Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Idol - 2.10.09

Hollywood Week continues!!

It begins with the judges deliberations about who will be the finalists... and we get flashbacks (with very cheesy effects) to how their preparations and early performances went.

The 72 contestants have the chance to play their own instruments, and they have backup singers and piano.

Adam Lambert is up first. He's singing Believe, by Cher. He slowed it down quite a lot. He hit the high notes, but he sounded unfortunately like Liza Minelli.

Matt Giraud sang Georgia on My Mind, and played the piano with it (and he's the dueling piano player. He made me really appreciate the song, and his runs were not pretentious or annoying. He's got a lot of talent in there.

Jamar Rogers kind of butchered Hey There, Delilah. The judges seemed to like it. I prefer a more melodic treatment of the song, myself. Still, he has a really great voice and knows how to use it.

Danny Gokey sang I Hope You Dance, which is one of my least favorite songs of all time. Still, I really love Danny. He's very talented and he's got a unique voice that I would recognize on the radio. Anoop Desai sang My Perogative, and I have to say he's super impressive. I really like him.

Jesus Nunez sang some terrible song that I hate, and didn't make me like him.
Scott McIntyre sang Daughtry's Home, and he was good on the piano, but he just proved that Daughtry's voice is better for that song than his.

Kendall Beard sang Before He Cheats, to prove that she isn't as good as Carrie Underwood. And I'm no Carrie Underwood Fan.

Stevie Wright sang Bubbly, and she seemed a bit off key, but I like her.

Lil Rounds sang an Alicia Keys song, and I still don't like her voice much.

Kristin Macnamara sang Because of You, and she kept up with Kelly without mimicking her, and I appreciate that. She's good.

Mishavonna Henson hasn't been shown this year, but she was in last year. She has a very good voice, but I'm not sure about her song choice.

Tatiana Del Torro sang I'm Your Baby Tonight, and I really hate her beyond belief. She couldn't shut up at the end of the song and put on a whole slew of extra notes for no reason. Have I mentioned that I can not stand her?

Alexis Grace sang Before He Cheats and also was not as good as Carrie.

Kenny Haufbauer sang a song I wasn't familiar with, but I like him.

Jasmine Murray sang Tattoo, and was harsh.

Nathaniel sang Disturbia in a kind of an odd acoustic arrangement, and even though he has really beady eyes, he's got a voice in there.

Joanna Pacitti forgot her words, and that's a shame. She's good, but I don't see them putting her through for that.

Casey Carlson messed up the words for Tattoo. Badly.

Stephen Fowler messed up a whole heck of a lot, singing Time of My Life, and forgot the words even though he was squinting like crazy and performing with closed eyes. He's got a great voice, but you have to remember the words.

(A bit of drama as Tatiana got moved to a different room in deliberations)

Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle) sang as Norman Gentle, and sang Georgia on My Mind, and I wish he had done it as Nick. The shiny shirt and shorts, and sneakers (not to mention wrist bands and head band) just didn't do it for me. He's got a really great voice, but he just can't tone it down.

Anne Marie Boscovitch sang I Hope You Dance, and I like her purple dress. Her vocals were pretty nice. She's really pretty.

Ju'Not Joyner sang Hey There, Delilah, and it was pretty good. I hate his hat, though. A lot.

Kaylen Loyd sang If I Aint Got You, and she was pretty good, until she forgot the word. And I think she was chewing gum. Chewing GUM!!! DO not SING and chew gum at the same time!!!

Leneshe Young sang Love Song, and she was kind of jerky in her movements, but her voice is very good. Maybe she was trying to do the Robot and failing...

Kai Kalama sang something I don't know the name of, but his voice was a mess. Too much stress.

Michael Sarver sang is so froggy and throaty, and I don't like it at all. Not sure what the song was. I don't like the froggy phlegm in the throat sound, but the judges seem to dig it.

What the hell is Paula wearing around her neck? Did she break a mirror and decide to wear it around her neck to fend off the bad luck? Way too much.

Alexis Grace, Joanna Pacitti, Stephen Fowler, Michael Sarver, Nathaniel, and some others made it through to the next round.

India Morrison sang Disturbia in her solo audition, and it was not good.

She and her room are gone, with Leneshe Young, Castro's brother among them. Considering we never saw Castro the Younger in Hollywood, I am not surprised.

It's decision time for Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai's group. And they are through! Scott McIntyre, Jamar, Lil Rounds, Jackie Tohn, and more got through.

Finally, it's time for Tatiana's room, and before the judges can get through their speech, she started flipping out and crying. Matt Brietske, among others (including Tatiana - good lord save me) are through.

So, what will happen tomorrow? It's Elevator Voyage.

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