Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol Results Show - 3.4.09


Randy's shades match his shirt, both orange, and Paula looks to be wearing an old prom dress. Interesting style choices.

I keep forgetting that Kris is in the Top 12. I'm surprised every time I see him sitting on the stools. That's probably a bad thing.

We got a montage of How the Current Group of 12 got to this point, with a lot of high pitched squealing and crying.

The Group Sing is Hot & Cold, by Katy Perry. I think the girls were better than the boys. Thankfully, they let the men sit on a couch, so that poor Scott didn't have to deal with bad Idol Group Choreography, except for a couple sways and one jump up and spin, then sit back down. The girls sounded pretty good together, but the guys didn't jive very well. It was awkward and there was a lot of shoulder shimmying going on. Von's hair looks like he's attempting a faux hawk, but didn't quite have the guts to do it all the way, so it looks like a strange wave on the top of his head. Not good. Just saying.

After a recap of last night, including Von and Taylor being forgettable, Alex's microphone stand kicking, Arianna's general dreadfulness, Kristin's Holly Hobby dress, Taylor's shopping habits, Kendall's earnest country appeal, Nathaniel's weak Meatloaf, Jorge's unexpected voice and tears, Scott recreating the high five moment with Simon, and Lil being downright amazing.

For some padding, Ryan chatted with the contestants. Nathaniel made a plea to get into the Wildcard if he doesn't get through tonight, and Jorge complained about how cold Southern California is (78. That's high summer for Vermont. He would probably just die in the temps we've been having. It was -3 this morning). Taylor admitted she had a couple problems, but was happy. Ju'Not had his first asthma attack during rehearsals and got another shot from his favorite doctor. And it's time to get to the meat...

With no fanfare or fake drama, Lil is through to the Top 12. No surprises. Her hair is ridiculous, as is her Lucille Ball-esque outfit (but add leggings to that! Horrible) but her vocals on her reprise performance are all there. I wonder who let her go on stage looking like that.

Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, and Scott were told to stand up next. One is through. I'm guessing Scott, because the others were all really bad. I don't agree, but America loves someone who overcomes adversity. Arianna is gone, and so is Taylor. Alex is really funny, but not in the Top 12. It's down to Kendall and Scott. Will it be Country Girl, or The Story? Not suprisingly, it's The Story, and Scott is through.

He sang his encore, and I am reminded that I just don't think he's that good. *sigh.*

Nathaniel and Kristin stood next, and are both out. I hope to see Kristin in the Wildcard.

Von's hair and Felicia were next, and both gone.

Will it be Ju'Not or Jorge? That's a tough one, because they were both pretty great. I think it's safe to say whoever doesn't get through will probably be back for the Wildcard. Jorge is through in the third spot, and I agree. He broke out into some Spanish that I didn't understand. His encore will be later.

Who will be in the Wildcard?

We don't know yet. First, there is a re-introduction to the 9 who are already through. I don't know why that was necessary. In the break, they had them go up the stairs, and then they came down the stairs when Ryan came back from break. What? My attention span is not that short.

8 people will be coming back to sing tomorrow, and 3 will go through.

Now - the Wildcard Group.

Von Smith is first in, and I don't know about that choice, with all the great people up there. Simon wants him to wear a hat. If that hides his idiotic hair, I agree.

Jasmine Murray is the next overrated pick to go into the Wildcard. This angers me. Kara told her that she needs to kill them with her vocals tomorrow, and stay young.

Ricky Braddy is getting another chance, and this one I agree with. I'm rooting for him.

Megan Corkrey will have another chance to dance like a drunk member of the Peanuts, and I am looking forward to her, too.

No no no no no!!! Tatiana is going to darken the stage with her presense again. I can't handle it. She put on the drama and broke into tears like a beauty queen. Go away, psycho. She's got a good voice, but I just. can't. handle. her. You can't tell me that the producers didn't nudge them in this direction. Kristin would have been a much better choice.

A good choice, Matt Giraud is getting a second chance.

I am also happy to see Jesse Langseth coming back. I enjoyed her.

Anoop is also getting another chance. I wish they would stop calling him Anoop Dawg, but other than that, I hope that he does much better.

Sadness that they didn't bring Jamar back.

Jorge sang his encore song at the end, and it was good.

What do you think of tonight's results, and the wildcard choices?

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