Friday, February 27, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 2.27.09

Must the recap be so long and involved? I guess so.

Seth is feeling cocky about being spared. Giovanni let him know that he still doesn't think that Seth deserves to be there. Robert decided to lighten up the mood a bit with a Ramsey impersonation. He had some of the movements down pat. I wonder what Ramsey would say about it.

Bright and early the next morning, Ramsey gathered the chefs in the dining room, and asked who the strongest on the Red Team was. Carol said it was either herself or Andrea. Danny claimed to be the strongest on the Blue Team.

Hell's Kitchen is opening for breakfast, in 30 minutes.

The women delegated, and Seth broke out a recipe he had gleaned from a Gordon Ramsey book for eggs, and the others said he could run with it.

And who will they be serving? Kids! Pacific Coast youth football and cheerleading - the Red Team will feed the Cheerleaders, and the Blue Team will feed the Football players.

One kid ordered a tomato omelette without the tomatoes. Ok. I knew a kid once who ordered cheeseburgers without the meat, so... Colleen joined in cheering instead of cooking, excited that she could fit in her cheerleading uniform.

The blue team, in the meantime, quickly got their food out. The women were dragging. Coi couldn't get pancakes cooked.

Seth was incapable of cooking scrambled eggs in time, and while he was slowing things down, the women caught up and they each had 40 out of 50 served. The women picked it up and finally won a challenge. The cheerleaders cheered for them. Colleen tried, too, but spelled victory wrong in her cheer (V-C-I-T-O-R-Y). The satiated children swarmed around Ramsey to get autographs, which was funny.

As punishment for the men, they have to clean the very messy dining room and the very messy kitchens, and they also have to prep both kitchens for dinner service that night.

As a reward, the women will be going camping. No one is very excited. Then, Ramsey announces they will be Beverly Hills Style Camping, which is lounging, poolside. I'm sure Ramsey was happy to see the women win, as he urged them to get their bikinis.

Ben and Danny got into it, and Danny claimed to be the best cook ever, and there was cursing beeps all over the place. The women were not sad to hear tension in the men's team.

The women went to the "Pretty Woman" hotel, the Beverly Wilshire. That's pretty slick. They went to the pool and were waited on happily, including having suntan lotion (or was it block?) sprayed on them and rubbed in by an attractive pool boy. I wonder if the reward would have been different if the men had won.

When they returned, the men were still prepping, and the women rubbed it in. Still, the men didn't finish the prep before the women got down into the kitchen, and that wasn't good. Sabotage? Don't know.

Before dinner service, Ramsey asked the men if they had bonded as a team. They answered affirmatively, and I don't believe a word of it.

At the beginning of service, Giovanni's pasta water was not boiling, and that was not appreciated. Coi made a grave error on the women's team, and tried to cook pasta before it was ordered. Not acceptable.

Seth sent some scallops to the pass, but they were "rubber scallops." Ramsey made him eat it, and he didn't get the point.

Meanwhile, Andrea was looking for sauce that was not prepped beforehand, and went into the men's kitchen to look for it. Ramsey asked if the sabotage was on, and Ben got to the sauce. Coi was still unable to make proper spaghetti, and Ben's first attempt at the sauce was bad (he didn't taste it first - not smart). Danny got to making more sauce.

Andrea took some charge in the kitchen, and their appetizers went out finally. Danny's sauce was accepted, which made him feel really cocky.

Unfortunately, the men sent out a brown and disgusting hunk of romaine in the caesar salad. J admitted his mistake in third person ("J feels like a jackass." Now, J, never do that again). Ben started cooking entrees, and unfortunately, had terribly butchered lamb chops. Robert called them "pieces of carpaccio on a bone." Not good.

LA had to work with Colleen, and that was friction, because Colleen wants to chat, and LA does not. I side with LA.

Danny was on garnish, and there was chicken sitting at the pass waiting for mashed potatoes from him. And waiting.

Colleen couldn't seem to keep orders straight, and Seth couldn't stop flapping his gums while Ramsey was calling out orders. Then, he wiped his sweat with a cloth, and used the same cloth to wipe the pan. Ick. Yuck. Ick.

Some spaghetti lobster was sent back to the kitchen for being undercooked and having nearly no lobster in it. Food was being sent back left and right, and Coi dropped a plate about to go to the pass. Ramsey called it a loss for both teams, and shut the kitchens down. Both teams had to pick two people to go up for elimination.

After discussion, The Blue Team nominated Seth and Ben, even though Ramsey said that the butt of lettuce was one of the worst things he saw that night, saying that's how reputations are ruined in minutes. The Red Team nominated Colleen and Lacey, even though Coi offered to put herself up for elimination during the discussion. Coi admitted that it was her worst performance so far, but it looked like the nominations would stand.

The four nominees stated their cases. Ramsey sent Ben back to the line, and the person leaving tonight is Seth. I really dislike Colleen, but Seth needed to go.

As a twist, Lacey was transfered to the men's team. Robert was not pleased, but the women were thrilled.

In closing, Ramsey said "Seth had all the passion in the world, but he's a crap cook."

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