Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American Idol: 2.3.09

It's Hollywood - finally!

147 made it through this far, so let's see how good they are.

Simon gave the group the pep talk, telling them they had one chance to impress.

Before they got out before the judges, they were all part of the AI Boot Camp - first time ever. Stylists, vocal coaches, and ....

Barry Mantilow!

That dude just loves American Idol. And American Idol loves him.

Half of the contestants are up on the first day. Groups of 8 go out on stage, taking turns singing something a capella, for the judges and the others going on that day. (The second group went out sight-seeing, apparently. They'll be up the next day)

Lil Rounds is up first, and she sang I Will Always Love You, and did an impressive job of it. Kara loves it, calling her bold and brave.

Dennis Brigham is up next, and he is just weird in the eyes and affected. I don't like him. Simon called his facial expressions insane, and I would tend to agree.

Asia (sister of India, who did not go through), Alexander (not sure who), and Lil are through in the first group. Dennis felt that he might improve his chances by singing some more, and telling them that they all suck as judges, and went off on a diatribe. Simon said that just reinforced his decision to cut him. I would agree.

There was some criticism shown of Frankie, but didn't show her sing.

Nathanial Marshall, from Malone, NY sang a song I haven't heard before, but he has a nice voice. He also has big hair and unfortunately beady eyes. Paula criticized his song choice, because it was very monotone. Nathanial said that the song meant a lot to him, personally, and broke into tears.

Anoop Desai is also in this group, and he is so good.

Jasmine Murray still has a really thick froggy voice, in my opinion. The judges love her.

Rose Black had some troubles in rehearsals, and was really having a tough time of it. She sang Dock of the Bay, and did a very nice job of it, though she did some strange arm flailing, and not a whole lot of power, but she's appealing.

This whole group got through. I'm happy to see more of Anoop, Rose, and I think Nathanial has some talent. I am not a fan of Jasmine's voice, but a lot of people seem to like that sound.

Stephen Fowler and his fro took the stage, and he did a very nice job, with a lot of natural ease. I like him.

Jorge Nunez sang a song I am not familiar with, but did a great job.

Von Smith did some serious oversinging with weird facial expressions. It turned Simon off entirely, calling it "indulgent nonsense." He's got a good voice, but he just didn't edit himself at all.

All three of them are through. Hopefully Von learns to hold himself back a little.

Debra Byrd's song choice lecture apparently didn't get through to many of the hopefuls.

Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle returns. Oh great, he decided to return as Norman. And he's giving Vermont a bad name. Oh man, he's from Stratton, VT. He sang well, even calling out Seacrest, but he's just so... over the top. Simone said as Nick, he's mediocre, and as Norman, he's a joke. Paula wants to hear him without the talent.

He's getting another chance, along with Scott McIntyre, and Frankie.

The next day, the second half gets their chance.

But, not before an obligatory product placement drive by some of the hopefuls.

Ah, American Idol, love you.

Jackie Tohn sang in a very short leather skirt. She's got some voice in there, but the raspy thing could get old. The judges like her.

Jamar Rogers (friend to Danny, see below), sang California Dreamin' and was pretty good, but I think it was the same song he sang in auditions. Was it?

Danny Gokey (who lost his wife) sang Kiss from a Rose, and I really love this guy. He gave me chills. Paula adores him.

Both Danny and Jamar get through.

A bunch of people got through after that, though we didn't see their singing.

Oh Gadz.

Bikini Girl is back. She gave Ryan some more kisses.

Her name is Katrina Darrell, by the way, and her voice is totally boring and normal. Kara thought that she started well, but went a little thin at the end. I thought it sounded off key. Katrina just wants to have the music around her. Simon and Randy are again swayed by a pretty girl. She is through.

Jessica Furney (caretaker to her granny) was cut, and that's sad (didn't get to see her sing), as was Sharon Wilber, who brought her dog to her first audition. Patricia Roman from Puerto Rico also was cut.

Jeremy Michael Sarver, the roughneck, was called one of the best of the day. I like him.

Jesus Valenzuela sang decently, but was cut. I am not surprised. He flipped out about being cut a little.

David Osmond is so good. I like him.

Erika Wesley is very nice. I like her emotion.

Emily Wynne-Hughes (pink haired rocker girl) changed her song last moment. She sang it well, but didn't really show her chops.

Emily, David, and an un-shown Alex are through. Erika tried to get a second chance, saying it was her cousin's birthday. What? Just go to the next audition.

Paula and Simon had a non-sensical tiff.

Alexis Grace, Brent Keith Smith, Ann-Marie Boscovitch, and Adam Lambert were all through, though we didn't see their singing.

After the first day, 104 contestants remain. Many of my initial favorites are there. Yay!

Who are you rooting for right now?

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Kelliewith3kiddos said...

I wanted the girl that takes care of her grandma to stay in. She was better than bikini girl.