Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 2.5.09

It's too bad the women's team didn't lose last week, because they (justifiably) want Lacey gone. Now.

Unfortunately, they are not getting a good night's sleep. A trio of percussionists in marching band uniforms woke them up bright and early. Ramsey met them outside and expressed his disappointment, and showed them the huge amounts of food they wasted (huge bags and bags for each team.)

Each team had to go into giant crates full of water and scallops, and they had to fish the scallops out. They brought their buckets of scallops into the kitchen, and Ramsey demonstrated proper scallop shucking, and the teams had to go head to head in proper shucking, in 15 minutes.

(Andrea sat out, Ramsey's decree)

It was a mess during the shucking.

Carol did a really good job and got 8 beautiful scallops. Paula only got one, and then Coi brings on 6. Colleen brought 5. LA brought 8 more, followed by Ji's 4. Lacey had a major fail and butchered some scallops beyond belief. She got 3. The women's team got 35.

On the men's side, Ben only got 3 (out of 11). Danny got 9, and Giovanni got 13 done! Robert got 5. Charlie brought in 2. Seth talked back to Ramsey foolishly, but brought in enough to tie it. J only needed one scallop to win it, and his very last one was acceptable, bringing in a slim victory for the men.

Their win is to spend a day on Catalina Island. The women are in charge of prepping for Hell's Kitchen's first Raw Bar, and Ramsey called Lacey out for being a lazy and blase. She went back to cry in her room. Because that's mature.

It's bad news for poor Robert, who can't ride on the helicopter because he is huge. The helicopter can't take anyone more than 300 lbs, and he is probably over 400. He started saying how society is singling him out and discriminating against him because of his size (because it's society's fault, Robert. Way to place the blame), but Ramset told him that he would be taking the ferry instead.

The women started their shucking, without Lacey, who was up in her bed crying and blowing her nose. They said they are a stronger team without her.

On a boat (and without Robert, who is still on the ferry), Seth wished Ramsey a Happy Birthday tomorrow, and went on a little stalkeresque and listed off facts about Ramsey (personal things, like his kids' names, and the kind of cars he and his wife drive... it was kind of creepy, and I think it freaked Ramsey out a bit). Sadly, as soon as Robert arrived on the ferry.... it was time to turn back and go back to the kitchen. That's really sad. I do feel a little badly for him.

6 hours into punishment, Lacey finally deigned to join the team. While she was running around and being "helpful" (and I think she was slightly better), Ji slipped on something on the floor - oil, water, or something, and twisted her ankle.

Ramsey chose Paula to run the Raw Bar for the women, and Robert for the men (who again feels like he is being discriminated against for his size. I stand by my statement that perhaps he should have gone on Biggest Loser before this show. Just saying.)

The women seem to be communicating well, but then Carol burned garlic and then totally f'd up the risotto.

Over on the men's team, Charlie is incapable of risotto, and Ben was told to help him.

The women managed to get some appetizers out, but then Colleen left cooked scallops in a pan, and they overcooked. Lacey was told to help her out, since she did scallops on the last service.

Charlie's risotto, made by Ben, passed muster. So did Lacey's scallops.

Unfortunately, Seth and Charlie made Lobster Spaghetti with no lobster. Seth can memorize factoids about Ramsey, but can't remember recipes. Not good.

The women moved on the entrees, but Colleen (on fish) blackened salmon on the outside, while it was raw on the inside. Ramsey yelled at her about how inept she is, and how sorry he feels for anyone who has learned cooking from her. I feel sorry from them, too.

Over on the men's team, Danny delivered good lamb, and seemed to be doing well. Giovanni made some mistakes with the salmon.

The service is going well, though, and the teams are neck and neck, each with 4 tickets left. The men work faster, and Carol dropped the ball a little, working slowly. The men finished service first, but the women also finished.

And, in a Hell's Kitchen First, both teams finished service in only the second week. That's pretty awesome.

Ramsey liked Ji's gumption for keeping on, even with her bad ankle. He called Colleen out (saying "those who can't, teach.") and she talked back to him again. She needs to go. The women deliberate about who to put up for elimination. Carol talks about how much she wants Lacey gone, but it was Carol who kind of messed up badly. Ji entered judgement in a wheelchair, and in a lot of pain. Not good.

Colleen is nominated, along with Lacey. While I find Lacey very very annoying, Colleen needs to go, in my opinion.

After all of that, Ji put her hand up, and volunteered to go home. Grudgingly, he sent Ji home, but let her keep her jacket, saying that she had done "bloody well." I would like to see her back for the next season, because she was really good.

Lacey promised to "think nasty thoughts instead of saying them," like that would make her a better teammate.

Looking good. Wish Ji had stayed.

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Janice said...

The injury that Chef Ji met was truly unfortunate because it led to her voluntary ousting from the show (Colleen and Lacey were the ones nominated to be eliminated). However, the noble decision that she made gets to show how professional she and how good she is inside to take one for the team since she couldn't perform at a hundred percent due to the injury. She's definitely going to be a huge loss for team Saffron and I do hope that they would bring her back to the show because her ousting wasn't based on neither lack of skill nor Chef Ramsay's decision but due to an unfortunate accident. I found that she has a website, with photos and you can email and even vote as to whether to have her back to the show. I really hope she does.