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Amazing Race - 3.15.09

Ok, so I know I am way late blogging this... better late than never?

The last Pit Stop was at the Theatre of Music in Siberia. The Dreaded Flight Attendents are first, and were disappointed in their wish for a warm place when they revealed the clue was to take the Transsiberian Railroad across Siberia to a place with many letters. (Christie and Jodi actually had a funny quote - "Any place with that many consonants is not going to be warm).

Kisha and Jen caught up with Christie and Jodi, and found their way to the train station together, only to discover that there is only one train a day, and it's 10 hours later, so... all teams are on the same train. It's a sleeper car, but the beds are a bit too short for most people.

Mike wondered if Luke would create a new stereotype - the sinister deaf kid. Luke didn't seem upset about that designation. Their use of the blind u-turn is not a secret anymore.

Off the train, Kisha and Jen ran in a different direction than anyone else, and the mad dash was on to get a taxi. Cara and Jaime had their taxi stop so that Luke and Margie could follow them, so the alliance continues. Mel and Mike got into third place in their taxis, followed by Victor and Tammy, and Mark and Michael almost got hit by cars. Kisha and Jen finally found their taxi, and Jen bemoaned the fact that Kisha dared to not follow the pack. *sigh*


Russian Bride - Teams choose a car with a four speed manual transmission (lada), go to an apartment complex, find the waiting bride, bring her to the church, and get a picture taken.

Russian Snowplow - Teams also drive ladas, and operate cumbersome snow plows through a training course (each person has to take a turn).

Cara and Jaime and Luke and Margie choose snowplows, and Tammy and Victor tag along. Mel and Mike go for the Brides. Mike said he likes to choose whatever seems to be more fun, and he'd rather party with virgin brides than snowplows. Heeee. I like him.

Tammy and Victor especially have a terrible time driving. Cara and Jaime and Margie and Luke stopped at a gas station for directions, and Tammy and Victor asked a cabbie for directions, zooming off as soon as they got directions, trying to lose the teams behind them. Luke is suspicious of their sportsmanship. It is a game.

Others arrive and head out for their respective detour choices. Mel and Mike found their bride after a very short (looking) search, and she looked lovely.

Cara and Jamie passed Tammy and Victor, who kept stalling their car. All three get to the snowplows at about the same time. Some confusion occured when it wasn't clear what vehicles were snow plows. Margie almost started driving what looked like a bulldozer. They eventually figured it out, and were on their way.

Christie and Jodi had an encounter with some drunk Russians ("They reeked of vodka and they had bad teeth") who seemed to be leading them astray, but they didn't listen.

Tammy had some trouble with the stuck shift, as did Cara. Luke couldn't wait to get his turn.

Kisha and Jen also found their bride, and Christie and Jodi finally found theirs.

The search for the church was still on.

Tammy and Victor finished the detour first, and headed off to the largest library with the longest name in all of Siberia. Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke also finished quickly and went on their ways.

Mark and Michael arrived at the snow plows, and did a seemingly quick job. Mel and Mike dropped off the bride and got a picture, and went to find the library.

Kisha and Jen had troubles driving stick, and Christie and Jodi were led to the wrong church by a local (did this one also reek of vodka?). I supressed a snigger. They got directions back to the city to get the bride to the wedding. The bride looked none too pleased.

Margie and Luke arrived at the library first, with Cara and Jaime and Tammy and Victor right behind.


One team member must run a race - in their underwear. (To the delight of many Phil fans out there, Phil demonstrated what underwear look like. Thanks for that) They have to partner with two local runners, and run a little over a mile in their skivvies, after a mandatory 10 minute warm up, to the largest theatre in Russia. Luke was the runner for their team, and Victor was jealous of Tammy, saying he wished he was running in his underwear throught the streets. Cara was disappointed when she didn't get a lot of cat calls, and she walked a whole lot of the way. Not sure about that decision. Mike decided to do the race instead of his dad, and everyone was happier that way.

Kisha and Jen finally found their church and headed out to the library. Christie and Jodi were not far behind (seemingly) and decided to try to hire a cab to follow to the library, because they can't handle navigating.

Luke was embarrassed by running in his underpants, but he was fast and arrived at the finish line first. For winning the leg, a fully clothed Phil told them that they won a trip for two to St Lucia. Very nice. Runnig a race in undies there would be less of a hardship.

Tammy came running in next, and Jaime was not happy to hear that Cara was walking part of the race. Still, Cara got there, and they came in third.

Next on the course, Mike was wishing he hadn't been wearing his "big Russia boots" and Mark felt like an exhibition running through the streets.

Kisha and Jen had issues driving on ice, and almost got into an accident several times, stalling their car in the middle of the road.

Jodi and Christie finally found a cabbie to follow, and managed to keep themselves calm.

Jen finally got the car restarted.

Mike arrived at the finish line, and it was -4C. They came in 4th. Mark arrived not long afterwards, and they had a bit of a problem finding Phil, to be told they came in 5th.

Jen had to change into underwear for the race, because she doesn't wear any. Christie or Jodi (I can't tell them apart) had a problem because she was wearing a thong. Lots of cat calls were heard for both girls. Christie/Jodi slammed her finger in the door of the car before they left the car, and got some medical help.

And it's a non-elimination leg! So, sadly, the Dastardly Stewardesses are not eliminated, but have to perform a Speed Bump during the next leg. I guess they make good tv, but I still hope that thy fail in regaining ground.

(I'll finish fomatting later, if I can.)

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