Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 3.12.09

No more Colleen!!! Yippee!! I don't blame Ramsey for getting rid of her in spite of her not being nominated.

J was rocked from being nominated, and apologized to his son's picture.

Ramsey talked to the Cheftestants, and let Lacey know he was impressed with her performance. This week, they are doing a Bar Mitvah. Ben cheered, saying they were his people. Coi has catered many Bar Mitvahs and loves them. The Bar Mitvah Boy's mom and grandma came in and told the cheftestants that the boy loves mom's burgers, brisket, and chicken soup. The teams have 45 minutes to create fantastic fine dining versions of these dishes.

Why do I have the sinking feeling that Ben is going to disappoint, because he is totally sure of himself?

Carol is planning a burger stuffed with bleu cheese, which Andrea hated the idea of for kids. She then took a poll and asked what temp she should cook the burger to, and everyone said medium well, and she said, ok, I'll do it medium then...

Bar Mitvah Boy is judging. Giovanni and Andrea are up first with the chicken soup. Giovanni's won.

Ben's and LA's briskets are up next. This one went to LA, and Jewish Ben's Brisket was denied.

Carol's Bleu Cheese Burger vs. Robert's Kobe Burger were up last. Both chefs couldn't stop talking their burgers up. Max didn't like the bleu cheese, and Robert's burger won it for the men (and Lacey).

The Blue Team headed off to a spa for a day of relaxation.

Carol was still proud of her bleu cheese burger. She and her ego have to help the Red Team get the dining room ready for the Bar Mitvah. Poor Jean-Philippe had to work with Francisco (from seasons past) who couldn't be more flamboyant and stereotypical. LA said "I'm gay, that dude is parade gay."

The blue team got some serious spa treatments, with J talking about J in third person, and Robert showing too much skin.

Andrea and Carol butted heads some more. and couldn't put together a dance floor.

Ben and Lacey bonded a bit while getting massages.

There was the typical annoying behavior when the Blue Team returned from their reward.

Ramsey impressed upon the Cheftestants that it is super important for the Service to be completed for the Bar Mitvah. The winning recipes are on the menu.

First off, Andrea's mushroom risotto was sent back for not having enough mushrooms. Carol tried to hop in and help her, but she denied the help, and fixed it herself.

For the second part of the punishment for the Red Team, they had to hold Max's chair for the Hora dance. They all hoped not to drop him. Ben (remember he's Jewish, because he's not going to let you forget), wishes he had gotten to take part.

J missed the part of an order where Ramsey said no dressing on a salad, and it did not make Ramsey happy.

The Entrees can't go out until Max has been served. Coi forgot to put the burgers on, and then they were sticking on the grill. They were cold when they were brought up to the pass, and that's a not good at all. Ramsey kicked trash cans and they got fixed.

What was not fixed was Danny's plates, which had schmutz on the bottom of them.

Coi was also have problems with the meat, and Carol was stepping on her feet. LA tried to help Coi cut the brisket, but she refused the help.

Over in the Blue Team, Lacey was starting to show her true colors and flipping out about small things.

And on the Red Team, Andrea and Carol were fighting like cats.

Meanwhile, in a move that looked totally scripted, the Bar Mitvah cake fell flat on the floor when Francisco bumped into Jean-Philippe. The cheftestants sent out desserts instead. (looked to be planned that way anyhow).

As a final surprise for the Bar Mitvah Boy, the Harlem Globetrotters made an appearance. Robert said what I was thinking - "I remembered those guys when they were on Scooby Doo, man."

During clean up, Andrea tried to apologize for stepping on Carol's feet, but Carol said she had wanted to punch Andrea in the throat.

Since both teams finished service, Ramsey decided that the Blue Team won because they had more determination throughout service. Ramsey picked Andrea as the strongest in the Red Team, because she bounced back. No one seemed pleased with that decision.

When Ramsey asked who she nominated, Andrea said she didn't have any real decisions. Ramsey didn't like that answer, and I thought he was going to fire her right there. In the end, she put Coi and LA up. I was stunned that she didn't put Carol up, given their animosity. LA said that Ramsey hasn't seen the best of her yet, and she's not very loud, but she wants to stay. Coi says that she's a wonderful team player. And when Ramsey was about to give his decision, Coi spoke up and said that Andrea was the weakest in the kitchen. Carol and LA agreed. In the end, it didn't matter what they said - Coi was sent packing. There were tears.

Next week, Andrea and Carol continue to get at each other, Lacey threatens to quit - again, and Robert said he would hang up his Chef's Coat and become a crack whore. o....k....

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