Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 3.5.09

The ladies are thrilled to have lost Lacey to the other team. There was much rejoicing. Lacey didn't seem so thrilled. It was kind of childish, though, because they were cheering when she was right there. The men talked to Lacey and said that they just got rid of Seth, and don't want another Seth, so she needs to step it up.

The Cheftestants were brought to an Asian market.

Each team will select one poultry, one seafood, and one meat dish with a strong Asian influence. They have 25 minutes and $100 to get what they need in the market. A very Top Chef Challenge. Andrea got bossy and was pissing people off. Carol said "loud and bossy doesn't make you good." Lacey is ignored by the men, and she thinks that it is just the men being bitchy like the women. What if it is just her? Something she brings out in people?

Back at the kitchen, they have 1 hour and have to work in teams. Ben is working with Lacey. More power to him. Over in the women's kitchen, they don't seem that confident. Ramsey reminded them that they need to go Asian fusion, not straight Asian.

There is a guest judge from, and the winning teams recipes will be featured.

Carol & Coi - Pomegranite Cinnamon glazed chicken breast. It is called a little dry and boring in presentation, but the flavors are good.

Robert & Danny - Pad Thai BBQ Chicken. The judges call it a compliment of Southern and Asian, and they like it.

The men win this round.

Paula & LA - Ahi Tuna Tempura with aoli. They liked the tuna a lot.

Ben & Lacey - Pan seared scallops. It is called a bit smooshy.

The tuna wins the round.

Colleen & Andrea - Kobe Beef Sashimi with Korean sauce. The red pepper flakes were over the top, but the beef "saved the dish."

J & Giovanni - Beef ???? according to the captions, until it's identified as Beef Pizziola style. The rice is undercooked, and Ramsey said there's no excuse for that.

In the end, lady chose the Red Team, and the women won another one. Robert said it was a woman thing. I don't think so.

They won a day of "Asian influenced" surprises.

The men have to make homemade fortune cookies and decorate the restaurant in oragami.

Lacey is flipping out, repeatedly saying that she wants to go home. Ben tells her that she needs to be more motivated in the kitchen. Lacey thought he was blowing smoke up her ass.

The Red Team went off for their Reward and are thrilled ot be without Lacey.

Back in the kitchen, Lacey was doing Ramsey impressions while they were baking and folding origami.

The Reward for the women is Sumo Style wrestling, in big fat suits. Between Jean-Philippe and Ramsey. Ramsey was completely dominant. The women then got to put on the suits. Carol is ridiculously tiny, but she took Coi. In the end, it was a big pig pile.

Fortune cookies came out very nice looking. Lacey was the only one able to do a good paper crane, and was obnoxious about it.

The other ladies got to sample some Sake. Guess the kitchen isn't open that night. Coi said that she had 9 shots. Wow. I love sake, but that is enough to knock you on your ass.

Lacey got over her smugness and taught the men how to do some origami, and it was all lovey dovey. Way to go. I think we learned how to make paper cranes in 4th grade.

Next day, it's time for prep, and Ramsey called them out first, telling Paula that her tuna dish was one of the best he's tasted in all the seasons of Hell's Kitchen, and it's on the menu that night. Awesome. I'd eat it.

Giovanni and LA both were doing pretty well on the appetizers.

In come some Sumo Wrestlers who ordered everything on the menu. Their table was split between the kitchens.

In the Blue Kitchen, Lacey was doing well. She was communicating well, and was emerging as a leader. Wow. I'm impressed.

Oh no. Andrea burned a Wellington and hid it. At least she didn't try to carve off the burned part. The men also were having problems with Wellingtons, which are underdone over there.

The women's kitchen has the oven door wide open, and Colleen is blamed. Andrea's hidden burned Wellingtons are found. You can't hide in Ramsey's kitchen.

Robert is ignoring Ramsey when he is calling him Bobby, and picking on his weight. Apparently Robert's dad is named Bobby, and they had a bad relationship, so it's hitting a nerve. Then Ramsey saw that Robert was tossing a lot of food, and kicked him out of the kitchen. He had a talk, but ended up coming back, under advisement to find his passion.

Andrea is still having issues with the Wellington. She was tossing numbers out of nowhere, saying she was 4 minutes, then 6 minutes, then 2 minutes, from Wellington.

Not the worst problem - J's chicken was raw. Nothing has left the kitchen in 15 minutes. Communication was off, and food was missing.

The women are on to desserts, and they are sent back, with raw pastry and raw hard pear. Colleen was clueless.

Kitchens are shut down. These chefs are just getting worse, it seems.

Robert asked to speak to Ramsey in private (about the Bobby/Robert thing), and is denied for now. There is no winner. Giovanni and LA are asked to nominate one person in their team to go up for elimination.

Robert got his one on one with Ramsey. He was very concise about telling Ramsey why he doesn't want to be called Bobby, and Ramsey is a good man, telling him that he respects that entirely, wishes that Robert had told him before, and won't call him Bobby again. Good.

LA is between Andrea and Colleen. Giovanni can't pick Lacey because she was very good. It's between Robert and J.

LA decided to put Andrea up, and I think that was a good choice, though Colleen keeps squeaking by. Giovanni chose J.

And because American Idol went over... I missed the end. Booooo!!

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