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Survivor Tocantins: 2.19.09

Jalapao was working hard to make some fire back at camp with their newly acquired flint they picked up from Tribal Council. Sandy gloats to herself about how Carolina kept her in the game. Spencer confessed that Sandy is next to go. We'll see.

The next morning, they were happily sampling some local produce, but Joe declared they need protein, and suggested termites. They found a termite hill and went grub and termite hunting. Spencer was all for it, being a hungry teenager.

Cause nothing beats a big fat grub.

Over at Timbira, Sierra enlisted Brenden to help her find the idol, because he was the one who didn't vote for her in the beginning. The others were concerned that they hadn't seen them for a while, and Debbie caught them digging a massive hole in the beach.

Quick thinker, Sierra told her that they were building a massive fire pit. Candice looked dubious and said that she didn't think the effort was worth it, and she would just stay at camp.

Sierra admitted in confessional that she didn't really think it was worth the effort to keep looking for the idol because it would just make people suspicious. Good point.

Coach is hungry. There are cooking discussions with lots of thoughts of lovely spices and limes, but it seems like a pipe dream. Candice wants to cook the rice and beans at the same time. Coach disagreed, because Coach thinks he's always right. Coach thinks that Candice is just like him. Candice thinks (correctly) that Coach has an ego the size of Brazil.

Over on Jalapao, Taj revealed that she is married to a famous NFL player, and Stephen feels left out because he has no idea who it is. JT thinks that maybe Taj doesn't need the money she'd get from winning Survivor...

- Immunity and Reward (for fishing gear)

It began to rain as the challenge started. Three members from each tribe (at a time, even men and women) will race through the water to grab a ball. Members from the other tribe will try to stop them from getting baskets in any way possible. First to 3 baskets wins.

It's like Team Powerball. In the water. In the rain.

It's kind of awesome.

Debra's sitting out.

Taj, Stephen, and Sydney from Jalapao are taking on Sierra, Candice, and Tyson for Timbira. Candice scored after much back-and-forth, and Timbira leads it 1-0.

Next round is JT, Joe, and Sandy for Jalapao, taking on Erinn, Brendan, and Tyson for Timbira. Tyson scored for Timbira.

Third round is Candice, Sierra, Erinn for Timbira vs. Sierra, Taj, and Sydney for Jalapao. Taj had a power run, but missed the basket. Sydney rebounded and got one in for Jalapao.

Fourth round is JT, Joe, and Spencer for Jalapao vs. Brendan, Coach, and Jerry for Timbira. JT scored for Jalapao and Coach sucked.

Fourth round is Stephen, Sydney, and Taj vs. Sierra, Candice, and Tyson. It was a crazy battle for the winning point. There was thunder and lightening in addition to the pouring rain (was it really safe to be in the water???), and Stephen scored finally for Jalapao, winning it.

Jalapao sent Brenden to Exile, and as we learned in the Survior Preview, he got to choose someone from the winning team to go to Exile with him. He chose Taj.

It seemed to stop raining as soon as they got out of the water. How's that for irony?

Back at camp, JT was impressing Stephen by teaching him how to tie knots and fish. Stephen wanted to be the best spear fisherman ever. JT said they had better be there for a while. Stephen hopes to have cemented a relationship with JT and says "If he sees me as the goofy, awkward right hand man, he'll want to keep me around for a while."

Over at Exile, Brenden and Taj got some rice, and then got to choose one of two urns. Taj's was empty, but Brenden had a clue to the Immunity Idol.

If You Want to be safe, take a peek,
But in Tribal homelands is the thing that you seek.

He is also presented with a choice - stay on his own tribe after Exile, or Mutiny and go to Jalapao? He says he plans on staying with Timbira.

Taj convinced him to show her the clue, because the idol would be his anyhow. They decided it was probably back in their own camps. Brenden realized it was a different idol than the one that Sierra was looking for.

Back at Timbira's camp, they all compared wounds from the challenge, and questioned Coach's actions not speaking as loudly as his words. Candice said she didn't see what Coach was bringing to the table except a lot of talk.

Debra and Tyson brought this trash talk to Coach, who says that Candice is cancer on the team.

The Exiles returned, and Brenden told the others on the tribe that Taj got the clue, and not him, and that she went off by herself, and told them that Taj seems to be on the outs with her tribe.

Candice and Erinn wondered if they should not go for Coach at this point, and let him dig his hole deeper. Coach tells people to vote for Sierra, but plans on voting for Candice himself. Jerry talked to Tyson, who wanted to keep Candice, despite Coach's plans. Coach went to tell Sierra that he wasn't going to vote for her, and was planning on voting for Candice. Let the scheming begin!

Tribal Council

The original vote for Sierra was discussed. Candice said that there was some resentment for Sierra because she got the easy helicopter ride when they all went on their hike. She also said that the others might find her talkativeness offputting (it didn't work out well for Carolina). Coach admitted that he trusts Brenden completely and thinks he was telling the truth about Exile. Jerry said that they have gotten to know people really well and have built trust. Erinn said that she didn't think they should be so quick to trust one another. Debra said that she feels like she knows people well enough to trust them. Has she ever seen this show before? You can't just go trusting people.

Candice was shocked/pissed to see the votes for her. Coach looked smug, and Sierra looked relieved. First blindside of the season, and well done. Do I think she deserved to go? No - I was hoping for Coach to be taken down. But, I hope his time will come soon.

Erinn voted for Candice and that surprised me. They seemed to be tight. See - don't trust anyone.

Can't wait for next week! What did you think of tonight? Any favorites emerging?

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Ed said...

JT stepped it up again, and Coach needs to go.

This happens every season; the one person that's causing conflict and stirring the pot (Ken from last season, for example) won't get voted our for a while. This time it's Coach's turn to play that role. Although, he'd better step it up, physically, because if Sierra out plays him next challenge and they lose, he could be next.