Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 3.26.09

LA spoke to Lacey about her piss poor attitude, saying that she is not there to win, but instead is there to win trips and prizes. Robert thinks she should be learning from them instead of being so stupid.

The challenge starts with tartar. Ramsey served them Tuna tartar and called it beef, and sea bass tartar, and called it scallop. All the chefs were fooled. Someone on the red team has to sit out, and LA volunteered. It's blind taste test time.

And I still have to say, I have no idea how chefs can smoke. It dulls the pallette.

Ben and Andrea got Fillet mignon, and both got it wrong. Fried egg white was good for both of them, and so was beets. Romaine lettuce stymied Andrea, who thought it was celery, but Ben got it.

Robert and Giovanni go head to head on turnip, and failed miserably. Pea tendrils (what?) were also both failed. Amazingly, neither of them got lobster. Robert loves black truffles, supposedly, but could not identify it, saying it tasted like "bleep." Giovanni was a big fail, too.

Carol got mushrooms, and calves liver, and Lacey missed them both. Brocolini was a miss for both, but they both got sweet potato.

Paula and Danny have the final challenge - a dish, and name 10 ingredients in it, with a point for each. They were blindfolded like the others, and got minestrone soup. Paula won it for the women, by a small margin.

The Winning Team gets a photo shoot with TV Guide. The women rejoice. Giovanni gets some hugs.

The Losing Team will be waiting on the Winning team to serve them lunch during the photo shoot - and they have to prep both kitchens for service that night. Because that went so well last time.

Lacey was bitter about serving "those snooty bitches." Man, she's pleasant.

Ben dropped a glass when the flash bulb went off and spilled all over everyone. That was kind of funny. Giovanni looked like a pimp.

Lacey continued to have the worst attitude ever.

Service begin, and was shaky in the beginning, but picked up. And Eric McCormick's in the dining room. Lacey was falling apart. Danny had to walk her step by step through her service, and she practically began crying. Then she really began crying. She was flustered and couldn't cook meat, and Ramsey tossed her out.


He had a pantry discussion with her and gave her a second chance.

Ben went to calm her down, and ended up burning his finger. Robert was rushing around and doing appetizers all by himself, and ended up splitting his pants.

Carol was falling apart in the women's kitchen, and wasn't communicating with Andrea, who kept asking when she would be ready. Because Carol didn't talk to her, Andrea's fish was a mess.

Oooh, Robert Patrick is in the dining room, too.

Lacey was supposed to do a VIP table, and messed up the meat severely. Ramsey kicked her out for good this time.

And good riddance. At least she got a proper goodbye to the kitchen, unlike J, who just left. Unfortunately, no one liked Lacey, and no one will miss her.

Carol was still having troubles, and got some meat sent back because it was rare. She refired and they were still not cooked. At least she told LA that her food was going to be later. Then, of course, Ramsey got upset at LA.

And the men, without Lacey, rallied. They finished up service while the Red Kitchen was floundering. Ramsey shut them down.

The Red Team were sent up to decide who should go. Carol said she would nominate herself. Then, she got mad when Andrea nominated her, too. LA also got some votes, mostly because she is quiet and sometimes slow.

So, who actually is going up for elimination? LA is up, and so is Carol. When pushed, Paula also said that Andrea had some votes. All three went up in front of Ramsey.

In the end, it was LA going home. Carol and Andrea were given another chance. I don't think Carol really deserved it. Oh well. LA was too quiet for her own good.

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