Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol - 3.31.09 : Top iTunes Downloads

I'm glad to see that Adam's hair is again not in front of his face. Maybe he will be better again.

Paula's got another prom dress on. Interesting. She is not hiding any props under the table, but they may be in the poofs of her skirt.

Whoa - what the heck have they put poor Allison? SHe looks like a complete moron. Wonder if it will somehow mesh with the song choice. The theme this week is iTunes Popular Downloads. The top 9 got to visit with Ryan in the AT40 studio.

Anoop Desai (Caught Up - Usher) Never heard this song before ever, and while I think that Anoop probably has a better voice that Usher. I think he thinks that a sneer gives him some sort of street cred. I mean, he sounds good, but this is a terrible song. An absolutely terible song. I am bored, and I think that Anoop is in serious trouble. Randy thought Anoop should check it out, and thought we should know that it is interesting that Anoop brought the swagger - I took it to be the sneer. Randy also thought it was not a very good song choice, because Usher's songs are not singers songs. Kara thought it was too safe and too close to the original, and wondered if some frat boys dared him to sing it. Paula mumbled about him being a balladeer, and signature hits and blah blah mumble. What? Simon thought it was a complete and utter mess. Sadly, I agree. Simon thought he came over as a wannabe. Anoop is better than this song. Simon said it gave him a headache. Anoop talked back to the judges, which is never a good idea.

Megan Joy No Longer Corkrey (Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley/Lauren Hill) Is she wearing Mom jeans? She may like this song, but it's a mess, kind of like the jewelry box that threw up around her neck. Not as bad as last week, but still, it's a mess. She is absolutely gorgeous, but she needs to go. Kara said she really likes Megan, but she thinks she's in trouble, and said that she was actually irritated by Megan's voice. Paula (looking a little haggard tonight) said that Megan needs to leave her comfort zone and surprise them with something. She wants Megan to rip hearts out with a ballad, sitting on a stool. Simon said the song was boring, indulgent, and monotonous. Randy said it was like watching paint dry, and just because you love a song doesn't mean you can sing it well. Megan talked back to the judges too. Can I say again, NEVER a good idea.

Danny Gokey (What Hurts the Most - Rascall Flats) Danny brought it down this week, and I think he sounds quite good. He's not shouting, which has been a criticism I've seen of him. I liked it quite a lot, and I don't even really like the original. Something about Danny's gravely tone makes me prefer his version. Paula said this is where Danny thrives, and she would hit repeat on the song on a cd in her car. Simon thought it was his best performance so far, calling his performances two snails performing with a racehorse. Randy thinks tonight's show starts right here. Sorry, Anoop and Megan. Randy thinks the cool thing about Danny is that he can keep the movement. Danny said he wanted to stay behind the mic because that was out of his comfort zone. Kara thought he moved everyone in the audience, and said he gave her goosebumps. I liked it a lot. My friends (viewing companions) don't like him and find him annoying.

Allison Iraheta (Don't Speak - No Doubt) Allison broke out her guitar for this performance. I wonder if she thought the dress and outfit would be in homage to Gwen Stefani. Not so much, sweetie. She looks like Cyndi Lauper put through a blender. She was really really great in the beginning, but she went a little off on the chorus. Her ennunciation is still abyssmal, and she mumble mumbled her way through most of the song. Still, I liked it for the most part. Randy said she did her thing, whatever whatever, but hated her outfit. My friend thinks she looks like a troll doll. I can see it. Kara said that the rock in her comes out no matter what she's wearing, so she doesn't need to put all the forced punk rocker clothes on. Kara said the outfit distacted from the very decent vocals. Paula stumbled over saying some strange things about axes. Simon said the outfit was like Halloween, and thought they lost Allison's identity because of it. He also asserted that she shouted the song. I really like her, but she needs to shop at normal stores.

Scott MacIntyre (Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel) His strangely poofy hair makes him look oddly like Kirk Cameron. I'm bored bored bored. It's strange and very very bad. Kara thought he made some smart decisions tonight, and loved what he did with the song. Paula thought he made you forget about his challenges and just love him. I don't think so. Simon thought it was a new Scott and loved the performance. Oh for heaven's sake. He was terrible.

Matt Giraud (You Found Me - The Fray) Oh my goodness, where was he when he started singing? He was placed in the center of the crowd for no apparent reason, and oh geez, he's murdering this very nice song. Matt just went down in my ranks considerably. This is the reason they make stages. He should have been on it. The placement was bizarre, and then he shouted and it was cringeworthy. Sigh. Paula appreciated the contemporary song, but aborted the wonderful things about him, and thought it was like karioke, and was reminiscent to the horrible Cold Play song. Simon said he sounded like he was trying to be something he wasn't. Randy said the problem was that he just chose the wrong song. Kara said that he is just not a rock singer. He's dreadful tonight.

Lil Rounds (I Surrender - Celine Dion) I'm bored before she even started singing, and her helmet of hair and her completely horrendous dress, I just couldn't pay much attention at all. It was boring and flat in places. I don't think she has the chops for the song. Randy thought it was the wrong song choice, but dude, she can sing. Kara thought she should have sung a different song, but liked some of her notes. Paula said she doesn't want to see an adult contemporary Lil Rounds, she wants something young and hip. Simon thought it was a wedding song. In an attempt to get Lil more votes, they dragged out her cute kids. Such tactics won't work on me.

Adam Lambert (Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherries) The pompadour is back, and I like it. What I don't like is his layering of three bad shirts from the 80's. I thought the performance was pretty good, but then he screached up into the notes the judges like and I do not. Still, it's been a dreadful night so far, and I think this is my favorite so far. Paula called him unique and riveting and compared him to Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger. I wouldn't go that far. Simon thought it was very good. Randy said he was in the star zone. Adam gave a shout out to Ricky Minor and the band. Kara drooled on him.

Kris Allen (Aint No Sunshine) Instead of the guitar, he's going with piano this time. More aptly, the keyboard. I think he's doing a really lovely job of the song. It's definitely his own version of it, that's for sure. He's moved up the ranks in my opinion with that one. He looked a little pained on the last note, but it sounded good. Randy called it so creative and so cool. Kara said "That is Artistry," and I would agree. It was lovely. And current. Paula gushed that it should be the first cut from his album. Simon said he brought some confidence to the stage, and loved the arrangement.

Who should go this week? Oh, Megan comes to mind. Anoop, Matt, and Scott were quite dreadful as well. Lil was also bad and screachy. Danny was really good, Allison was ok, but I really don't know if I can get behind that outfit. I will be voting I think for Danny (03) and Kris (09), and I'll throw a couple votes at Adam (08) and Allison (04).

What did you think? Who should go home?

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