Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol - 3.26.09: Results Show

Oh, Joy. Ruben Studdard is on the show tonight. My fast-forwarding finger can't wait. I really can't handle him.

Ryan asked what was up with Simon and Paula last night, and there was lots of inappropriate banter.

Recap time. It's as I remembered it.

We've got a medley of Motown hits for the Group Sing. The three girls sounded fantastic together, and Megan's waggly hips actually work for this kind of music. Matt joined them for the second song in the medley, and then Scott and the others. The singing was set with video clips of motown greats. Adam's emo hair is back, and I am disappointed.

The Ford Music Video is set to Pocket Full of Sunshine, and I really like the song. Having the blind guy setting the pieces into a puzzle seemed a bit odd, but maybe that's just me.

Oh, look, Ruben... there he went. He sweats as much as ever, and I still don't like him.

Geez. Now, there's a plug for the private plane they flew to Detroit.

Now down to business. Adam is safe. No surprise there.

Holy cow. Travesty. Matt is in the Bottom 3! I wonder if he suffered because he went first, with the second part of the show being so much better.

Kris got psyched out by Ryan for a second, but is safe. Good.

Michael and Lil were told to stand at the same time. Lil is safe, and Michael is where he belongs in the bottom.

Smokey Robinson did a duet with Joss Stone. If Megan could polish herself up, she could sing stuff in the same genre as Joss Stone. I can only assume that Smokey Robinson was happy to sing with Joss... he's long since lost the ability to make facial expressions aside from slightly creepy half-grin. Still, they sounded good together. I thought the song was rather boring, sadly.

Allison was saved from a repeat of her Bottom 3 last week (that she didn't deserve at all). Anoop is also safe. Danny is safe, and yay. I could have predicted that either Scott or Megan would be in the bottom 3. I think they both deserve to be there, and Matt does not. In the end, it's Scott in the bottom 3. (Megan offered to help him over to the chair, after being stunned I think that she was not in the Bottom 3 herself... Ryan brought him over instead)

Incredibly, he was not to be in the bottom 3 for long, as Seacrest let him know that he is safe, and walked him back across the stage. Booo. He totally belonged there.

Before we find out who's going home (and see if the judges save them), it's time for a Stevie Wonder medley. Anoop and Danny were getting their groove on to Superstition. Both of them could do the song justice, I think. Kara and Paula were also getting very into the songs.

And I am out of DVR Buffer. Boo. I hate commercials.

In the end, justice was served, and Michael is going home. (Unless the judges save him. They are totally not going to save him). His performance was pretty bad, and he's gone. I will not miss him.

Carrie, sing him out.

Anyone hear what next week is?

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