Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - Results Show 3.11.09

The graphics behind Ryan were dizzying in the opening. Randy's booing of Simon is really the most obnoxious thing ever. Just saying.

Ryan revealed the new twist - it's the Judge's Save. Up until the Top 5, the judges can save one contestant. It's a Get Out of Jail Free Card. The week they use the save, no one will go home, and then the next, they will send two people home. I think this is good. I had heard rumors of a Sing Off, a la So You Think You Can Dance, but I think this is better, actually. It also has to be unanimous.

The Top 13 get to live in a mansion, which is sweet, including an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a stage, and several large jacuzzi tubs. Still, they are sharing rooms. Because that's where the drama is going to come from, I guess.

The Group Sing is not Thriller like I had been hoping for, but a medley of Jackson 5 songs. I feel badly for Scott, but he got a hand from Alexis when the choreography demanded that he move to the back of the stage. There was a dance solo from Danny, and he is flipping adorable. This Top 13 is really devoid of any stinkers, and they actually sounded pretty good together. I still dislike the Group Sing, to put it mildly.

It's time for a recap of last night. I don't care what you say, I still think Megan is wonderful and quirky. And I still don't see what everyone likes so much about Adam.

Ryan talked to Michael in order to set him up to introduce the Ford video of the week. It was set to We Will Rock You, and I enjoyed it. The Ford videos are cheesy fun.

Michael Sarver is safe. I wasn't expecting that. Allison is also swiftly announced as safe. Jasmine is pulled down to the center of the stage. I would agree with that, if indeed the center of the stage is the Bottom 3. Matt Giraud nearly walked right down to the center of the stage before Ryan even told him his fate, but that journey was not in the cards for him tonight. He is safe. Good. Kris and Megan are told to stand together. Ryan confused Kris, but it was Megan who was going to the center of the stage. She was not to stay there long, because she is safe. Jasmine is going home unless the judge's save her. She is given a chance to sing again, and I reminded just how off pitch she was last night. She is no better tonight. I doubt the judge's will use their veto to save her. If they do, I will seriously question their judgement.

She is rejected by the judges, and she is out. I think she may have a future, but she needs to work on getting more into her chest voice, and out of her head voice.

Now it's time for Kanye West. I don't like him, so I fast forwarded.

Scott stands next, but is sitting again quickly. Alexis is also safe, funky number or not. Danny has many pairs of glasses and we will see more of them, because he is safe. Yay! Will Anoop be beating it on the way home? He knew he was heading to the center of the stage before Ryan even told him. Over-rated Adam is safe. Jorge shared his standing time by the couch with Lil. Jorge joins Anoop center stage.

Before we find out who is going home, it's time for Kelly Clarkson.

Can we get a Woooooot wooooot???? I love Kelly. That said, her dress is bad. Really bad. I wonder if she wore it in honor of Michael Jackson week? Anyhow, I love her.

Anoop is safe (yay!) and Jorge is out (unless the judges safe him. Again, I don't think so). I fast forwarded through his encore. I think Jorge can in fact, say goodbye, no matter what he says. The judges fail to save him, he's gone.

The Boot Off Song this year is Carrie Underwood's cover of Poison's Home. Eh.

Are you happy with the vote offs this week? What do you think of the new twist? Who do you hope to see back for performances, since they are bringing former idols back every week? I want to see Blake.


Anonymous said...

I was happy with who was sent home. Thanks for clearing up the new rule. I like it. I want to see Chris Daughtry perform again. I love him......

I liked watching Kelly Clarkson perform too. She has put on some weight and I think the outfit was trying to hide it.

TVHolics Anonymous said...

Actually it's Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home. I agree with you about Megan. There's something there. Anoop should have gone though.

Astrid said...

Thanks - my husband said it was Poison. Guess that will teach me to use Google instead of "Hey, honey?"

And if Kelly was trying to use that dress to hide any weight gain, she failed. I don't mind her being a little curvy (Love it, actually, in this land of waifs), but you can dress to accentuate yourself whatever your size... just saying.