute hike down the mountain.

Tammy is first, and the wind conditions were unsafe, so she took the hike. Mel hurt his groin last week, so he decided to just wait. Victoria decided to take the hike, along with Kris. Cara was waiting, but Margie went on the hike. Luke (who likes Cara and Jamie) told them to do well. Cara waited a while longer and then decided to do the run. Linda ran too. Christie was waiting, but decided to run. Mel tried to tell Mark and Michael not to be afraid, but I think he forgets that he's trying to frighten stunt men. Mark (or Michael, I don't know them apart yet) decided to do the run. Everyone else decided to run, too, leaving Mel waiting for the wind to change.

And change it did!

While he was about to take off, Tammy arrived at the bottom of the mountain, and they got the next clue.

Teams must drive 25 miles to Schonau am Koningsee where their next clue awaits.

Margie came in second, followed by Kris, then Victoria. Linda got a little lost on the hike, and Cara and Mark and Jen passed her, followed by Christie.

Mel landed and brought them in fourth.

It's Detour Time.

Balancing Dolly - Ride a segway along a 2 mile obstacle course.

Austrian Folly - Throw pies at targets (their partner's face), until they find a cherry pie.

Tammy and Victor chose the pies, and found the cherry filling quickly.

They have to travel on foot to the woodcutters, who will cut a small piece of wood for them, and give them their next clue.

They have to drive to Saltzburg and find Schloss Hellbrun, the Pitstop.

Meanwhile, Mark and Cara got to the bottom of the mountain, followed by Jen, while Linda wandered around the German countryside, completely lost. She worried most about what Steven would think. Christie showed up in the right place, and Linda wandered by a road crying.

She was rescued by a German driver, who brought her back to the cable cars. Penalty there, I'm sure.

Tammy and Victor arrived first at the pitstop, and each won a hybrid gokart. Phil commented about their pie encrusted fashion statement, but it didn't matter because they were first.

Amanda and Kris also chose the pie throwing, and also had quick luck finding the cherry pie, and enjoyed tasting bits of it as they went to the woodcutters.

Mel and Mike decided to do the Segway (claiming to be Segway pros), and though Luke wanted to do the Segway, Margie wanted to do the pie, so pie they did. Mel and Mike were very quick with the Segways, so maybe they have a set at home.

Cara and Jamie chose the Segways, as did Kisha and Jen and Michael and Mark. Linda and Steven and the Christie and Jodi did the pies. Christie and Jodi couldn't find the proper wood cutter, and just took off with a big log, wondering who would stamp it for them. I do not like them. Not one bit. Steven and Linda got their cherry pie, and went in search of the right woodcutter.

Mel and Mike came in second (after trying to scale a closed gate, and finally getting it opened for them, but not before they got an awesome raised eyebrow from Phil), followed by Amanda and Kris, and Margie and Luke, then Brad and Victoria. Jamie and Cara came in next. Michael and Mark got lost on the way, and Kisha and Jen were also having power struggles.

It was a battle at the end, with Kisha and Jen coming in 7th, but Jen admitted that Kisha is driving her nuts. Mark and Michael came in 8th, and Christie and Jodi came in 9th. Steve and Linda came in last, and were eliminated. I am not sad to see them go, though I appreciate the determination. There were pie-encrusted tears (on their part - I am sadly pie-free)

Next week, looks like some drama in store. Amanda and Kris have a problem with a disappearing fanny pack. Can't wait!

(I think I am rooting for Brad and Victoria. They just seem cool. I also like Margie and Luke, and maybe Cara and Jamie.)


BIG DADDY said...

Definitely rooting for Luke and his mom... i would have the opposite situation, I can hear but Mom is Deaf..Brad and Victoria seem like a nice, drama free pair so like them too... and I think I may be developing a little crush on Tammy...

Ed said...

Totally unrelated to this, but do you know if Probst is blogging this season's Survivor? I can't seem to find it...

Astrid said...

Ed - Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Ed said...

Thank you!