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Survivor Tocantins: 2.27.09

Sorry this is late, I was out last night. This is why I love my dvr!

After Tribal Council, Erinn of the Superfluous N was trying to cover her butt because of her alliance with Candace. Coach thought that she was lying and had aligned herself with "the wrong person." That would be not Coach, of course.

In the morning, Erinn was feeling vulnerable still. She hopes to out-perform Sierra and Debbie. Jerry's stomach was not feeling right, and he skipped both dinner the night before and ate a very light breakfast of what looked like only rice. He professed to put on a strong facade and tried not to complain too much.

I think if I was going to be on Survivor, I would be getting my stomach used to lots of beans and rice beforehand. Just saying.

Over at Jalapao, there were attempts for fishing. They managed to catch a few minnows, and were trying to throw the net. They used the minnows as bait and JT caught some nice big fish, while Stephen caught what looked like another minnow. There was some Survivor feasting. Joe said that the fish tasted like victory.

Reward Challenge

6 members of the tribe will be blindfolded and tied together in pairs. The remaining tribe member will guide pairs through a maze - first to a water tower to fill buckets, and then back to a receptacle, and then repeat with corn.

Winning tribe gets comfort in the form of an umbrella, chairs, pillows, blankets, and a hammock. The winner also gets to choose a member of the loosing tribe to go to Exile, who will in turn choose someone from the winning tribe to go with them.

Joe is caller for Jalapao, and Debra is caller for Timbira. Each pair of people first needs to find water. Stephen is the first to get water with Spencer, followed by Sierra and Erinn for Timbira. Debbie screamed herself hoarse as Brendan and Jerry were completely inept at following directions. Jalapao quickly got three buckets of water, and Timbira had a different idea of all going in one long conga line. Jalapao got their water flag raised first, and quickly started on their corn, finishing before Timbira even had a chance to finish with their water.

Jalapao sent Brenden back to Exile, and chose Taj to go with him again. They will return in time for the Immunity Challenge. Coach looked particularly pissed at having lost.

He urged the tribe not to blame other people, and then went off with Tyson talking about how Sierra and Erinn flipped out during the challenge. Tyson said that Coach likes himself to be heard, and Coach called Tyson his assistant coach. Tyson said that if they get put on separate tribes, he's going to demand to be called Coach. Please, don't, Tyson. One of him is enough.

Jalapao was thrilled and set up their new tarp to keep the rain off.

Coach said that he wasn't going to worry about comfort, but was just going to worry about winning the game. He said that he would be burried in the sand up to his neck with tarantulas biting him, and he would still win. Somehow I don't think so.

Over at Exile, Taj got the clue this time.

You must search around,
You can and you should
The item desired
Is surrounded by wood.

She shared the clue with Brenden immediately. They seem to be forming an alliance. Taj told Brenden that if they can't get to Exile together again, they should choose Stephen and Brenden says her tribe should choose Sierra. What they are working on here is a four-member secret alliance that will hopefully make it to the merge. Clever.

Jalapao was comfortable with their new and improved shelter.

Time for Immunity Challenge.

Two members at a time of each tribe will race to roll giant tribe colored crates to the finish line, and then they have to stack the crates so that the design spells out the tribe name, and then the tribe members have to climb the stairs made by stacking the crates to get to the top of the tower.

First for Jalapao was JT and Taj, and Brenden and Debra went for Timbira.

Sierra and Tyson and Sydney and Stephen were out next. Joe and Sandy followed, and then Erinn and Coach. Brenden and Jerry and JT and Spencer raced out next. Coach and Tyson brought back the 5th block, and Timbira had a big lead. Spencer and Taj tried to make up some time. Taj wore a long dress to the challenge, and I don't know about that piece of logic. I lost track of some of those teams in there, but all that matters is that Timbira started stacking first. Jerry was feeling very badly.

Timbira started their stacking first, led by Erinn, but hit a bit of a roadblock. Jalapao made up a lot of time, and they were neck and neck at the end. Sandy got smooshed by a crate, but Jalapao managed to get theirs done first, and Jalapao took immunity.

Back at the Timbira camp, Erinn noticed that Jerry was really not feeling well. Coach said that she got an "evil look" in her eyes when she realized that she might be safe. He really wants to keep with Erinn, and went to Sierra and Debbie and told them that he wanted to surround himself with people with integrity. We'll see if they buy it.

Tyson went to Jerry and told him to be strong because they still wanted to vote for Erinn. We'll see about that.

Brenden, in search of the Idol, went to check out the statue next to Tree Mail. He felt all around it, and finally lifted it's grass skirt and lo and behold, found the Idol! Huzzah!

He immediately buried it in the woods.

Jerry claimed to be feeling somewhat better, but Tyson was hoping for a blindside, saying "I love seeing people cry when you crush their dreams." He is becoming one of the more quotable people this season.

Tribal Council

Tyson said that they just need to regain momentum, and Probst said that he noticed that Erinn was offering help at the Challenge, but people were ignoring her. Brenden thinks that the tribe communicates well, but Jerry said that the team needs a leader, and thought it should be Brenden. Coach thinks that of course, he should be the leader, and said that he told people with his eyes that they should grab what they grabbed on the truck in the beginning. I wonder how that telepathy is working for him. Erinn thought that maybe he wants to be leader, but it's something that Brenden does better. Coach of course thinks that he is the better leader. Of course he is. He also claims that it's not about ego. Right.

In the end, Coach ended up - what's this? - voting for Jerry instead of "Evil" Erinn, and sick Jerry is sent packing. I am sad, because I think Jerry had a lot of potential, but I am happy that Coach found out that his word is not gospel.

Next week, Sydney turns on the flirting, and Tyson is going to go a little insane and get to naked grass skirt dancing. Taj is going to bring her idea of a secret cross-tribal alliance to Stephen. This could get good. Now - if they bring JT in on that Alliance, it could be a winner!

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Ed said...

Subtle has always bothered me with it's silent b. Just sayin'.

Tyson lost some cool points last night with the "I like crushing other people's dreams" comment. I think he was being sarcastic about the Coach thing, though. God, I hope so.

I was sorry to see Jerry go. I think it was the lack of food that was causing his stomach to ache, not the beans, but who am I to say...