Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yay for a New Season! Survivor Tocantins: 2.12.09

Gorgeous in HD, the castaways enter the Tocantins in a giant range rover type vehicle.

The tribes are Timbira and Jalapao. Sierra is already sick. That's not good. She's trying to hide it, says it's a tonsil thing. We'll see how that goes for her.

And .... I just saw that The Amazing Race Premiers on Sunday. Squeee!!!

When they reach their destination, the castaways have 60 seconds to gather as many supplies from the truck as they can (very useful things - rice, fruit, veggies, other things. People are taking everything. Rope, baskets, everything.

Timbira got all the water and beans. That is good for them. Bad for Jalapao.

Now, they have to hike for four hours to their new camps. With all their stuff.

But first, they have to vote for someone not to go with them.

Jalapao's votes went for Sandy (x5 that we saw), and for Stephen (x1). Sandy is outspoken in her anger at being voted for.

Timbira's votes went for Sierra (x5), Erinn (x1) and guess she couldn't hide the sickness (which she admits is strep, and she is on meds for it). She has a fever, and is upset at being voted for.

Then, Jeff drops the bombshell that the two voted "out" are getting airlifted to camp, and get to skip the 4 hour hike. Sandy started celebrating, but Jeff told her not to celebrate too much, because she has already been outcast, so she'd better figure out how to get back in with the tribe.

Jalapao set out through the wilderness, and have some issues trying to read the map (and use the compass). JT did his best to help out. Stephen ripped his pants already and has boxers hanging out. First day. Nice job. They find their path and set out again.

Timbira have nice poles set up to carry their gear. Erinn has issues, and Coach took charge. He immediately started talking of his goal to change the game to be actually Survival of the Best. He made a seeming alliance with Brendan right off, and Brendan wasn't sure if he should drink Coach's Kool-Aid.

Sandy got to the camp via helicopter, and broke down a little, saying that she was glad to be there alone without the others seeing her emotion at being voted for first. She went out searching and found a note, telling her she had a choice - Look for the Idol, or Start setting up Camp.

She chose the clue.

The Stick Marks the Spot
On Your Biggest Beach
Dig for a while
And Assistance You'll Reach

Sierra gets the same choice, and chose instead to start camp set up. I think that was a good idea. She said "If you don't redeem yourself, you're pretty much in the doghouse forever." Good point.

Jalapao reached the camp and found Sandy waiting for them. (She tucked the clue into her bra before they got there, apparently not having found it yet). They are not happy that she didn't start setting up camp. Carolina especially was miffed. Sandy said that it was pretty certain that they would vote for her anyhow, so why try to change their mind? Don't know about that idea.

Timbira took a longer time to get to their camp, and had to resort to hiking in the dark. When they finally arrived, they were pleased to see the shelter all built. Coach said that the fact that she was not there to bond with them on the hike made her an outcast automatically. I don't think I like him. Give a feverish girl a chance, especially if she's willing to work.

Jalapao got a good shelter started, with a lot of guidance from JT. Carolina was all about buckling down and getting the shelter made. Sandy went out "to use the restroom" which of course was "to find the idol," and she found a clue pretty handily.

Ten paces you'll walk to the lone palm tree
Dig there, and the next clue you'll see.

She is stymied, because she doesn't know what a pace is. She is dead to me.

Timbira finished their canteens, so went to fill them up, and Tyson became the first person to get naked. He's goofy, I'll give him that.

Time for the first Challenge!!

Six members of each tribe will race across sandhills into the river, and will retrieve the raft with puzzle planks. They will bring the raft and the pieces back to the shore. Two remaining members will use the planks to build a staircase up to a platform, where any two players will do a maze to get the win.

They are playing for fire and immunity. It's 120 degrees.

Jalapao has Sandy and Taj building the stairs.

Timbira has Sierra and Erinn building stairs.

The racing members didn't have many troubles, and Tyson was super strong (and kept his clothes on this time!) They have to carry the planks over the sand hills before they can start. Timbira got to start first, but Jalapao had a good start, and finish in short order.

Timbira has Erinn and Brenden working on the maze, and Jalapao has Spencer and Sydney. Timbira was very good at the maze and made up for lost time, bringing the win to them.

Now, they have fire to use at the shelter that Sierra started, and immunity to enjoy it.

Jalapao is not pleased to have lost. It seems to be a pretty unanimous decision to vote for Sandy. They decided to take a swim, and Carolina took charge in telling people that they haven't finished any of the projects they've started. Taj took her aside and said that she needs to watch herself.

Spencer brings up to Sydney and others that Sandy did an excellent job at the challenge, and that makes him want to keep her around. They are thinking about getting rid of Carolina.

It's time for...

Tribal Council!

The fact that Sandy didn't do anything at camp might come back to bite her. Also, her search for the idol took her away from the work at the camp, and that was noticed. She said that she wanted to collect her thoughts, and said that even the old lady could fit into the tribe.

Jeff said "Sandy, are you a little crazy?" She admitted to being a little crazy. The first step is admitting.

Carolina admitted to being a bit bossy, and perhaps whiney, and she's trying to watch that in herself.

The fact that Sandy couldn't figure out the mysterious measurement of "paces" still baffles me. She deserves to be voted out because of that failure, if for nothing else.

Carolina is voted out, however, due to her inability to shut her mouth. It's a shame, because I think she had some know-how, but I don't think I will miss her.

They get fire for their troubles at Tribal.

Looks like a good season so far. Didn't see too much of a lot of people, but that's normal for a first episode. Anyone you are looking forward to seeing more of? Do you agree with Carolina's ouster?


BIG DADDY said...

Two things ALWAYS amaze me about Survivor. The first is that people have not figured out that you NEVER complain about things to the larger group. These are people who are hungry, tired, and cranky. These are not the types of behavior that endear you to the group. The other thing that constantly amazes me is how there are so many things that I accept as common knowledge that apparently aren't. Things like paces (which if I'm correct someone else had a problem with in a previous season). I don't know... I am interested in watching the season though as always...

Lars said...

Really sad to see Carolina go, if only because she is a cutie. Sierra does seem to have bounced back, which is good, and the whole Timbira tribe (except for "Coach") seems solid to me.

Sandy... oh man, two strikes, looking like a lifelong smoker AND being apparently dumb as a post... and self-centered to boot? Bonus!