Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol - 3.18.09: Results Show

The big graphics behind Ryan are truly dizzying, and distracting. Is Randy wearing a cravat? And did Paula raid a vampire's closet? A kind of slutty vampire? Simon continues to to be ridiculously casual.

I fast forwarded through the recap. We all saw it, no need to re-do.

Oh, yeah. The group sing, it's Trouble. Scott got to play the piano. I'm totally digging Megan's pants, but the girl still can't move. Lil's outfit was regrettable. I don't think the singing was anything to really comment about. It was ok, but nothing to write home about, and the choreography was clumsy and awkward, as has come to be expected.

It's Ford Music video time! It's set to one of my favorite songs to sing on Rockband, Here it Goes Again, and involved a lot of water balloons. Kris really is very camera friendly, I'll give him that.

After that, we got to see what happens after people get booted off the show. Amazingly, they don't just open up the big ol' hole in the floor and send them to the shark pit; they actually have a little send off celebration. Who would have thunk it?

Ryan asked the finalists some questions, including poor Michael, who's daughter asked him why he didn't want to be with her anymore, since he's on the show. That was sad. Apparently, everyone was wearing masks during dress rehearsal, to keep Megan's contagion contained. For fashion's sake, masks are off now, so I hope that the bugs are well behaved.

Danny is pronounced safe, and Lil and her terrible top are also safe from elimination. I wish we could eliminate her shirt (and of course, replace it with something else, but really... did girl not look in the mirror?). Anoop's great performance last night ensured him a place in the Top 10. Allison and Michael were told to stand next. Paula blathered on about how no one deserves to go home, and predicted Allison would be in the bottom 3, and she was right. Oh no! Michael sat down again, but not for long, because it turned out that he also is in the bottom 3.

(I fast forwarded through Brad Paisley, because I don't care)

Scott is told to stand next, and he is not in the bottom 3. Oh well. Megan and her virus are also safe. Yay! (yay about Megan, not the virus). Matt is also in the Top 10. Kris, with his best performance so far, are safe too. Alexis, who didn't do super well on Jolene, and Adam and his insane take on Ring of Fire are the final two to learn their fate. Simon said that Adam's performance was worse upon watching it back, but Randy (who brought up that Adam's Ring of Fire was based on Jeff Buckley's version) said that Allison is in the bottom three. Why yes, Randy, she is. Turns out, he meant Alexis, and he was right.

The bottom three consists of two of my favorite girls, and someone who I keep forgetting. I hope that Mr. Forgettable goes home. Allison is at least safe.

It's time for a duet with Carrie and Randy Travis. Is she wearing a hair net, or did she just get a really bad hair cut? I hope it's just teased and tucked up. She looks like she's getting ready for a Barbie Prom. It's a bad bad outfit. Carrie sounds good, even though I don't really like her. I swear the flower in her hair looks like a tarantula perched up there. Not good. Kind of scary. She and Randy Travis sound nice together, too. It was mostly a Carrie song, with Randy Travis playing guitar and singing a bit, but not much. Not bad. And I don't usually like Carrie.

Ryan took a seat with the bottom 2, and Simon admitted that the judges might use their save on one of them. I bet it would be Alexis.

Will they do it? Michael is safe, and it would be Alexis going home. Nooooooo!!! Michael is so boring and forgettable.

The judges get to decide if they are going to use their save after Alexis' encore performance. She sang for her life, and looked ready for tears. Unfortunately, I dont know if it was strong enough to save her. She would have had to kill it. I really love her, and I will be so sad to see her go, but I don't think that they should use their save on her. I hope to hear more from her in the future, though.

But will they use it? Nope! I am sad. She is so sweet and pretty, and very talented. She left with dignity and lots of grace, true to her name.

And apparently, Obama is pre-empting American Idol next week. What's up with that? So, next week, the performances will be on Wednesday, with a Results Show on Thursday. Since there is no Survivo, I can handle that.

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