Monday, March 30, 2009

Survivor Tocantins: Recap Show

(Sorry this is a late recap, I wasn't home much last week)

Just in case we forgot, there was a recap of how much Coach sucks, and how neat the Secret Alliance could be if it doesn't fizzle, how awesome JT is (tooth cracking and all). So, what haven't we seen?

We see why everyone thought Sierra didn't want to be there the first day. She looked utterly ill.

Tyson thought that Coach looked like the love child of Stephen Segal and The Last of the Mohicans. Then Coach busted out some crazy talk about being honed and shaped like a hardened sword. Sydney was automatically pegged as "The Hot Blonde that Will be a Shame to Vote Out." Taj was hoping to kill them with kindness. I'm not sure if her insane tirades fit that bill.

Here's a reminder: Brazil in HD = magnificent.

Timbira was having troubles in the beginning with no fire, and wondered what it would be like to eat dried beans. Instead, they gather minnows and Debra noted that it tasted a little like sushi. They also found a "fruit that smells like a foot." Mmm, yummy.

Jalapao's fire went out at one point, and even with flint, they had the devil of the time getting it started. Stephen wanted to prove himself capable and failed pretty miserably. JT took a try and also failed. Sydney, claiming to be more than a girly girl, having grown up camping with her dad, took about 2 minutes to start it. Stephen called her a Woodland Goddess.

Tyson, meanwhile, didn't get any food for his tribe, or start fire, but he got naked and danced around camp like a madman. He fashioned his buff into a loin cloth and did some butt popping. He and Debra did some horsing around. Coach found Tyson attractive "but not in a sexual way." Tyson said he might end up having to move someplace "a little less Mormon-y."

There was a shot of some ROUS looking creature that made me go "What the hell's that???" A Tapir?

Coach decided to delegate cooking beans and rice to Sierra, and treated her like she was crazy when she said it would be nice to have some companionship. He was totally condescending to her, and it was seriously obnoxious. He explained in confessional that he was trying to wean Sierra off her helplessness because people keep coddling her. He thinks he's a mother bird or something, and explained to her that he wanted to gently push her out of the nest. She kind of saw where he was coming from. I still think he's an ass.

Over at Jalapao, everyone was sooty and dirty, and Sydney helped JT build a floor so they could get their shelter off the dirt and get a little cleaner. Stephen wanted to help, but they just kind of stared at him.

And over at Timbira, there was a battle for leader between Brenden and Coach. Coach was building chairs (and that is one of the first times I've ever seen him do something). There was a build-off, basically. Debbie and Erinn enjoyed the contest, because it was work they didn't have to do, and figured out different contests they could do - like Water Carrying, and the like. Brenden conceded the win to Coach, but brought up (in confessional) that they didn't really a coach, they need a leader, and friends.

Taj was lamenting about the bugs and lack of facials at Camp, and got some sympathy from Stephen and Sandy. She said she just doesn't want to go home looking like a wreck. She seemed to get over it well.

Timbira worried about snakes, because Coach had been talking in his sleep about a recurring nightmare he's had since when he lived in the Amazon. (He had to bring that up). Then, Debbie found a snake skin next to their shelter. Yipes.

Jalapao decided to play ball with Jabota (the "fruit that smells like feet") - Joe and JT had some fun. It was nice to see Joe speak. JT's shorts are quite something. Just saying. JT is probably hoping for some kind of ball game challenge, because he's really quite good. One of the funnier moments was when one of their "balls" almost brained Taj, who was sitting in the water.

Coach decided his tribe would be cheered off with a little Tzachovsky, and did some jungle conducting. He's just trying to show how well rounded he is, but Erinn said "Who is this jackass?" I'm liking Erinn of the Superfluous N.

Tyson and Coach went off to make their plans, and I swear they pledged their undying love for one another. Well, Coach promised never to vote off Tyson, and Tyson said "I'm the same" but never said the words.

JT and Stephen's unlikely bromance was also showcased. Stephen really wants to learn to do some actual Survivor Skills.

Over at Exile, the Secret Alliance was discussed with Stephen and Brenden. Stephen got a "pretty boa" made out of about a 4 ft snakeskin. Brenden was honest about the state of his tribe, so that he would feel comfortable with the Secret Alliance, and then he showed off his Nature Man skills, starting a fire quickly, but it didn't last long because the rains came. They spooned "for all we were worth" in the rain, and Stephen said "nothing could have prepared me for lying against a hunk of man." Hilarious. I'm also liking Stephen.

And the sunrise is glorious.

They agree to no more cuddling after the merge. Funny.

So excited for a new episode this week! Yay!

(And, ok, the Special "I Get That A Lot" looks funny. Probst ringing up groceries? Hilarious.)

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Ed said...

What the recap show showed me was that: 1) I still don't like coach. 2) I have a renewed apprecaition for Tysons humor. 3) I would like to see Brendan, Tyson, or pretty much anyone but Coach win it all.