Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amazing Race - 3.22.09

The Sinister Stewardesses are still in it, but there's a Speed Bump to overcome. I can't explain why I dislike them so much, but I do... so I hope that they have troubles. I guess this season has lost the Annoying Disfunctional Couple that I usually dislike, so my ire has turned towards them.

From Siberia, to India. Talk about a shock to the system. They are heading to Jaipur, or "The Pink City," through Moscow (they *must* connect in Moscow) and find a famous Sacred Tree for their next clue. Margie and Luke headed out first, and Luke said that his mom does the communicating, and he does the strategizing. I can see that. Tammy and Victor were next, followed by Jaime and Cara and Mel and Mike, then Mark and Michael, Kisha and Jen, and Christie and Jodi.

Seems like there is going to be a bottleneck in Moscow, so they will end up on the same flight from there to Jaipur, and they all ended up on the same flight.

In Jaipur, there are some taxi difficulties - including Mel and Mike getting their things stuck in the taxi's trunk when they tried to change cabs because their cabbie didn't know where they were going. The cabbie ended up getting directions (they hope) and they hope to get their luggage upon arrival.

Christie and Jodi's cab had to stop for gas, and they were annoyed.

The way to the Sacred Tree brought them through some of the poorer parts of the city, and Luke was brought to tears. Jaime and Cara were close to tears as well.

Tammy and Victor got to the Sacred Tree first, and the clue was a telephone, and they had to dial a number (one of four). The number they dialed was in hard to understand English, but their cabbie listed to it and knew where it was sending them. The others arrived and had a hard time finding the phone (or realizing it was a clue) and spend some time looking under roots before figuring out that the phone was out of place and catching on.

Though they started out in first place, Christie and Jodi got to the tree last, because of the gas stop.

Road Block

One team member must care for a group of camels, using a set of traditional tools. They have to gather enough food and water to suffice.

Victor got there first, and had a good start before the others arrived. Mel decided to do the task, and it was a foolish choice, because it was pretty physical and he was struggling. Some of the later teams didn't see the baskets that were supposed to be used for the feed - and used the buckets for both, even though the clue specifically said to use traditional tools. I wonder if that will come back to bite them. Mel caught on first, but the others saw him and followed suit.

Mel and Mike finished second, even with the problems. Cara and Jamie and Margie and Luke finished next, followed by Kisha and Jen, Mark and Michael, and Jodi and Christie.

After they were done, they headed to Puppet Store in a bazaar. (but not before Tammy did a header walking across the camel grounds to congratulate Victor)


Movers - Must choose a rickshaw loaded up with a huge amount of barrells, and then pedal 1.5 miles and then search through their containers for a small metal elephant.

Shakers - Go to a busy intersection, don traditional outfits and makeup, and join a dance troupe to earn tips. Once they earned 100 rupies, they could exchange them for the next clue. (I don't like when they have to get money from people who might not really have a lot of money to start with. Just saying.)

Tammy and Victor decided to dance, and did a good job, finishing before anyone else got there. Mel and Mike did the same task. Michael and Mark did the rickshaw, but pretty much everyone else danced. Luke had a hard time dancing, to the music, but said that he read faces to try to get the beat.

Christie and Jodi had a Speed Bump before they could do the Detour. They had to go to a place with an elephant, and decorate him with traditional paint to the satisfaction of the proprieter, before heading on.

Tammy and Victor, meanwhile, were unstoppable, and got to the Pit stop first. They each won an ocean kayak. They were excited about that one. (The local with Phil is playing the nose flute. Crazy and very cool)

Mel and Mike headed to the Pit Stop, and Jamie and Cara were heading out next.... but they couldn't find their cabbie, who had all of their bags and left, apparently. They finally found him and did some hollering at him, which I understand because of frustration, but it made me like them a little less. Margie and Luke were on their way as well.

Michael and Mark had a hard time finding their elephant, and it looked like Christie and Jodi (who finally got to the Detour after some elephant painting) might catch up.

Mel and Mike arrived at the Pit Stop second.

The editing showed Christie and Jodi finishing right before Michael and Mark, and both headed out to the Pit Stop.

Kisha and Jen came in third, followed by Margie and Luke, and Jaime and Cara.

In the end, it was Michael and Mark coming in 6th, leaving the blondes in the dust (just barely).

Christie and Jodi were stymied by the Speed Bump, and I am not upset about that.

Who will be the ones I root against now? I like most of the teams left. Tammy and Victor sometimes bug, but not critically, and Michael and Mark just seem really boring... I pretty much like the others.

Next week, Thailand! And Margie's fainting. That's got to be scary for Luke, who can't communitcate without her. Cant wait!


BIG DADDY said...

Just an observation, I thought it was a little funny the way they showed jaime and cara crying in India because the Animals were in such poverty, then they cut to Margie and Luke and show Luke crying over the PEOPLE living in poverty...

Jeanne said...

Great recap as usual. I thought the blondies might do it last night when the bros couldn't find the elephant, but you never know the actual timing on the show, they make it look closer than it really is.

Anyway, did you know Phil is riding a bike across the US? He leaves next week. Here is a link that has the link to his ride. He is coming thru my town (Las Vegas)...

Jeanne said...

Ooops, forgot the link...