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American Idol: 2.4.09

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The awkwardness begins as people try to form groups, with a few people on the outs. Tatiana wastes no time getting on her group's nerves. And she didn't even seem to be laughing much (she was the one with the ridiculous laugh).

Rose is with Jasmine, someone else, and Bikini Girl, and Rose is unhappy with the fact that the rest of her group seems to think that they are just there to be cute.

Danny and Jamar are in a group with two girls, and they sound good together so far.

Tatiana continues to melt down and act like a crazy person. The others in her group thinks that she is trying to sabotage them, and they even said "Have you ever met the devil?" She tried to go join another group, and Nancy Wilson and Nate Marshall don't accept her as well as Kristin wants to. Tatiana then went back to her original group, which got on Nancy and Kristin's nerves, since they were about to accept her into their group. Disingenuous Group Hugs all around.

But not for long, because Tatiana continued to bug, and gave some crazy laughing and some more insanity. She needs to go away.

Meanwhile, Nancy wants to keep working, and Kristin wants to break, and when Nancy got in her face about it, Kristin said she just wants people to drop the drama. Nancy got in her face some more, and tears resulted. Oh. Not good. Nate looked just lost.

Rose is still unhappy, because Katrina Bikini Girl went to bed, when they weren't ready to stop practicing. Bikini Girl cried up in her room.

4 AM, and everyone is feeling the stress. Nate is sick of playing go-between.

After very little sleep, the hopefuls get going in the morning. Some people got 3-4 hours of sleep. Tatiana can't get enough of herself, saying that it's damned good that she looks "this hot" with 2 hours of sleep, and laughing that insane crazy cackle.

Bikini Girl is nowhere in sight, and her roommate said that she is not feeling well. Her group finds her in her bed, and tried to coax her out of her bed, but she pretty much gave up. And the last thing we saw of her was a down comforter. That would be ok in my book.

More stress, as Nancy is off practicing all by herself, instead of with her group. Some of the groups are doing ok, some are not.

Katrina decided to rejoin the group, which they are not very excited about (especially Rose). Not sure what's going to happen there.

It's finally time for some singing!

But first, the judge's arrive, and Simon warned them that if they forget words, they are out.

First up is India, Justin, Kris, and Matt - White Chocolate. India began with some rapping, and they all did some beat boxing. They were all really good and very entertaining. Boom, they are through. Wonderful. They were great.

Next we saw a pile of people missing all of their words, including Julissa. It's a trainwreck. Jorge and Nick (aka Norman) made it through.

Alex, Ryan, Ann Marie, and Emily are Action Squad, and they have a very strange arrangement and Emily misses words left and right. It was just a total mess. Ann Marie and Alex are safe, but it's the end for an early favorite of mine, Emily. BUT - you just can't mess up that badly and expect to stick around. I hope she keeps trying, because I like her. Ryan said that he feels manipulated and assaulted, claiming he saw evil in Paula's eyes. Maybe it was just disgust, Ryan.

Speaking of disgust, Simon spent some time being completely unimpressed. Paula jumped in to the snitt. What a mess.

Danny, Jamar, Taylor, and their fourth member (missed her name) and are amazing beyond belief, and decided to go a capella. Danny is asked to step forward, and is told he is going through. It was a fake out, because then Simon told him that the others will be joining him. Ha.

Jeremy Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, Matt Breitzke, Kesse Langesth and their groups all break out to Some Kind of Wonderful. Adam is fantastic. I love him.

Team Diva is up, and it's Lauren Barnes, Katrina, Rose and Jasmine... Simon said it was obvious that no one worked together. Rose kind of blew it, but bopped around happily. Katrina said she was in high heels all day, and had to rest. Then she tried to blame scoliosis. I'm sad to see Rose go, but thrilled that Katrina is gone. Kara really hated her. I can understand. Jasmine is the only one in the group through. She's got a good voice, but she sounds like she's singing through phlegm until she got to the high notes.

I hope that Rose goes far, just not here. Her voice is really not good enough for this competition, but I like her.

David Osmond got cut!! Since he's a freaking Osmond, I doubt it will get him down.

Tatiana's group is up, Muna sings first, and Tatiana struts herself around on the stage like a preening peacock, and then didn't stop singing when Simon stopped them. Their harmonies were a complete mess, but it doesn't matter, because they are through. I hate Tatiana, officially. She is such a freaking drama queen, and she made the win all about her. Hate. Her.

Last up is Team Compromise, Nate, Kristin, and Nancy. They had a little group pray beforehand, which seemed totally ridiculous to me. They started off by saying that they didn't get along well. Nate did a great start for the group, then Nancy's part fell flat for me, but I kind of liked Kristin. The judges said it just seemed uncomfortable, and Simon said that it looked like the backup singers were singing badly on purpose to sabotage the lead. Nathaniel and Kristin are safe, and Nancy and her attitude are heading home. Before she left, she did some swearing at Kristin.

Their was a montage of cut people, including Naked Dancing Girl, and then a montage of some who made it through to the next round.

(What I'd like to see is a comprehensive list of who is in each round. That would be cool)

75 people are left. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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