Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Results Show - 2.18.09

It's time for the first results show of the season, and Paula's hair is still looking ashen. Maybe it's the HD, but she needs some help, stat.

We are reminded through a clip package about the group we saw last night. There was one very short non-singing clip of poor under-exposed Ricky, and only one bit of Tatiana insanity. It's spin control, ladies and gentlemen, spin control.

For the first group sing, they decided to do a choral treatment of Jason Mraz. Not sure that was a good idea. I adore this song, but I don't know about the group sing. Jackie looked crazy and seemed to be singing twice as many words as anyone else. They sounded pretty good together, though. Maybe they practiced for the group sing more than for their own individual songs. Problem is, Jason Mraz is a unique individual, so putting his song into a homogenized group effort.... just foolish.

After a recap of the (couple) highs, and the (many) lows from last night, it's time to tease the actual results. First, there was a demonstration of Tatiana's crazy as she showed off her Paula Jewels. Danny looked a bit confused/concerned sitting next to her.
Casey is up first, and agreed that she chose a foolish song. Unsurprisingly, she's gone.

Stephen had another really bad song choice, and he is also gone.

(And Paula needs to take hair care tips from Kara, who has shiny and gorgeous hair. Just saying)

Alexis and her fedora are in the Top 12. Justice has been served.

To stretch the Results Show to an hour, Alexis got a chance to perform again. She's still wonderful.

After the break, Jackie and Ricky were called down together. Jackie still loved her performance. Ricky is not in the Top 12, but I hope to see him in the Wildcard Round. America did not appreciate Jackie's performance, either, and she's out.

Anoop and Michael are next to find out their fates. Sadly, Michael and his boring voice are through to the Top 12. I would bet on seeing Anoop again in the Wildcard Round. Michael bored me with his rendition of I Don't Wanna Be (again) and I am sad. At least it was close between the two of them. Bring Anoop back to make a different song choice, judges.

There was a plug for the American Idol Experience in Orlando, and who would have thought that Carrie Underwood and David Cook would sound good together? I liked it.

Before moving on, Ryan brought out Carly Smithson and Michael Johns from last year, for more plugging. See? You don't have to win to be successful. They sang a duet of The Letter, and it was pretty good.

Ann Marie and Brent were next, along with Stevie. They are quickly dispatched, but not before Randy misused the word neither while referring to the three of them.

So, it's down to Danny and Tatiana. Tatiana shook her hair dramatically several times and was joyously at a loss for words. Their fate is drawn out over a break. Of course.

Happiness and JOYYYYYYY!!! Danny is through and Tatiana is off of my television, but not before she could throw a little dramatic fit and look like she wanted to feign fainting. Go Away. Don't come back. (I have a sinking feeling she might be back for the Wildcard Round, because the producers like her). After Danny sang his encore, Tatiana stole some more camera time with her blubbering.

Next Week, it's the next group of 12:

Megan Corkrey
Kris Allen
Mishavonna Henson
Matt Breitzke
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Jasmine Murray
Kai Kalama
Jesse Langseth
Adam Lambert
Jeanine Vailes
Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell.

This group is full of unknowns or lesser knowns. Purely off the cuff, I'm guessing Adam Lambert, Megan Corkrey, and Matt Breitzke are going to go through, but I could be completely wrong. Hope for better song choices!

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